Meryl Streep wins—again

Meryl Streep as Margaret Thatcher

Image via Wikipedia

I am so glad it was her if it could not be Davis.  However, I did not think Davis deserved the award the same way that Spencer did.  In fact I was not going to include her but thought it would be rude not to say she was also a show stealer.  The real show stopper was Olivia Spencer

And with the sweep of The Artist a movie I had no intention of seeing; it was hardly worth staying up late to see Meryl win.  I heard the Iron Lady was not a great film but her performance was.  Michelle Phillips had no business being nominated.  I did not see the film and I am glad she did not win.  This year’s awards with that horrible, old, Billy Crystal was a sham.

And Ryan Seacrest you should sue that ugly Sasha Baron Cohen for dumping those ashes on you. 


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