Sarkozy socks it to the illegals overload in France

He said that there were “too many immigrants” in France.  He did not distinguish between illegals and legals so this might mean that he will give immigrants the polished boot in France.  Love it. 

France is overrun with north Africans and black Africans too.  That was a while back when I was there and they have already taken over the banlieus or suburbs of France.  I did not go there because my host said it was not safe for a woman to go to the immigrant areas and also near the area with that big white famous church forgot the name of it.  But Muslims have taken over France let me tell you.  And one reason is that Mohammed has been reborn THERE!! It’s in my book.  However for safety’s sake I cannot say more than that he was actually reborn in North Africa among the Muslims there.  How you like that? And he was raised on the French Riviera, now he lives in Paris.

That’s my take on my Muslims have overrun France. 

“Our system of integration is working worse and worse because we have too many foreigners on our territory, and we can no longer manage to find them accommodation, a job, a school,” he said.

France places a premium on national identity, pressing the population to put “Frenchness” before religion or national background.

Sarkozy is running for a second term in office, with voting set for April 22. He faces a strong challenge from Francois Hollande of the Socialist party and a range of candidates from smaller parties, including the far-right Marine Le Pen.


No shock in France: Sarkozy will run

Sarkozy, a conservative, offered cautious praise for Hollande, but said he could not imagine his rival as president.


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  1. Why do “love it”? Sarkozy is just dealing with the repercussions of colonialism.

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