Drunk driver in El Paso kills five with his truck

I just saw part of this story on the evening news.  Jassmine was black and had just graduated from high school and made a quick trip to  El Paso to visit cousins.  So she may have been part Mexican but she looked black to me.  The rest of the victims were Mexican and they all five were killed by a drunk driver, see below, and three of the victims were children, along with two adults.  This is all too common in Texas with Mexicans.  Not only can they not drive when sober but DWIs seem to be a way of life for people who  should not be drinking and driving!


Five victims of alleged drunk driving accident identified

Five victims, including a teenager and two children, have been identified: Humberto Alferez, 63, Aurora Sombra, 52, Jassmine Alferez, 18, Brenda Morales, 12, and DeMarco Morales, 11. The two younger children’s names are according to a family member and have not been released by the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office.
The suspect, Alberto Coronado, allegedly drove his Ford F-250 straight through a stop sign at a two-way stop in Montana Vista Sunday afternoon.
Coronado smashed into a Chevy Impala with the five victims inside.
Coronado has been booked into the El Paso County Jail and is facing five counts of Intoxication Manslaughter. His bond is set at $750,000. . KFOX14 News discovered that Coronado was arrested on suspicion of driving while intoxicated Dec. 23, 2011.
According to the December arrest affidavit, Coronado was allegedly speeding and admitted to the officer that he had been drinking.
KFOX crews went to Coronado’s home Monday and spoke with his sister. She did not give her name and said that her family has nothing to say to the victims’ family.
“We actually don’t want to make it worse,” the sister said through a half-opened door. “We’re just going to say, ‘No comment.”

Monday night on KFOX14 News at 9, KFOX speaks with a woman who’s known Humberto Alferez for 21 years. She said this is the second family tragedy during a family trip between El Paso and Dallas.


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  1. heloise you are a racist female!!

  2. what a way to get your story out shame on you ladie your are rude and most of all out of line

  3. the 2 smaller children are my family, and for people like you to write stuff like that . Is a Real shame!!! i hope you dont find yourself in a situation just like this . And find people writting stuff like you just did! i can see how great your heart is!!

    • I am also a family member, and I do not appreciate the way you describe and refer to my family members. This was a tragedy for our family. The last thing we need is for people like you to make these inappropriate comments. If you do not know anything about our family, you should not be judging anyone based on race. If this would happen in your family, you would like for people to show you more respect.

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