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FB IPO day–ZYNGA tanks because FB didn’t fly

Oh well, I had another day at the market.  I sold my two shares of GOOG because this market is just brutal.  Then I thought I would put in a limit order for FB at 48.00.  Hell, it never even hit that price point.  Then I put in a market buy which everyone said not to do. But in this case that was the thing to do.  I also put in a cancel for both my limit orders because I found that I could get it cheaper by going market.

They overpriced the IPO.  Damn, they should have listened to the street on this one.   The little guys like me said it was overpriced.  I thought it should  be in the upper teens as low limit and maybe 30 at the upper limit.  Something like 19-30 in that range.  Then we would have had a nice pop.  Instead we got a fizzle.  FB is hanging onto green by a thread.

I paid 40 because I set it at market.  I put in the market order when it was listed at 38.00 but because the Nasdaq was sluggish by the time they were traded they had moved up to 40 and immediately dropped back to 38.  I was not worried about having a market order for 10 shares when I saw that the market was well, not moving.

Whew, glad that’s over.

Amazon Kindle Fire: $199 taking orders now

Kindle Fire, Full Color 7" Multi-touch Display, Wi-Fi
pre order now only $199.00

Listen I have an iPad and I paid $500.00 for from the Apple store nearby. Another teacher has the iPad 2 and she paid $600.00 for it.  I planned to get another tablet and I think this is the one. Damn I had Amazon stock and Apple stock and sold them both.  I could kick myself. Who knew?

At a press event in New York City on Wedesnday, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos took the wraps off the company’s tablet offering.

The Kindle Fire will sell for $199, will run a modified version of Google’s Android operating system, will feature a 7-inch display and will be deeply integrated with Amazon’s cloud storage system and its massive online content library of books, music and more. According to AllThingsD’s live blog of the event, pre-orders open for the Fire on September 28; devices will ship November 15.

Ahead of the official announcement, Bezos gave Bloomberg Businessweek some of the details about the tailor-made OS and the content that will be available on the Fire.

Try Kellogg’s FiberPlus Cereals Today #FiberPlus

As a baby boomer who spent decades jogging, biking, lifting weights, attending aerobic and yoga classes while juggling children and college I know that staying fit is important to me.  It was important then and remains so as I approach retirement.  One thing women should not retire is a committment to remain healthy.  My secret has been a diet good enough to match my fitness goals.  My diet has always included whole grains, cereals, yogurt and plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables increasing both nutrition and daily antioxidants

The biggest difference between then and now is that I must watch my waistline by counting calories and fiber intake.  To that end I have been asked to try two new Kellogg cereals: FiberPlus Berry Yogurt Crunch and FiberPlus Cinnamon Oat Crunch. I love the taste of both cereals that went down easy with a glass of milk.  When counting calories and fighting feelings of hunger in between main meals your best friend is whole grain and fiber.  Both cereals I tried supplied an abundance of both.  Specifically, the Berry Yogurt Crunch is a wheat/corn blend in a delicious crunchy flake.  It was my favorite of the two.  One cup of cereal is 170 calories per cup, packs 40% fiber and 25 g of whole grain with a glass of milk adding protein becomes a perfect small-meal choice to keep your metabolism humming and your tummy busy.  It is also a great substitute for expensive energy bars or organic granola.

Cinnamon Oat Crunch is an oat-based cereal that looks and tastes much like Honey Nut Cheerios.  Oat Crunch has more fiber and less sugar than Honey Nut but my main reason for recommending it: 110 calories per 3/4 cup, low sodium, 35% fiber, 16 g whole grain— both cereals provide 100% daily requirement of Vitamin E an essential antioxidant. Yes, I heartily recommend Kellogg’s new FiberPlus cereals, which young families and the mature crowd will enjoy. I know I will add them to my grocery list.

Disclosure: I have a material connection because I received the cereal as gift from a company affiliated with a brand, topic and/or product that is mentioned herein.

WordPress is crazy good for writers

We can publish this designs in fabrics, Textil...

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Check out wordpress new format for posts.  It’s called “just write.” I think writers are pretty much the same passive agressive folks who will kill to get a word-pressed edgewise.  Now we have a better way a more helpful one to express ourselves.  The post moves larger vertically but only the toggle large will give you a full screen.

In fact WP is so cool that I use it to write my articles for blogcritics because their platform has a few bugs in it.  Easy. I write it and save it as draft here and when they publish it I go to wp and hit publish and voila it’s done.

The Trough gets another makeover

check it out. I used to get bad comments about how awful my site looked, no more people are checking it out and copying it too.

Have Tina Brown and Arianna Huffington destroyed the world?

Tina Brown and Arianna Huffington have both been given the reins of two large white, male dominated media Newsweek and AOL.  The women got balls but the public is gasping at how the media takeovers and buyouts and sellouts are faring.  From what I have read, not so swell.  The following links size it up nicely.  AOL stocks have plunged and Newsweek, is well, not so newsy and not so weekly.

McWhorter’s War On Drugs–my rebuttal

Now, one thing Darnell could do is get his GED, and meanwhile get a job stocking shelves at Staples. Or working at a shoe store or supermarket. He could get vocational training of some kind, with a small loan it wouldn’t be hard to get. But that’s not what a lot of his friends do. The way they make money is by selling drugs.

Of course nobody calls it that. No one walks up to Darnell and says “Would you like to help us sell drugs on the street to make a living?” It goes by euphemisms“out on dem corners” and so on. There is a quiet community norm: Young men who drop out of school and do not take jobs, because they can keep money in their pockets by selling drugs on the street. Hardly all young men do this in the community. Most don’t, in fact. But many doenough that to Darnell, there is nothing unusual about it.

That’s an excerpt from his article. I agree drugs should go legit so that the prison industrial complex will lose its sting in the black community. However, one word that McWhorter does not mention is “free market.” That is an important word he left out. Why? Because there is such a thing as the line of least resistance. In other words it’s damn easy to get a job selling drugs and making money. He also totally ignored “Darlene on the corner” you know what she’s up to. She is selling her body because it is the only skill that will pay her a living wage on the open/free market.

How we gonna get her off the corner John? What if drugs were made legal what would Darnell do? He would go the black market/resale route is my first guess. Then he would get more involved in the sex/slave trade. How we gonna make that legit, i.e., because it is a growing market don’t you know?

I lived through the crack epidemic when it hit the black community in the 1980s. We were warned to do anything but “Stay away from crack…it’s addictive.” That’s what the smart black people did…said no to crack. Seems like every freakin body else was saying yes to crack.

I think getting rid of the war on drugs will go a long way to ease some of the problems in the black community. If we have stronger males instead of endangered males we might be able to start over or at least have some bootstraps to pull up.

I don’t know if McWhorter is being facetious when he writes that it will fix most ills in the black community but he seems to be serious. So, I have to answer with…not so fast.  In some countries, such as Italy, it’s a way of life. I mean this not working thing.  And the war on drugs admittedly is just not working.

Oprah Winfrey Launches her very OWN Jan 1, 2011

Behold: The new Oprah{campaignName}_keyword=oprah+winfrey

It will run 24/7 and takes over DHC or disney health channel. She will need programming to fill it up. She also has jobs posted. But will she make money the first year? An entire network is a big thing. So, OWN is the next big thing now ain’t it?

Nappy headed black guy scores #1 youtube song “The Bed Intruder Song” WTF?

It funny and cute and you can even buy the tune from itunes. The dude said he made enuf money to buy his mom a house.

It had, get this over 47 million hits.