Apple’s decided you really, really want one of its new 13.3-inch MacBook Pros — more so than one of its new 15-inch models, and so it’s ordered many more of the former than the latter as it ramps up production for a spring/summer release window. So sayeth that bulwark of overseas tech tittle-tattle, DigiTimes.

That’s assuming these laptops actually exist, of course. The story goes something like this: Apple’s allegedly working on new 13- and 15-inch model MacBook Pros that either look the same as or something like the company’s slimline, front-tapering MacBook Airs. How they’re planning to market them against the Airs — whether they’re planning to maintain the Pro/Air family delineation or just roll the two into one — is anyone’s guess.

(MORE: Rumor: That Air-Style MacBook Pro You’ve Been Hearing About? It’s In Production)

Both 13- and 15-inch models are on assembly lines now, according to DigiTimes

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