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Dave Hurban calls it an iDermal–a strapless watch that attaches an iPod nano to your wrist.

And, on first glance, the idea of iPod magically attached to your wrist as if it’s being held by magnets may sound sleek. Problem is, Hurban, the iDermal’s inventor, did have to insert four magnets into his arm to get the desired effect. So, no, that doesn’t sound that cool anymore. Unless you can endure what looks like no small amount of pain and a bit of blood, you won’t be “wearing” an iDermal.

Not that the Hurban, no stranger to body modification, apparently cares. He wasn’t trying to make a statement, he told tech website Digital Trends in an interview. Essentially, the only reason why he implanted four magnets into his arm in order to create a real strapless watch: “I just thought it would be cool.” At least he was honest.

True to…

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The cringe-inducing low point of the John Edwards trial so far was when a campaign aide testified about an airport encounter between Edwards and his breast-cancer-stricken wife. Reacting to a National Enquirer report that he was having an affair, Elizabeth Edwards “collapsed in a ball” in a parking lot then got up, tore off her shirt and bra, and told her husband: “You don’t see me any more.”

That was only one of a long parade of distressing and seemingly gratuitous details in the prosecution’s case. Another aide testified that Edwards called Rielle Hunter, the mistress who was then pregnant with his child, a “crazy slut” and insisted there was just a 1-in-3 chance the baby was his. And a campaign adviser testified that while Edwards was juggling his wife, his mistress, and apparently the logistics of paying his mistress’s bills, he was coolly discussing his hopes of being appointed…

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When a Washington, D.C., man saw his recently stolen bicycle for sale on Craigslist, his mission became clear: get it back, with or without the help of police.

Cyclist Danny Lesh had loaned the 14-year-old Cannondale hybrid to a friend, who committed the rookie mistake of securing the bike with a cable lock. Soon a thief likely armed with a decent pair of bolt cutters and a little persistence freed the bike and put it up for sale on Craigslist, NBC Washington reported. Lesh instantly identified it as his own, taking note of a prominent sticker near the handlebars. He’d purchased the bike for $600 in 1998, and the thief was asking for $100.

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Lesh contacted police, but when they told him they couldn’t respond right away, he decided to reacquire the bike by himself before it was shipped off…

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