Janet Jackson’s newer, slimmer body


Some think that the photo looks shopped as in photoshopped esp. around the waist.  I am sure she lost weight and so did I.  I’ve lost 30 pounds and my old clothes are falling off me so I had to buy a few new ones.  I have met my goal sooner due to the hot yoga classes and my simple diet. Janet is lying if she claims she does not use a scale.  When I did not use the scale is when I gained the most weight.  I weigh and record my weight every week usually on Sunday.  I might go for 5 more pounds loss since this last five went so well. 


At 5-foot-4, the “Rhythm Nation” singer had struggled to maintain a healthy weight for most of her career — until she joined the Nutrisystem program in late 2011.


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“People can relate to me because I have lived it. I truly understand what it’s like to have a problem with weight loss, losing too much weight or gaining more than you desire,” Jackson, 45, tells Us Weekly. “It’s about keeping it off. We can all lose weight, but learning how to keep it off — maintaining it — is what’s difficult. Nutrisystem teaches you how to do that.”


Jackson doesn’t have a goal weight in mind, though “there was a time in my life where I did live by the scale,” she admits.


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