Sprint(s s) plans to make aggressive use of small cells in its future LTE network, launching tens of thousands of tiny high-capacity base stations in high-traffic indoor and outdoor areas in 2013 and 2014. Speaking at briefing at CTIA Wireless in New Orleans, Sprint VP of network development and engineering Iyad Tarazi said the end goal of Sprint’s small-cell efforts is a heterogeneous network, or HetNet.

HetNet gathers multiple access technologies under a single umbrella to create enormous quantities of capacity no mere macro network could supply (for a detailed description of HetNet check out my recent interview with Ericsson CEO Hans Vestberg). Many operators have been talking up HetNet and the small cells that will be used to build it, but many of them tend to conflate small cells with the home and business femtocell deployments. And no one – in North America at least –has laid…

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