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It took nearly 3 full years of remodeling, but finally, what was once a shopping center in North Dallas is now a house of worship.

Yesterday, Bishop T.D. Jakes celebrated the grand opening and participated in the dedication of the new Potter’s House campus.

“Lord I thank you for the harvest of souls!” he tweeted after returning from Washington D.C. where he received an award at the 6th Annual BET Honors.

With the renovation phase completed, the old Woodhaven Village Shopping Center is now home to thousands of worshipers under the leadership of Patrick E. Winfield II, pastor of The Potter’s House of Fort Worth.

Winfield accepted the call to preach in 1991 and was ordained in 1996.

In an interview with NBC DFW News 5 he said, “This is symbolic of the idea that God can rebuild lives if you put your trust in him to.”The Potter’s House of…

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