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That means me…

Health & Family

A good memory is typically seen as a powerful advantage, an aid to intelligence and socializing.  But when experience is traumatic, this asset may become a serious liability, according to new research on survivors of the Rwandan genocide.

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Facebook: the new iCandy

Will facebook become facespook after the dust from its IPO day settles? Why not call it iCandy? I would love to own this stock as it comes out of the gate. But after playing around this year with IPOs for the first time really I see that they eventually drop back down to earth at their open price or even a bit below.

The one I did not buy Linkdin has done pretty well, especially for those who got in early.

I am thinking that if I can get shares at 48 each then I will dive in but not more than 1K or there abouts.

My advice if you must buy buy small and save the money for the fall when this price will go down when others get greenlight to sell who must hold the stock for now.  Happy eating.

Breitbart Right: Obama demeaning office sitting on The View


This is over the top the many visits that Obama has made to the View.  I was surprised to hear that once again he is sitting there jawing with the women of the View.