Helena Petrovna Blavatsky (1831-1891)

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Heloise here: BC writer.

Fort Worth, it ain’t Paris.  But since I am here it’s all good.

I write about race, culture and biology because I hold an M.A. in sociocultural anthropology.  I began with the study of historical archeology (slave archeology in particular) but now have moved into the Anthropology of Consciousness. Here’s a link to the SAC.  This anthropology covers areas like rebirth/reincarnation as well as the different ways of knowing. You might say that people like Helena Petrovna Blavatsky started the society.

Heloise holds a  B.S. in biology.  A born politico, with French as second language.

 Heloise is all about writing.  She has been writing since she could walk practically–just kidding.  I began my literary journey  writing poems. Then kept journals for over 30 years. These I gleaned  to recover past life memories. My past life as a president makes me eminently qualified to write and talk trash about politics and politicos who make the news. 

When I began writing liberal political articles–I had no idea how much my idioms  would become part of the culture and media lingo.   That’s part of my karma.  I do hot yoga, jog, walk, bicycle, write, travel and fix up my historic home.  I am an avid reader of historical biographies, hagiography, and nonfiction.

Chicago Is my home town but I live in Texas now and love it. I’ve been all over Texas except for out western part. I visit Austin often, my ex still lives there. I have lived in California, New Orleans, New York state, and downstate Illinois. My sister lives walking distance from the Obama home in Hyde Park (He’s in Kenwood).  She went to the inauguration sans ticket and ended up sitting on the dais.

Obama has traced many of my steps in Chicago, both politically and culturally. Hyde Park was home and stomping grounds for us and naturally that included the U. of Chicago. It is so amazing that the first black president, probably the only one, would come from Chicago. These days he is maligned as a socialist.  I think communist is closer descriptor based on what his mother was into. In fact, on my trip to Austin I noticed a huge billboard with a photo of Obama and the caption read “Socialist, by conduct” ouch.

I blogged for Obama for one reason, he was the best the Dems and the GOP had going. When Romney did not get the nod, I sure as hell was not going to see McCain win. I get Palin and the GOP now. Not because I’ve written and reviewed her book but because I get citizen takeover of government and want to see it happen in this country.


(same Heloise at blogcritics.org)

  1. I have to review a book FAMILY TREE in which a baby who is 1/8 Black and 7/8 Black but looks very Black. I thought I learned in Science that a child could never be darker than the darker of her two parents. In this case, the Mother is all White, and the Father had a Grandfather who was half Black and his Grandmother, and Mother were White, Fathr was 1/4 Black. Can you tell me where I can do research. Good book and informative about all people’s prejudices. I want to do a good job. Thanks for any help you can give me.

    • Thanks for your comment. I don’t always read the comments though. But Heloise has seen everything. And guess what I know personally of families where that is just not TRUE. I know of a white woman who married an Indian man from India. He was brown skinned. Well, the mother had a nervous breakdown because the daughter was blue black like some Indians can be. Guess what unless they are Dravidian then they are Caucasians. The child was blacker than the mom or the dad!

      For research you could look under anthropology and race studies. There are studies about creoles also. I don’t have any titles off the top of my head but I am compiling some things. My sister who can pass for white married a white man and all their kids, well, look white with long hair and blue eyes. I want to get a photo gallery together of racially mixed people and go from there. Good luck with your research. BTW the government is about to change the race for students in public schools.

  2. Error in first sentence: Baby is 1/8 Black and 7/8 White. Could the baby be dark skinned.

  3. Are you going to publish any corrections about Amy Bishop’s ethnicity and religion? Her father is the son of Greek immigrants, who attended Greek Orthodox churches, and her mother is of ultra-high-WASP stock who haved lived in Exeter, New Hampshire, for 4 centuries.

    (You can’t reliably tell that a name is “Jewish” and deduce someone’s ethnicity from that. Particularly, upper-class white Anglo-Saxon Protestants from New England have a penchant for Biblical names: Judith, Seth, etc. Believe it or not, there is likely to be more than one person in the U.S. named Samuel S. Bishop, so you can’t simply find one who’s a multimillionare and decide that’s the one who’s Amy Bishop’s father.)

    I think the woman is a nightmare (as is her husband). But I’m in favor of accurate information…

    • Amy Bishop and family are German Jews who are hiding their true ethnicity, period. They have changed their names obviously or maybe not. Bishop is anything but a Greek name. I have never been wrong. They married in a Universalist Church which is common for people like Amy and her husband who is not Jewish. The picture of the brother Seth only cemeted my view. I stand by my statements.

      Harvard is a happy home to Jews. Boston and environs are also popular places for Jews to live. So is Philly.

  4. You are a terrible writer. You write in your own bio in the third person, then inexplicably switch to the first person. Choose one and stick with it– and while third-person is a common black method, it is incorrect when referring to oneself.

    Also, you call Chris Hayes of MSNBC “Jewish,” yet he isn’t. He doesn’t look it in any way, he’s never identified himself as such, and his name isn’t Jewish. Yet you, alone, call him that.

  5. Vile anti-Semite moron.

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