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Sexual abuse among Jewish Orthodoxy in Baltimore (documentary)

The first of his stories, “Today, Steve is 25” was published in February 2007, 10 months after the Pikes­ville meeting.

That process of reporting and writing has been made into a documentary film, “Standing Silent,” directed by Scott Rosenfelt and now being shown at film festivals across the country. Partially funded by a Sundance Institute grant, it details how Jacobs, an Orthodox Jew himself, has been credited with — and criticized for — uncovering a painful secret in Baltimore’s Orthodox community.

Grisly girl killer: kills self in prison (Ryan Brunn)

He told the court Tuesday that he had never talked to Jorelys before the day of her murder. He said he devised a plan after he found one of her skates.

Brunn took a picture of the skate and approached her with it, asking if the skate was hers. She said yes, and Brunn promised to take her to it.

Instead, he took her to an empty apartment and instructed Jorelys to pull down her pants. He then put tape over her face and cut her throat with a razor. At this point, she was still alive, he told the court.

He said that he then took Jorelys to the bathroom and beat her to death with the skate. He said he did not have sex with the girl.

Increasingly, Brunn told the court, he grew concerned about what he had done. So he took a receipt, wrote on the back of it, “She is in the trash can,” and taped it to the compactor.

He admitted lying to investigators who had questioned him about the case. Brunn said he knew right from wrong, adding he “never had an idea of killing a child in my life.”

Eric Goudeau: AZ black serial killer trial here’s an excerpt:

But while the serial shooters tended to shoot victims from a distance, the Baseline Killer wore disguises and stalked women. If they didn’t give in to his sexual advances, he shot them in the head. Many victims were Hispanic. A billboard showing a police sketch of the killer—a mustached man with an empty stare, costumed in a long dreadlocks wig and fishing hat—only served to further fray the city’s nerves.

Another black (multi-racial) American behaving badly:

Baseline Killer Trial

Wow: 8 dead in Seal Beach, CA shooting (white male in custody)

Seal Beach City Hall

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Los Angeles (CNN) — The death toll in Wednesday afternoon’s mass shooting at a Southern California beauty salon rose to eight as Seal Beach police reported two of three critically injured survivors died.

A ninth person remained in critical condition, Sgt. Steve Bowles said late Wednesday afternoon.

Six people were found dead inside the Salon Meritage after police responded to a call about shots being fired inside the business shortly after 1 p.m. Wednesday, police said. Three more were found critically injured, Bowles said.

A suspect, described as a white male, is in custody, he added.

“He was cooperative. He did not provide any resistance to the officers and he was taken into custody,” Bowles said.

In addition to the people who were killed and injured, he said, “there were people in the salon who were not shot.”

Rick “Sundown” Perry still hunting at family’s “Niggerhead” hunting lodge? updated

Perry Event 2/1/2010

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and this gem from Dailykos (which I usually don’t quote)

Rick Perry grew up in a sundown town. As James Loewen exhaustively and masterfully documents, there were thousands of these communities across the country where blacks (and in some cases Jews, Mexicans and other non-whites) were not allowed to live, journey through, or be present in after dark. These towns were often created by racial violence and the wholesale ethnic cleansing of non-whites through murder, forced exile, rape, banishment, theft, and violence.

Mr. Sullivan added that neither the governor nor his family ever “owned, controlled or managed” the property, which he said was owned by a Texas charity called the Hendrick Home for Children. A Hendrick employee said on Sunday that she was not aware of the name and referred questions to her boss, who did not respond to a phone call seeking comment.

In an interview with The New York Times on Sunday, Wallar Overton, the son of Mr. Perry’s scoutmaster in his home county of Haskell, said the hunting camp had always been known by that name.

“It’s just what it was called from Day One,” Mr. Overton said. “I personally am not offended by the name, and I don’t like the word.”

“That’s just what people call it,” he said.

Davis on his radio show this am said that the name of the leased hunting lodge was not noticed or was no big deal to those who came to the ranch.  The name was still visible.  So what does that say about white people in Texas?  It does not matter? It’s the name of a chewing tobacco?  It was used back in the day?  Is this the race card played by Herman Cain as alleged by Mark Davis? 

Somebody knows something. My guess is that when they saw the name on the stone the “head” they probably laughed about it.  That’s what people do when they are uncomfortable.   If they did not own the place then they could not remove the rock, given.  But it sounds like if it were still visible they need to cover it with something.  That’s my take. 

Herman Cain gave Amanpour an earful when he said what she skirted in her question about Perry and his hunting ranch bought in the 1980s that had a big rock that was painted over.  Cain said I’ll say what you won’t it was called “Niggerhead” and it was painted over but we don’t know when.

I told you I would not vote for anyone from Texas because they are the best racists I’ve ever seen.  Subtle but real racism. They love illegals  down here in Texas and don’t buy any other excuse as to why we are overrun with them.   They don’t want anybody who is  black to come and work for them or fill up their welfare rolls and free hospital services.  Just don’t be black, don’t be a nigger in Texas especially in the last century.  I am so glad I did not grow up here.  I am here now but it takes a lot of  shit side stepping to avoid to blatant racism here. 

Housewive Husband Suicide: Russell Armstrong,0,4980263.story 

Taylor Armstrong filed for divorce last month after six years of marriage to the venture capitalist. The show frequently showcased their on-air fights and she told People he would sometimes grab her, shove her, throw things at her and pull her hair. He told the magazine the show had hurt their relationship.


TMZ reported the death as a suicide, but the coroner’s office told TheWrap no cause of death had been determined. No note was found at the house on Mulholland Drive where his body was discovered Monday morning.


— Reuters

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Muslim-American Arrested in Texas for Fort Hood Massacre Plan

Another white man who can’t get laid has laid plans to shoot up and bomb up the base or near the Fort Hood Base, but the creep got caught.  It turns out they were looking for his pervert butt because he was found with child porn on his computer and the army was looking for him when he went AWOL on July fourth and took a taxi from the airport and came over 800 miles in order to buy more ammo and be near the Fort Hood Texas town.  He wanted to get even with the army and imitate Nadal Hassan. 

This Abdo guy looks like a white guy you changed his name and converted to Islam.  If you see my earlier post the doctor said that men like this, young, white men, behaving badly, can’t get laid or have trouble with relationships with women or men go in for media attention by doing some genocidal act.  Remember we need to ignore people like this and not give them the hype they want but point out that they are LOSERS!  And kudos to the retired service man and police officer who spotted something wrong when the guy took a cab and  bought smokeless gunpowder and did not know what it was for.  Don’t mess with Texas.

In case you missed it: Drunken, Drugged Diane Schuler Wrong-way driver killed 8 –updated

Rory Kennedy

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Update:  Heloise recently watched the HBO special on TV.  It was shockingly accurate and did not paint Diane as a woman who just happened to do something  bad.

No.  This woman had high levels of alcohol in her blood, pot and was last seen buying pain killers in a drug store, caught on camera.  Some have suggested that the combo more like a drug cocktail could have made this driver incoherent and able to drive for many minutes down the wrong way.  The sad part is that the woman who lost two girls in the crash completely trusted this woman.  Watch it for yourself if you get the chance.  I am convinced of two things now:  the family was ethnically Jewish and this woman was at fault completely at fault. 

In case you missed it: (I started that one) A woman full of drugs and alcohol drove down the highway with a car full of kids driving the wrong way had a head-on with another car killing a total of eight people.  Naturally her husband Dave Schuler (Jewish) is going to great lengths to defend what the toxicology reports have cited as high levels of toxins in her blood.  So Dave and Diane Schuler (both Jewish New Yorkers) are villified and now HBO has made a documentary “There’s something wrong with Aunt Diane” the final words of a little girl killed in the crash.  She killed three adult men in the other SUV and in her car killed herself and a three kids.  HBO

Dave Schuler paid for the documentary and Rory Kennedy (see photo, the daughter of Robert Kennedy Jr., is producting it:

Here’s another link with a strong view to this as a suicide murder.  And yes, his name is Daniel and he has a brother named Jay Schuler.

Here’s one comment from 2009 from someone who has been closely following and has some interesting things to say about Daniel and Diane:

December 9, 2009 at 12:32 pm

The more i read about this case, the clearer it gets. She argued with them at McDonalds to get her kids their last favorite meal and let them play in the playground there since she was gearing up for murder/suicide. It was premeditated, she fed the kids, got her OJ mixer to go, and peeled out of that gas station with a death wish, she drove like a maniac until she was numb enough to not care. She must have told her brother and sister in law something in those phone calls that sealed her fate, she left the phone and with it all hope of being stopped or saved, she drove up the Saw Mill to the Taconic, turned around and came back to end it all. She was not confused, she was building up her nerve. The phone probably got dumped because the kids kept calling home and interferring with her death wish plan, as soon as she knew they were coming to look for her, as soon as the kids said what the road signs said, she went in the opposite direction, north, up the Saw Mill so they would be looking in the wrong place. She was not confused, she was still making premediated decisions to carry out the plan. Then she told her brother she was on Southern State Parkway on Long Island, come on, no matter how drunk you are you can tell the difference between the 2 mile long Tappan Zee toll bridge soaring over the Hudson and Southern State pkwy. She had gone through the toll literally 30 seconds before making the call. She didn’t crash into the toll booth and was able to pull over to the pull off on the right shoulder. The 4 or 5 right hand toll lanes there are all cash only, since they claim they checked the time on her ezpass, that means she probably went through tolls on the left and had to navigate across at least 5 lanes of toll plaza traffic to the pull off without hitting anything.

On page 10 of the police report, a witness describes travelling north on the Taconic at 1:15 pm and being cut off by the minivan ALSO TRAVELLING NORTH getting on the Taconic from the Saw Mill Parkway. This is right where the crash happened, about 200 yards north of the Saw Mill/Taconic merge. This means she went up the Taconic past the crash site, then turned around and got back on the same exit ramp in the wrong direction. She scouted the route! Probably saw a perfect spot to end it all and headed back down the road heading south knowing what was going to happen and where, there is a blind curve with a hill right at the crash site, no chance for the unwitting accessory to the crime to react evasively. There are two (2) turnarounds in that stretch of road, plus a lot of wide grass median and shoulder to change your mind if you wanted to.

This is not the ‘mommy’s a secret addict’ story like the media has jumped on the bandwagon with to no end, she was uniquely crazy and suicidal and had to know what she was doing. Those people know what happened and have been protecting themselves since the brother first called the police and sugar-coated the situation as ‘a possible medical emergency’ and the husband only can say ’she was sober when she left..” not my fault. CYA.

Also, the husbands story about the vodka being his is total BS. He drinks beer, very few men drink vodka as their drink of choice, especially when they are beer drinkers. Vodka is a chick drink.

I read the story in NY Magazine that said how Diane Schuler cut her mother out of her life completely since the age of 9, pretending she did not exist due to her leaving the family, even though the other siblings and her father did not and her mother reached out to her for a relationship, stating it was her choice to keep her away. That is a huge thing to hold inside for 27 years. Interestingly, the 27 year timeframe is relevant also, in terms of cosmic cycles. Anyway, I do think this is the elemental key to the whole story. The public photos released of her wedding are telling, how could she, or anyone there, not be thinking about her mother, who was not invited. How do you go through your wedding day holding that inside? Since it was her wedding day, everyone had to suck it up and it was all about her and not mentioning the obvious absence, the rest of the family would have invited her to such an event. Then having children and depriving them of their grandmother, and vice-versa. This pattern of controlling social situations and punishing people who love you most due to perceived transgressions only makes me believe the murder/suicide theory. Did she punish her husband and brother for something we will never know about? I think everyone needs closure on this case, I am on the side of the victims who feel there is much more to the story.

Was it was the husband having the affair or her? There was a wrong number dialed from her phone to a guy in Oyster Bay, only 10 minutes from where she works that morning. How coincidental that a random wrong number would go so close to home. Maybe the kids had the phone and accidently dialed a contact or recent call? She was left to her own devices when he was at work. Anyway, i think it was the kids who called their father, not her, and then the truth came out. Or the husband confronted her about this other guy and it blew up? He went camping thursday morning, she came up friday night with all the kids. What happened Thursday night?

Aron Levi with no criminal record—giggled when talking about his crime

It has started the hunt for a way out for this first degree charged child killer.  The police said he giggled when he said he “went for a towel to smother” the boy.  The boy fought back.  In another twist Aron lives at home with his father and worked as a butcher in Tennessee!

His lawyer said that Aron is hearing voices and that the judge will order a psychiatrist to check him out.  He is on suicide watch because if not I predicted he would try to kill himself or the men in prison.  He will probably get life without parole.  They took the computer to see if they could find a motive.

Weinergate Productions