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SC Gov. Nikki Haley is white

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Nikki Haley is of Indian ethnicity.  Indian is NOT a race it is a brown ethnic group found within the Caucasian persuasion.  I don’t know why people insist on equating north Indians, not Native Americans, as black or minority.  They are in NO way black, they have melanin, but are not browns.  It’s like saying a dark Italian who lives here is a minority.  Yes, in the sense that they are part of a ethnic group like Mediterranean, which is one classification of white folks.

Not everyone is Anglo-Saxon. That is not the only way to be white.  One way is to come to America and you will be granted whiteness when you get off the boat or plane or out of the Rio Grande.  Mexicans are white according to the government, your feds.   It’s also been boiled down to two ethnic groups: hispanic and non hispanic.  Nikki would be a non hispanic white or Asian.  But technically Asians are Chinese, Japanese, Korean etc.  Asia is a country.  Pakistanis, Iranians, and Persians (Indians) are Aryans by birth by language root because they are part of the  Indo-European language family.


Time travel: I travel to the future as well

Harald Hass at Huffpo on this:

We have harnessed this feature to develop novel techniques that enable ordinary LED light bulbs to wirelessly transmit data at speeds many times faster than WiFi routers. We have named the new technology Li-Fi (light fidelity) which we now commercialize via the university spin-out company VLC Ltd.

In our lab, under ambient light conditions, we are able to achieve data speeds of 130 megabits per second. If all light bulbs were able to do this, it would create a simple, energy-efficient solution to the lack of available radio frequency spectrum for future wireless broadband communication.

At Huffpo recently I read the above-mentioned article about TED about using lightbulbs (and other things) to carry data for computers etc.  That was so striking because while I may have never written this on one of my blogs I recall a future experience in which I saw the future that would take place before the century’s end wherein two things were happening: one that a simple computer was nothing but a common lightbulb.  Or that’s what it looked like.  It was clear in the experience that this bulb was the computer.  What else were we doing?

It seemed that we were at someone’s death bed.  It was not an assisted suicide or anything like that it just seemed that the person wanted to die and was sort of willing themselves out of the body and we were there with this computer that looked like a light bulb hanging near the bed.

So this TED thing blew my mind.  Yes, computers will be just a light bulb I have seen it already.

I was watching a bit of Charlie Rose while he was interviewing Lisa Randall, a Harvard physicist, about the Higgs particle or the God Particle.  It was not a long interview as she was explaining how the accelerator worked and why so much speed was needed to gain as many particle hits as possible.  Getting neutrinos is one of the goals as well. She gave a nod to Einstein’s theory of relativity and said that even if it is proven wrong in the future that something can travel faster than light it will always be useful and won’t go away for that reason.

Rose asked Randall about time travel.  And she told him that it was not impossible except that people only seem to be going back in time.  Well, from the start I have always said that one of my initial “theories” if you want to call it that, but one of my initial experiences with time travel included a couple of givens: that there is no time in reality; and that the past, present and future met at the same point; and that one could travel back in time as easily as forward in time.  Or I posed it this way if one can travel back in time then surely one can travel forward in time.

However, I am contradicting one of the premises that also seemed to be true that past and future were found at once with the present moment.  So if this is true then is there any need to actually travel anywhere? Or better yet are you traveling anywhere or are you just peering deeper into the present moment and seeing past or future in it?

It’s tricky to be sure.  That is until I realized that I had traveled as much as 20 years forward in time sometimes as much as 30 years in time.  Guess what when I got older and began to cross that 30-year threshold I found myself, you guessed it “in another lifetime” in the future.  That first experience really freaked me out.  My first thought was that I was about to die soon and I was only in my 30s or 40s at the time.  But after I calmed down and analyzed the experience I saw that it was in fact a future life.  We often try out these lifetimes on for size.  The one that I kept returning to found me a man and an architect.  I’ve seen that one more than once.

This may also be a question of semantics in which they are talking about some sort of machine that is needed to time travel to the past or the future.  When I am talking about the marvelous machine we all walk around with the brain and the mind.

Hitchens memoriam at Vanity Fair

christopher hitchens

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Cancer victimhood contains a permanent temptation to be self-centered and even solipsistic,” Hitchens wrote nearly a year ago in Vanity Fair, but his own final labors were anything but: in the last 12 months, he produced for this magazine a piece on U.S.-Pakistani relations in the wake of Osama bin Laden’s death, a portrait of Joan Didion, an essay on the Private Eye retrospective at the Victoria and Albert Museum, a prediction about the future of democracy in Egypt, a meditation on the legacy of progressivism in Wisconsin, and a series of frank, graceful, and exquisitely written essays in which he chronicled the physical and spiritual effects of his disease. At the end, Hitchens was more engaged, relentless, hilarious, observant, and intelligent than just about everyone else—just as he had been for the last four decades. read the rest at above link


Oh Please: “Kennedy’s presidency…mediocrity whose death left his final grade as “incomplete.”

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JFK official portrait that hangs in the WH chosen by Jackie O

You know it’s articles like this one that would have Jack turning over in his grave.  That is if he was in his grave.  Apparently he is not dead according to this jerk:  I already know.

THE cult of John F. Kennedy has the resilience of a horror-movie villain. No matter how many times the myths of Camelot are seemingly interred by history, they always come shambling back to life — in another television special, another Vanity Fair cover story, another hardcover hagiography.

By: Ross Douthat

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It’s fitting, then, that the latest exhumation comes courtesy of Stephen King himself. King serves a dual role in our popular culture: He’s at once the master of horror and the bard of the baby boom, writing his way through the twilit borderlands where the experiences of the post-World War II generation are stalked by nightmares and shadowed by metaphysical dread.

In this landscape, the death of J.F.K. looms up like the Overlook Hotel. The gauzy fantasy of the Kennedy White House endures precisely because the reality of the assassination still feels like a primal catastrophe — an irruption of inexplicable evil as horrifying as any supernatural bogeyman.

At its best, King’s new Kennedy assassination novel, “11/22/63” — which sends its protagonist back in time to change that November day’s events — offers an implicit critique of this generational obsession. (I am not giving much away when I reveal that the time-traveling hero does not succeed in freeing ’60s America from the cruel snares of history.)

11/22/63 new novel by Stephan King at Amazon

If you squint real hard you just might think that Stephan King has stumbled into the rebirth zone! That’s my take on his new novel. In fact I am going to post a link to it. It might be worth a read and I don’t read his novels.

Jack’s take on JFK’s death anniversary

Jack and JFK are really two different entities I should know. And it was as clear on astral as oswalds ugly mug that he acted alone with his shotgun in a brown paper bag covering. I still hate him and the sight of him. What a wierdo what a waste. Maybe get over it some life.

Jack was the elusive dual Kennedy and could occupy two bodies at once. Why? For me to know and for you to discover.

Jack Was Cleopatra and Bobby her beloved Anthony. Yes, we are Rome come home.

PS Martin King, my guy, he was Cicero.

Jack is still coming back

I guess god is working on me just like those who look and find. I am still here. Took a walk today. I am getting back to work at hand. I can sit with a clear head. If I could fix what’s wrong with me and for others I’d be rich. I can’t really talk about it until the coast clears. It showed its face as a monstrous astral attack I could not avoid. Jack loved the sea and swimming and some of this comes from that. What I have is found in people of European descent. In fact it’s kinda rare. My spirits are up and I’ve become detached from the sheer torture I am going through now. But I sum it up like so. It was a case of slow suicide by spoon. When I write it all up you’ll get it.

More later

Qaddafi killed in home town

TRIPOLI, Libya — Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi, the former Libyan strongman who fled into hiding after rebels toppled his regime two months ago in the Arab Spring’s most tumultuous uprising, was killed Thursday as fighters battling the vestiges of his loyalist forces wrested control of his hometown of Surt, the interim government announced.


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Al Jazeera television showed what it said was Colonel Qaddafi’s half-naked corpse lying on the ground in Surt, with a bloodied face, lifeless open eyes and an apparent gunshot wound to the side of the head, as jubilant fighters fired automatic weapons in the air. The images punctuated an emphatic and violent ending to his four decades as a ruthless and bombastic autocrat who had basked in his reputation as the self-styled king of kings of Africa.

DVD Review: Facing Death & Dying Well

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…all external expectations, all pride, all fear of embarrassment or failure—these things just fall away in the face of death, leaving only what is truly important. Remembering that you are going to die… Steve Jobs (June 14, 2005, commencement address at Stanford University)


The expected but early death of Steve Jobs–technology compositional genius who orchestrated a new age of electronic icons—creates a teachable moment about death and rebirth. I think it is fitting to weave these current events with cosmic change. Ironically recent remarks above from Jobs set the scene. He traveled with a friend in 1973 to India returning a shorn Buddhist complete with robes; however, Robert Thurman said he would not consider him a “practicing Buddhist.” But perhaps we can incorporate Buddhist’s beliefs with how Jobs conducted his death as well as his life and Apple Corporation.

In this DVD the 14th Dalai Lama spoke about death but did not recount how he was located by the monks who visited his home and tested him with objects when he was just a small child. But full-length movies and documentaries are available that recount his humble beginnings.

According to His Holiness, it is not what the man believes in when he shakes the mortal coil but how he dies. And this DVD is about helping everyone to face death and to die well. One ingredient that aided Jobs in death was a peaceful setting surrounded by loved ones. The Buddhists believe this is the only (preferred) way to die because it opens the door to a good rebirth.

The discussions in this 165-minute DVD: “Beginning,” “Facing death in a peaceful manner,” “How to deal with death from a Buddhist viewpoint,” “Importance of good preparation for death,” “Value of a peaceful mind at time of death” and Questions and Answers.

The Dalai Lama talks about the four noble truths the Buddha taught. He explains, first is the truth of suffering and it is taught within three characteristics. The first being “Impermanence,” and when talking about the nature of impermanence there are two levels: the coarse level which is the cessation event we call death.The transitory nature of existence means the changing nature is more subtle. The aim of the subtle nature when taught by the Buddha is to get at the basic unsatisfactory nature of existence. Any existence which is brought about by causes and conditions depends on them.

The subtle nature of impermanence depends on causes and conditions. The seed of cause is already there. Ignorant state of mind is the root of our existence
and governs it.

On the coarse level of impermanence: Dalai Lama teaches that first reflecting on the coarser levels leads one to appreciation of the subtler levels. One can grasp with the eternal or permanent existence after such reflection. It cannot be done in one lifetime alone.

One of the reasons why the awareness of death is so crucial because the state of mind at the time of death will determine the next birth or have great affect upon it.

Secondly, one of the positive side-effects of attaining the awareness of death is so that one can be in positive state of mind, including meditation; it will prepare an individual for the death event and he will be better able to maintain that state of mind.

In Tantric Buddhism it is maintained that the state of mind one has at death is extremely subtle and has a great impact on one’s mental continuum. So we find a lot of emphasis on death meditation. Individuals at the time of death can maintain his presence of mind and subtle state of mind for the realization of calm. In many countries, yoga meditation or on deities, involve reflecting on the dissolution process at the point of death.

From the Tantric perspective, the entire process of existence is explained in terms of three states: death, intermediate state and rebirth and all are seen as various states of manifestations of consciousness. The three are just levels of
consciousness. The indications of such fluctuations we find in our own daily existence. Within a 24-hour day we go through a cycle of awake, sleep, dream sleep and deep sleep that is comparable or a microcosm of the consciousness, a deep ebb and flow of consciousness.

When talking about the distinction between subtle and gross levels of mind bear in mind what we mean by “mental consciousness.” Do we mean that there is some sort of autonomous level that is independent of the bodily states, like a soul? I think this is a mistaken idea. His Holiness thinks that if you would examine our mental world you would find that most of our functions have direct
physical basis. The brain and nervous system is the base of much of our conscious experience and I agree with the scientists on this. They are linked intimately with the body states so when one dissolves the other dissolves. What
gives rise to a cognitive event? His Holiness continues.

What is the mere state of knowing and what makes it possible? Buddhist explanation: we point toward the clear light state which is independent and the subtlest level of consciousness giving rise to all our consciousness events. There are certain indications of the existence which are more possible for religious persons. A person can be pronounced clinically dead and remain in
that state for days and the body does not decompose.

The Buddhist explanation for this is that the individual is not actually dead but is in the process of dying. Although the mind body nexus may have ceased at the grosser level but it has not ceased at the subtle level. That is the tantric Buddhist explanation for the “near-death experience” which I saw when my own master’s life was suspended for 16 days and his body remained fresh during that time he was consciously away from it.

His Holiness humbly shared his attitude toward death: I don’t know what really happens at death. Sometimes when I think about death I get some kind of excitement. My only burden at this moment is if I die what will happen to Tibet. To think about death is helpful to reduce fear about it. When death finally comes all my preparation may fail (laughter). It is helpful mentally to think
about death and it releases much fear to contemplate death and the next birth this is what Buddhists do.

He affirmed that if you prepare fully for death then you can prepare for it. So if the moment of death is peaceful then your peace of mind can be sustained and that is the foundation for death. That is a guarantee for a good life the next life. That’s about death…then what else?

Conclusion: for those who practice this belief no matter the religion at the time of death the peaceful mind is the goal. A religious believer may be looking for a heaven but regardless to belief a person needs a peaceful mind in the final hours. If you develop a virtuous state of mind then no matter what you did in your lifetime, at the moment of death with a forceful positive mind it is
guaranteed that the immediate next life will be a good one.

Those who attend the person at death should not create any factor which will disturb the person’s mind and should not raise some reminder of negative past experiences.

The DVD ends with a Q&A session where the audience writes their questions and they are answered thoughtfully by his Holiness. His ability to not take himself too seriously elicits laughter from the audience at the disarming answers from this guru who is not afraid to say that he does not know even when he does know.

For Western audiences gurus often treat a topic like death as an unknown experience. In this country death and dying is an academic discipline but an infant science in practice that will one day lead to the practice of dying while living.

Anonymous: the new movie about William Shakespeare

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The case for Edward De Vere, 17th Earl of Oxford.

Many Oxfordians believe that the true author of Shakespeare’s plays was an aristocrat named Edward De Vere. The evidence for this comprehensive, ranging from Edward de Vere’s aristocratic knowledge of the upper classes through to his education and the structural similarities between his poetry and Shakespeare’s. As regards authorship of Shakespeare’s plays and sonnets, it has been suggested that Edward wrote these under the pseudonym of Shakespeare, both to avoid breaking a voluntary convention against aristocrats publishing poetry and plays and to escape the consequences of the subject matter he was writing about. George Puttenham‘s 1589 book, The Arte of English Poesie explains this further.

Below are the major reasons Oxfordians claim Edward De Vere was well qualified to write 37 plays and 154 sonnets.

Edward De Vere and Elizabethan Theatre.

Edward De Vere, Earl of Oxford is known to have composed, directed and acted in plays around the same time as Shakespeare. Like Shakespeare he was part of an acting troupe but unlike Shakespeare, Edward managed his acting troupe called “Oxford’s Boys”. Furthermore, Edward De Vere was a leaseholder of the Blackfriars Theatre, a rival to The Globe.

Edward De Vere’s poetry and its similarities to Shakespeare.

 Whilst most academics agree that Edward De Vere’s poetry was better than the Sir Francis Bacon’s (the other contender for replacing Shakespeare), few believe it is of a standard necessary to prove De Vere wrote the 154 sonnets claimed to have been authored by Shakespeare.

 Similarities in Edward De Vere’s verse to Shakespeare’s suggest however that such a leap in poetry composing was possible. Specifically six-line pentameter stanzas in Venus and Adonis reoccur only in Edward de Vere’s early poems and yet are not repeated by other poets of Shakespeare’s time. Both Joseph Sobran and J. Thomas Looney have noted the close similarities in form between Edward De Vere’s work and that claimed to be Shakespeare’s.


The “Laws of Rebirth” can’t be caught, they must be taught

That insight marks my revelation for the year not just the day. I confess confusion as to what went wrong. I told my Buddhist aunt about my angst that has now lasted for years. Then I started thinking and dreaming about it. What I saw in a dream last week was simple: It was my book just like that. It was the book exactly as it looks. I was really surprised because I had given up any hope about its worth.

I had this insight just days before I got a call from the RS sect I left a few years ago inviting me to come to Houston to hear sat sang by the guru. My own I vitiating guru died in 1991. And I was liberated to become the master or rather externalize him or her.

That I did. But my moral confession comes in that I was not accepted by those I wanted to know and practice the laws of rebirth. So I sulked instead and made them a promise that I would take my message to the masses. While like any good and well taught cultists they denigrated the masses and dismissed it with how ignorant it was.

That’s actually cult think. Something along those lines was said by our current rep at the last sating I attended in north Texas when he said there was a bad vibe associated with people who eat meat or in places where meat is sold or consumed. Really? This is classic cult talk because as others have observed about rssb is that they engage in putting the seeker on a pedestal because they are stasangis or don’t eat meat.

To save my own health and life just as I did when I was Jack. I had to eat meat to get my anemia under control. I did not change nor did my karmas.

So dear reader I have been rejected by the very spiritual people I sought to please and write for I went into retreat and withdrawal but not depression. But the masses are the beneficiary of my personal doubt and demon.

My mind is clear now and my soul karmically clear due to my long hard work. Thirty years in the making of the laws of rebirth. So why on earth would I expect anyone outside or inside the inner planes to get what it took me so ling to get. I did not catch the laws either I fought for them I taught myself an now, after some planning, I am going to teach anyone else who wants to learn and not dismiss as some buddhists bad dream or a mistake by translators of the buddha tongue. Rebirth is real the rebirthers got it all wrong. Wait for the truth.

Finally thank you Stephen for opening my eyes to the need that won’t be met I see now until the work begins in earnest. I did not formulate the laws alone or in a vacuum and they won’t be properly spread by just one person but a group.

links about karma:

In Buddhism, karma refers to impulses. Based on previous actions we have done, impulses arise in us to act in certain ways now.

I like this link and will preview links about karma and rebirth before I post them.  I can attest to this statement that karma is based on impulse and previous actions.  For example I wanted desperately to return to France, to study in France at the Sorbonne.  I actually got the chance to do so in this life. But because my kids were still young I did not pursue it.  Instead I did pursue the chance to live there for a summer. I used to dream in French, so much so that I did not even understand what I was saying in fluent French!  When I uncovered the many lifetimes I’ve spent in France I thought no wonder.  It is a strong impulse and desire.  I wrote a poem about it once called “ALL” about how I had done everything, all the things I desired were already realized.