Mad as hell and not voting Democratic anymore

I did endorse Obama this time but I have to take that back.  I don’t know if Ryan told lies on Obama in his speech or not.  And I don’t care.  Obama is the master of lies and obfuscation with his bio and everything about him except his life with wife and kids.  His life before that he was drug crazed and racially confused. Mind you Obama had help with the media.  They ignored everything about him.  I want to know how he got into top schools and his grades. 

Why is there nothing he wrote while the so called editor of the Harvard Law Review.  He is not only a lightweight Leo but he is perfect at doing NOTHING!

Ann Dunham

Ann Dunham (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I just read “The Amateur” and the book about Obama’s mother that anthropologist communist Ann Dunham.  She got married after pregnant with Obama to a man who was already married.  She was a card-carrying communist and loved the third world.  His father who was killed in a drunken wreck was also an atheist and communist and who knows what else.  I hope this is his only term. 

The only reason I promoted him is because I could not stand John McCain and Edwards.  I thought we got a bad deal.  Is this the best this country can come up? I mean someone you can’t vet or won’t vet becomes president.  Point in fact anyone who does not have two American parents has no business becoming president.  NONE.  My bad I think the fourteenth amendment should be changed for a lot of reasons. 

Ryan said that most people fail at this first job or mess up.  He was talking about Obama.  That was funny.  Also they used a huge sign that read “Over the Top” when nominating Mitt at the RNC.  That was cute too. 

I don’t like religion but I do like what I hear about Mormonism.  So for me it ain’t Mormon or the LDS it’s religion.  At least it is one that preaches self reliance and build your own instead of somebody owes me or gimmedat check.


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  1. its a shame you can research Obama’s mother but you are incapable of researching say Obama is the master of lies. LOL you have not heard Romney. or have you and you just don’t care because he is the white candidate. and BTW, I voted for Obama also I am not dumb enough to do again, and I’m not retarded to vote for flip flop Romney. compared to the both of them if I had no choice I would pick Obama again but I’m choosing Ron Paul or Gary Johnson I choose freedom.

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