Who won debate? Don’t matter I am still voting straight Republician

English: Debate Chamber of the Oxford Union So...

English: Debate Chamber of the Oxford Union Society (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Wow wanna hear about my bad day yesterday? Not only did my wifi/TV router box go on the blink and have to be replaced but went to the doctors and he gave me a script that cost freakin 200 bucks.  Since the deductible starts over in the new year one has to start over.  So I had to pay 140 dollars for ear drops because my new hearing aide caused an ear infection.  This is the second time.

I got to watch the debate once I got to school online but it looked really boring.  I think it was more of a draw.  Don’t matter I am voting for Romney/Ryan


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  1. why are you voting for rommney

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