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Vanessa Williams new memoir “You Don’t Know”

Vanessa Williams  | Photo Credits: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Vanessa Williams reveals in her new memoir that she was sexually abused at the age of 10 by a family friend, E! Online reports.

In the new book, You Don’t Know, Williams recalls the incident, which she says occurred when she was visiting family friends in California and the family’s 18-year-old daughter came into her room one night.

Pilot Season: Vanessa Williams moving to 666 Park Avenue

“[She] pulled down the bloomers of my cotton baby-doll pajamas,” Williams writes. “‘What are you doing?’ I asked. ‘Don’t worry—it’ll feel good.’ I lay there paralyzed. What was going on? I didn’t speak. She kept at [the molestation] for I don’t know how long. She slid my bloomers back up and whispered: ‘Don’t tell anyone.'”

Stedman Graham pens a new book “Identity” while Rachel writes “Drift”

Stedman Graham

Rachel Maddow in Seattle.
Rachel Maddow in Seattle. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Identity: Your Passport to Success by Stedman Graham at Amazon

Drift: The Unmooring of American Military Power by Rachel Maddow (it has good reviews and is #10 on Amazon so if you jest luv you some gay jew then buy her book)

What has this man done other than mooch off a Oprah?  I think he’s a business man and had a tough childhood but who the hell cares? I don’t.  They never married and there is no wonder.  He  is arm candy for sure even with gray hair.

He was on Joe and the Jews (Halperin, Allen and Karins the weatherman and Maddow) this morning touting his new book I wouldn’t get out of the library.

It is probably full of platitudes about being yourself.  What else is new?

Did OJ’s son kill Nicole and Goldman? New book says Yes

O.J. is Innocent and I Can Prove It: The Shocking Truth about the Murders of Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman at Amazon

“You’re dealing with a young man who just weeks prior had checked into a hospital where he said he was out of his medication and was about to rage,” Dear said. “I have no doubt he had no intention of killing her, but [he] confronted her and, as a result, something happened.”

Dear said the diaries he obtained, which were allegedly written by Jason Simpson, refer to the young man’s obsession with knives and the problems he was purportedly dealing with.

One entry allegedly reads, “It’s the year of the knife for me. I cut away my problems with a knife. Anybody touches my friends — I will kill them. I’m also tired of being Dr. Jekyll [and] Mr. Hyde.”


Book Review: Once Upon a Secret: My Affair with President John F. Kennedy and Its Aftermath by Mimi Alford

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A bestseller but not tell all has been added to the Kennedy collection of  nouveau books.  This time it is Mimi Alford’s turn to crank out a bestseller  about an unzipped 35th Mr. President. Yet there are no steamy secrets here. In just under 200 pages the author  shows up with a polished voice telling a credible story you can take to the  bank.  Once Upon a Secret: My Affair with President John F. Kennedy and Its  Aftermath is her book.

What makes her book compelling and unsatisfactory at the same time is that  Mimi, despite telling of her affair with Jack Kennedy, does not spill the  proverbial beans.  There is little salacious detail of their love affair.  She  does recount how it happened in the first place with a simple trip to the White  House to interview a fellow Miss Porter socialite and graduate ala Jackie  Kennedy (they never met) and her press secretary.  It was on this visit that she  was invited to apply for a White House internship.

Mimi Beardsley came from a middle class family who sent her to the local  Country Day school, Miss Porters, and then to Wheaton College. She went into the  world with the proper pedigree along with tall, slim girlish looks that were  conferred by her family. However, it was the pretty, perfect WASP Miss Mimi who  got herself into the White House and Jack’s bedroom.

In the first few chapters Alford discloses how she hid her face from her  coworkers.  Not exactly out of shame or remorse, but because she did not want to  raise their jealousy or call attention to herself because she had jumped ahead  of the line!

On page 45 she writes: “This special access would hardly have endeared me to  my office mates.  It was the rare employee inside the White House who did not  gauge her status by how much contact she had with the President — or even if the  President knew her name…So I kept my head down and my mouth shut and went about  my work as if nothing had happened.”

Mrs. Alford got that and more than she applied for.  I think she was most  surprised at how casually the events of her long affair with Jack unfolded and  maintained itself. He even called her at Wheaton College using the pseudonym “Michael Carter.” Jack took her on many of his official visits when Jackie did  not accompany him.

The most surprising thing, if there are any surprises here, is that she often  slept in the same bed with the president and that travel was arranged by Dave  Powers from commercial flights to Air Force One flights.

What makes this mini memoir more believable is that Mimi contends that Jack  never kissed her on the lips for any reason at any time and never told her that  he loved her.  There are no photographs in the book of him or her.  He gave her  presents of vacations, money and a gold pin.  In his way Jack made it known that  he cared for her, about her and enjoyed her company.  And in case you’re  wondering what ended their 18-month affair — she fell in love and got  engaged.

Every woman needs a husband was more than a cliché with Miss Porter-trained  young ladies in the 1960s.  They invented the debutante cum future bride on  display.  It was destiny to find a suitable man, introduce him to the family and  then go shopping for the engagement ring.

Mimi was no different. If Jack was crushed at the news he didn’t show it.  Instead he began slowly pulling away that only in hindsight did Mimi Beardsley  recognize what had happened.

Mimi married Tony after a whirlwind affair and dating cycle that nearly ended  when she told him, upon JFK’s assassination, that she had conducted a secret  affair with him.  It was a sexual affair she explains but really hopes that  outsiders believe it was also an affair of the heart.  It was an affair of the  heart in that a prolonged sexual affair with a married man can create lust and  unbidden expectancy and dependence on sex with that particular person.  In fact  you might say that such an affair is not personal, not really.  This affair was  about Jack and his ability to pluck from the tree of life the woman of his type  and dreams.

If Mimi had not become engaged, the affair along with maybe five others Jack  was conducting would have continued, I believe, until his death in Dallas.

The man who made it all possible was a Kennedy insider: Dave Powers. As Mrs.  Alford in her television interview stated she held this secret for 50 years and  needed to unburden herself.  One of the most difficult items on her tell-all  list was her consent to perform oral sex on Dave Powers in the White House pool  (now press room) – the same Dave Powers who acted as the go-between for Mimi and  many others.

Mimi had an affair with Jack; married Tony but it ended in divorce; at age 63  married Richard Alford who read her story and her secret in the Daily  News and wrote her a letter.  She had just turned 60. She filed the letter  away and instead enlisted a high-profile dating service. When that didn’t pan  out on a whim she responded to Dick Alford’s letter.  He wrote back and they  made a date upon his return from a two-week trip.  They are happily married  now.

Like most women Mimi got it right finally and learned many lessons along the  way. Especially the one that is often brushed off as too simplistic—there are no  mistakes in life.

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Rebecca Walker (biracial/Jewish): “Black Cool” new book

Black Cool: One Thousand Streams of Blackness

Nederlands: portret van Rebecca Walker

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Since her father is white most would say that makes her white as well.  Rebecca looks totally European much like Tracy Ross who also has a Jewish father. Hair type is also about the same.

Her dad is Jewish, not her mother. She had a baby boy out of wedlock with a married buddhist monk (black man married to a white woman having a baby with a biracial one) and found this tidbit:

Maybe this is useful. Rebecca’s mother was not “effusive” about Rebecca’s pregnancy not because she rejected the idea of a pregnancy, but because of who she was having the baby with: her Buddhist teacher who was already married and has a young child. What is a mother to do when it appears her daughter has entered into an odd threesome with a man whose prominence as a Buddhist teacher needs to be supported by the younger Walker’s fame (and income)? Needless to say, the senior Walker is skeptical of this arrangement. Choyin Rangdrol went from an Oakland Afrocentric denizen to an “International Buddhist” with the help of Walker’s pushing his book. And what of the white mother of Choyin’s other young child? Rebecca is so obsessed with competing with Alice Walker’s fame by airing her personal issues and neuroses in public, that she cannot see that she is the one who continues to alienate people with her obsessive narcissism. Most of us just get therapy.


Walker was born Rebecca Leventhal in Jackson, Mississippi, the daughter of Alice Walker, the African-American author of The Color Purple, and Mel Leventhal, a Jewish American lawyer.[1] After her parents divorced, she spent her childhood alternating every two years between her father’s home in the largely Jewish Riverdale section of the Bronx in New York City and her mother’s largely African-American environment in San Francisco, where she attended The Urban School of San Francisco. When she was 18, she decided to change her surname from Leventhal to Walker, her mother’s maiden name.


What I am reading now: “Coming Apart: The State of White America, 1960-2010” by Charles Murray

Photo of Oprah Winfrey at her 50th birthday pa...

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Coming Apart: The State of White America, 1960-2010

Coming Apart (you can get it at above Amazon link for $13.00) starts off just right.  Murray argues that American history can be divided into before JFK was assassinated and after JFK.  Interesting.  He provides many arguments why that is the case and I have to agree with him.  It was the visible dividing line for the cultural heating up of America and its economy and the beginning of the ultra rich in America that made black billionaires possible like Oprah.

I like the book because he does something that most books don’t do: he talks about the middle class (the white definition that would be rich for a black person) and what it means.  I love talk about money and economy and wealth.

I started out life middle class and was never one of the hungry who had to go to an Ivy school, even though I could have if I wanted to.  I married stupid and young.  My ex husband thought like his friends that being on welfare as a young, single black male in Chicago was no big deal.  In fact it seemed de rigeur for many. 

My family had never been on welfare or used food stamps and I did not know what it was all about.  He enrolled the family on welfare after we got married and I had my first two children thanks to the health care provided by the government.   We were on AFDC as it was called them for a few years.  After we divorced I immediately got a job.  Years later, I was a college dropout, I returned to college, graduated and got a real job and a real career.

Yes, I make more money than ever and have everything I want and need including a big house that I share with a gray cat, and a new silver gray Ford Focus that’s pretty good on gas.  It is possible for a single mother, former welfare and food stamp user to get a degree and live on their own.

“Behind the Beautiful Forevers” what I am reading now

I hope to make my writing comeback with a review of this wonderful book about life in the slums of Mumbai in contemporary India.  You will never guess where the title came from for this book.

Good read: “Behind the Beautiful Forevers” life in poor India

Behind the Beautiful Forevers: Life, death, and hope in a Mumbai undercity
 At Amazon where else?

Behind the Beautiful Forevers” is the result of intensive, immersive observation over the course of four years in the life of a Mumbai shantytown called Annawadi. Boo’s technique is as exhaustive as it is self-effacing. She conducts countless hours of interviews with her key “characters,” interviews that, to judge by the results, can be as searching as therapy sessions. She backs these up with documentary research and shoe leather reporting. To establish what actually happened during a crucial event — the self-immolation of a one-legged woman following a dispute with one of the book’s central families — she interviewed 168 people, many of them more than once. She never mentions herself.

Brewer for breakfast—not nice

Scorpions for Breakfast: My Fight Against Special Interests, Liberal Media, and Cynical Politicos to Secure America's Border
This book has moved up to #20 on Amazon

Jan Brewer gov of AZ met Obama with a wagging finger over his take on her book “Scorpions for Breakfast” where he said that she mischaracterized their meeting. She tried to give him a letter and he begins talking about this to her.  And he even walked away while she was still talking.  Is Obama “thin skinned” yeah maybe but what she did was not appropriate for her office and it seems to disrespect the office.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen this kind of dustup before in public.  Shame on Brewer for promoting her book which moved up the ladder when this photo went public.

SC Gov. Nikki Haley is white

English: South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley

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Nikki Haley is of Indian ethnicity.  Indian is NOT a race it is a brown ethnic group found within the Caucasian persuasion.  I don’t know why people insist on equating north Indians, not Native Americans, as black or minority.  They are in NO way black, they have melanin, but are not browns.  It’s like saying a dark Italian who lives here is a minority.  Yes, in the sense that they are part of a ethnic group like Mediterranean, which is one classification of white folks.

Not everyone is Anglo-Saxon. That is not the only way to be white.  One way is to come to America and you will be granted whiteness when you get off the boat or plane or out of the Rio Grande.  Mexicans are white according to the government, your feds.   It’s also been boiled down to two ethnic groups: hispanic and non hispanic.  Nikki would be a non hispanic white or Asian.  But technically Asians are Chinese, Japanese, Korean etc.  Asia is a country.  Pakistanis, Iranians, and Persians (Indians) are Aryans by birth by language root because they are part of the  Indo-European language family.