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Facebook (FB) picks Nasdaq for upcoming stock offering


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There is also talk of a split of Apple stock.  But that won’t change your portfolio value. 


Facebook‘s impending debut has whipped up an investor and media frenzy that recalls the go-go days of the first dotcom boom. The social network that began as a dorm room project for Harvard dropout Mark Zuckerberg has vaulted to Silicon Valley‘s top tier within eight years.

Its listing decision deals a blow to NYSE Euronext, which has waged an aggressive battle for marquee tech names in past years.

A major push by listings chief Scott Cutler, who frequently flies out for meetings in Silicon Valley, succeeded in snagging LinkedIn Corp and Pandora Media Inc in 2011.

Listing fees range from $38,000 to $500,000 a year on the New York Stock Exchange, and run between $35,000 and $99,500 a year on Nasdaq.

In 2011, NYSE Euronext hosted 44 percent of technology IPOs in the United States, bringing 19 new listings to the market and ranking first globally in IPO proceeds raised.


Blacks ain’t supposed to live in Newport Beach, CA

I managed to get five shares last month. Now with the dividend I will get 5 more with my earnings from FB stock.

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Toure’s tough talk


The battle around the Trayvon Martin case is threatening to rip America apart, damage its soul and underline the fact that there are two Americas, separate and unequal. That’s why America needs its journalists to do their best in this moment to help America function justly. But when journalists become advocates for a perspective, does that make them unprofessional? That charge were leveled at me recently by Piers Morgan on his show, after I criticized him for not asking tougher questions in his interview with George Zimmerman’s brother, Robert Zimmerman.

The notion that journalists should not have opinions is archaic. Nowadays, no one would dare end a news broadcast with a paternal and authoritative phrase like, “That’s the way it is,” as Walter Cronkite did decades ago. Savvy media consumers know bias exists in everyone.  Someone who pretends to be completely objective is lying to you, and that’s arguably more…

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Santita Jackson: The Left joins the Right?


  • Santita Jackson’s media career takes an unexpected turn Friday when she debuts as a contributor to Fox News Channel, appearing during the 7am hour of Fox & Friends. Jackson, an outspoken liberal and the eldest daughter of the Rev. Jesse L. Jackson, most recently hosted middays at Midway Broadcasting urban news/talk WVON-AM (1450). Although she’s been off the air (and off the station’s payroll) since December, the door is open for her to return via syndication. “I have a great deal of respect for Santita and think she’s extremely talented,” said Melody Spann Cooper, chairman of Midway Broadcasting and general manager of WVON. “If she ever were to get a syndication deal, I would love to put her on in the evening.” Perri Small, who’s been filling Jackson’s former 9am-to-noon slot since December, is expected to be named her permanent replacement. But Cooper said it’s not official yet — despite a change to that effect on WVON’s website. “That’s not correct,” she said. “I would say it’s likely, but it’s still a little premature because it has not happened.”