George Zimmerman is white. Period

Flag of Hispanic America including also North ...

Flag of Hispanic America including also North American Hispanic Americans (Hispanic America and United States) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Even got it wrong.  George is a white man. And yes Hispanics are white.  I think they are Asians who are mixed with European and Indian blood making them Eurasians but I have no say in the matter.

In case you missed it Hispanic is not a race but an ethnicity, an ethnic group.  The person from south of the border can be Hispanic and black or white.  In Zimmerman’s case, even with the fat jowls, he is a white man first and of Hispanic origin.

The federal government for some time now has classified Hispanics who look white and don’t have African roots or parents who are AA as white.  Even in cases here where the student clearly looks mixed with black they are still labeled as “white.” 

Move over white people you have the whole entire Hispanic ethnic group, who are not black, or don’t look black properly or improperly labeled “WHITE.”  So get over it.

The Trayvon killing was a white on black crime.


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  1. Wow, you have got some serious issues!

  2. John J. Johnson

    You have a skewed perception that doesn’t make sense to anyone with common sense. You’re desperate to blame “whitey” anyway you can. What you fail to mention is that George belongs to a group known as “Minority”. I know it’s hard to blame another minority group for your perceived problems isn’t it?

  3. Pull Trump Card

    Zimmerman has a white parent so he is “white” – right?

    Okay Obuma has “white” parent so the president is not the first Black American president – he is the first “white” Black president!

    • he is biracial but looks black, so he black. I have met people from cuba who are white as snow and are white. Eva Langoria is Mexican but she is white. White is a race but hispanic is ethnicity

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