Apple and Google gag on profitakers and lawsuits

Apple Inc.

Apple Inc. (Photo credit: marcopako )

It makes no sense for lawsuits to affect Apple because they have more money than God.  Same for Google.  Mostly it seems that some profitakers are at it and it is not the market or the labor news or European news that is driving the decline.  I still have a profit margin in my few apple shares but I will add to my position should Apple really drop much more.  And hey I ain’t selling that position any time soon.

I have my eyes on the Splunk IPO and of course FB IPO which are due out soon.  My plans were to sell apple in order to buy into FB or SPLK.  However I have some cash I can move into my account if need be.  I am not sure how much I should buy into FB all depends on what the price is.

If it starts out high like 80/share I will not get in too deep.  If it starts at 50 I might go in the deep end and watch how high it flies.

For all you traders out there don’t panic.  I am both a trader and an investor because I trade online and invest at work where I don’t touch that money until I retire. 

I am in good shape financially because I bought  my house at the low end of the market and it is worth way more than I paid for it. I also had a garage sale over the weekend and made a hundred bucks before noon and then closed up shop. 


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