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Katie and Kruz Kall it Kwits

English: The Actress Katie Holmes at the Natio...

English: The Actress Katie Holmes at the National Memorial Day Concert in Washington, D.C., May 24, 2009. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In the latest episode of divorce celebrity style: Katie Holmes who returned to the small screen in The Kennedys and Tom Cruise who is starring in a broadway show about metal heads are calling it quits after a lavish wedding and a daughter named Suri.

The divorce episode of these two where millions are involved is probably pretty much settled if they had a prenuptial agreement.

Heloise recently wrote a review of the book “Inside Scientology” where Tom, and by default Katie loomed large on that creepy scene.  I am sure Katie won’t need to go begging with her split with Tom.  Rumors of Tom gayness and cultness probably doomed this marriage before the lavish Italian nupitals.  What a waste.


Even though The Joker isn’t making a showing in the July 20 release of The Dark Knight Rises, you can still drop $274.99 on a new Hot Toys sixth scale Heath Ledger lookalike figure, the Joker 2.0, from The Dark Knight.

Hot Toys, boasting about the “overwhelming reception” of the original Joker toy, decided to spruce up the late Ledger by turning the Joker 2.0 into a one-foot-tall highly detailed version — including 35 “points of articulation” on the hand-painted sculpted toy — in plenty of time to soak in the expected success of the upcoming film. From the shape of the face to the elaborate makeup-style painting, this toy couldn’t look any more like Ledger. And you get two versions, one with a smiling face and one sans the smile. Each version comes with sculpted hair placement and the Parallel Eyeball Rolling System (we had to include…

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The Supreme Court on Thursday upheld President Obama’s health reform law, affirming the centerpiece of the sweeping 2010 overhaul of the nation’s medical industries in a landmark 5-4 vote. The deciding opinion, written by conservative Chief Justice John Roberts, held that the requirement that almost all Americans buy health insurance starting in 2014 or pay a penalty, does not violate the Constitution.

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With Windows Phone 8, Microsoft will redo the plumbing of its mobile operating system to allow more diverse hardware and easier app development.

At last, Windows Phone will support multi-core processors, HD screen resolutions and microSD cards for hardware makers, and will add native code support and other goodies for app development. The goal, as always, will be to elevate Windows Phone from underdog status against iOS and Android.

At a press event this week, Microsoft only announced some of the changes it will make in Windows Phone 8. The rest will come later, before new phones running the software launch this fall. (My colleague, Harry McCracken, has outlined what we know so far.) In the meantime, let’s consider what still needs to happen for Windows Phone 8 to start making a serious dent in the sales of its rivals:

Interesting Hardware

Although software is more important than hardware…

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Why do illegals get a pass? They do take jobs from citizens and break the laws at the same time. How good is that?


Pare away the tough economic talk and the requisite condemnations of President Obama, and Mitt Romney’s Thursday address at a conference of Latino elected officials in Orlando was a softer moment for a candidate who spent much of the past two presidential-election cycles savaging his primary opponents on immigration.

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Sounds good to me. There’s are two anorexics in my yoga class and I can’t watch them because it’s ridiculous for them to not get help.


As anybody with a gym ID mouldering in their wallet, purse or glove compartment can tell you, there are a lot of obstacles to going to the gym regularly. There’s just not enough time in the day. Gyms are just too expensive. There’s that Real Housewives marathon on Bravo. And then there’s one of the hardest reasons to admit: what if your gym just has too many skinny, healthy people in it?

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For some gymgoers, a plethora of thin, peppy gym rats can prove to be too big of an obstacle to overcome. That’s why Body Exchange, a Vancouver-based gym, has made a bold business move and banned skinny people from their establishments in the hopes of fostering a friendly work-out environment for a primarily plus-size clientele.

(MORE: Can Eating Chocolate Help You Stay…

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Rodney King dead at 47

He was found dead today.  The beating in 1992  no doubt shortened hislife.

Jack was indefatiguable. He went to all 50 states.