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Rick Warren: Son bought ‘unregistered gun’

CNN Belief Blog

By Greg Botelho, CNN

(CNN)–High-profile Pastor Rick Warren tweeted Thursday that his son who shot himself late last week had bought an “unregistered gun” from “someone over the internet.”

“I pray he seeks God’s forgiveness,” wrote Warren, a best-selling author and the head of Saddleback Church, referring to whoever sold his son the gun. “I forgive him.”

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Having a busy and bad year at work

You know I got depression and other problems and really know that teaching in this mileu is not easy for me.  I guess it’s all karma.  I also had good news and maybe that’s why things seem to be falling apart.  I am sure that I’ve met my soul mate.  He is gorgeous and worth the wait. 

He showed up on my birthday this year.  He’s also Jewish can you believe that? Well, Heloise has dated almost every ethnic group including Jewish men, in the past. 

More later.  It’s still new and unsettled yet.  But I knew it was he on first sight.  He looks like he stepped right out a Roman History, ancient, book.  He’s Jewish but looks Roman.  He’s the one I just could not find.