Who is Cindy Brunson?



She looks a little like Halle Berry with the short hair.  But with long hair and some of her photos she looks white. But clearly she is biracial to me.  That is not unusual for a person to look white in some photos and not white in others.  I admit I don’t follow sports so this is news to me.  Who is she married to?


Josh,I’m coming up on 10 years here at ESPN this September. I’ve been a regular host on the weekend morning SportsCenter for a little over a year now. Before that, I would have spot fill-in duty on the late SportsCenter shows on the weekends.

This is the first that I’ve heard of this young lady who says she is not new to sports news.

She looks clearly biracial to me.  And since she is quite pretty we can add her to our list of biracial beauties in the news or reading the news LOL. I add the family photos below to show how a black person can look perfectly white and have no white parents or grandparents.  My kids have green eyes.  Some have now married whites and are having children with them.  The result: The creole marrying white have children who look Anglo Saxon white…see below. My brother’s son, my nephew, married a white woman and their baby has blond hair and blue eyes and white skin.  So Cindy’s looks are not unfamiliar to me.

Now some people are multiracial like myself. The difference being that I do not have one white and one black parent but look biracial and so do my children.  In some sense we look like typical Chicago blacks folks but we are not.  If Cindy were in New Orleans she would be mistaken for a Creole. My family is Creole which means we have Italian and French and Indian blood and African.  The African blood makes us colored Creoles. This is a unique post in that you have in one place three past life brother’s and sisters together again.

Net In California @40 memy sister my sister (don’t lose her in a crowd of white women because she will not stand out)

jennifer first cousin (maternal aunt’s daughter–neither are white) Oh, and BTW everyone’s hair is natural, no weaves, nothing artificial.

my brother and first cousin NOLAmy brother and favorite cousin in New Orleans

White Shirt -- collar up

White Shirt —

me again

sister's granddaughtermy niece’s daughter (her dad is white and her mother who is my niece, looks white)

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