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243 million years ago, our planet was arid, the poles were tropical, and the continents were lumped together in one great mass. Turtles, ants and crocodiles all walked the Earth. But one thing scientists weren’t sure of was whether dinosaurs had yet appeared on the scene.

Now, however, those doubts have been put to rest thanks to the discovery of what may be the world’s oldest dinosaur bones. The remains of the Nyasasaurus parringtoni, a labroador-sized creature with a 5-foot tail, are 10 to 15 million years older than any other dinosaur fossils found thus far.

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The findings could help resolve 150 years of debate about when dinosaurs arrived on Earth. Until now, the only signs scientists have been able to find of dinosaurs during this period, the Middle Triassic, were fossilized footprints and the occasional ambiguous bone, which…

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