Martin Y = Malcolm X?

US Rep. Bobby Rush

US Rep. Bobby Rush (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There are some strange parallels between TraYvon Martin and one Malcolm X.  What are they exactly? Malcolm was a petty thief, then burglar in Boston before he got that X after his name.  Somebody shot him while he spoke, but he could have been shot well before he became famous.  He would not have died famously but rather in infamy.

Will TraYvon’s end be infamous after the truth comes out.  As I said in an earlier post the only people I’ve ever feared or felt that my kids had to fear was a gang of group of black boys up to no good.  I’ve been confronted by that in my lifetime and they weren’t whites that’s for sure.

The only problem I’ve had with whites has been that of racial slights, comments or something below the radar never anything I would call menacing.  If what George Zimmerman said or alleged is true that Trayvon attacked him from behind and then fought or reached for his gun then he earned the right for someone to fend him off by any means available. 

If things don’t pan out and there was a rush to judgment then the black community will have black faces with egg on it.  I too want to see the photos with George and his busted nose.  Often people don’t know their nose is broken until days have passed that is not uncommon because there are no bones in the nose. 

Let’s see how long this will last and how many hoodies wind up on Capital Hill like Bobby Rush today.  I think that is purely ridiculous for a grown-ass man to do what he did: pull off his jacket and don a hood because he wore a hoodie under his suit.  And then quoted from the Bible about retribution.  Shameless another Rush but this one is a lefty. 


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