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Mitt Romney wins Puerto Rico

Romney won the 20delegate from the PR caucus.

Hughes–openly gay Facebook co-founder to buy The New Republic


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Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes is purchasing the New Republic, the nearly century-old political magazine known for its influence in progressive circles, according to The New York Times.

Hughes’ acquisition comes as no big surprise. HuffPost‘s Michael Calderone first reported about his interest in The New Republic in January. The magazine’s ownership, which includes editor-in-chief emeritus Marty Peretz, had earlier brought in the Blackstone Group to assist in finding a buyer.

Breitbart to appear in films


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Andrew Breitbart may no longer be with us, but his film legacy has yet to be written.

The Hollywood Reporter says two films featuring Breitbart are currently in production and could allow the late Internet publisher to have the last word on media bias during this critical election year.

The filmmakers of both movies are vague about their distribution and marketing plans, no doubt mindful that their efforts could be perceived as callous attempts to profit from tragedy. Therefore, it’s difficult to predict which movie will hit screens first.

The first one conceived, though, is called “Hating Breitbart,” which began two-and-a-half years ago when a camera crew started shadowing their subject at events like Tea Party rallies, where he’d whip like-minded activists into a frenzy with his fiery oratory, as well as Occupy Wall Street protests, where he’d elicit – appropriately, given the title of the film – tremendously hateful responses to his mere presence.

Gingrich Gob-smacks John King and Romney in S.C.

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Newt could win SC

Ouch! Gingrich took a big bite out of John King’s butt last night for asking that question or rather gossip on the stump about his ex saying that Newt wanted an open marriage.  He let King have it right between the eyes.

After last night’s debate and Gingrich came out the clear winner.  Santorum did well for himself attacking both Mitt and Newt simultaneously.  He’s a bad ass that Santorum.  But I predicted more than once that Newt would win the GOP nomination.   After many fits and starts he is gaining on the field.

According to the latest polls Gingrich is leading Romney by like 6 points in South Carolina.   The voting begins on Saturday.

In the debate John King opened by asking about the gossip from Newt’s ex wife.  WTF was the common response.  No one wanted to touch that one.  King was wrong for asking that one.  The debated turned to illegal immigration in the end and everyone sort of agreed that people need to go back home and get in line.  We are also so happy that Perry took himself out of the race.

Saturday should be interesting.  Remember when Obama won SC.

PS my two stock picks BAC and SIRI have both gained over a dollar in the last weeks.

GOP Debate had a lot of punch

, U.S. Senator from Pennsylvania.

get 'em Rick

Mitt Romney at times looked pitiful when Rick Santorum was berating him over some of his policies when he was the governor of Massachusetts namely the law regarding felons, convicted or time served having their voting rights re instated.  We heard Rick use the term “African Americans” a bunch of times as he made his point.  He pointed out to Romney that he was a flip flopper when he voted against a law that wrongly keeps blacks out of the voting both over other races due to their percentage-wise higher rate of incarceration. 

It was one of the better debates.  Ron Paul needs to get out of the race.  As I indicated Rick Santorum is a rising star.  And Huntsman endorsing Mitt really does not amount to a hill of beans,

Oh, and how could I forget the fireworks between Newt Gingrich and Juan Williams? That was interesting.  Newt talked down to Juan like Southern men often do to blacks.  The audience was party to the beating that Juan took by booing him.  At first I thought they were booing Newt but it soon became clear that they were booing old Juan. What is Juan exactly?  He talks like a Dem but walks like a Repub?  He is in the crosshairs simply because he is not conservative enough and the good white folks know that he used to be Dem, so I heard. 

Juan you need to get off the fence and stop pretending to be a conservative.  You can be an Independent if you want to save face.  But nobody is buying your conservative cred. 

The Romney Runaway Race

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Mitt Romney won the New Hampshire primary with more than ten points. Congrats to you. I’ve made more than one prediction about Mitt.  In one I said why Mitt will run three times.  Partly because I predicted he would win the nomination at least 3 months ago.  Then I didn’t want him to win. 

I have endorsed Obama for a second term.  Romney and his family is just too much like a dynasty in the making.  And yes I do have reservations about the Mormon invasion.  I really do.  And not against the religion so much but what precedent this sets for our country.  I think Perry and Newt are finished and so is Hunstman and Bachman badly beaten by the guy pack leaving Santorum and Paul.  It will be down to these three soon enough.  Perry was his own worse enemy.  I think he should have never gotten into the race.  He was listening to the media and he believed the hype about his chances against Mitt in the anybody but Mitt heyday.  Well that day has come and gone and Mitt is gaining momentum. 

Can the also-rans knock Mitt off his perch I doubt it.  The rich will run this country once again. 

The New Hampshire Horse Race

English: Governor Mitt Romney of MA

Mitt prevails

We have new frontrunners this time around.  Huntsman is not leading the race but he’s in it this time.  Mitt Romney has a commanding lead.  Then there is Ron Paul will he breakaway from the pack. 

Newt seems to be discounted goods these days but he can make a comeback or surge again in the polls.  When the pacs get done with Mitt who will be the last man standing?

Tonight’s winner: Romney; Huntsman; Paul

Is Santorum the Obama (stealth contender) of 2008?

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Who can beat Obama?

If Romney had to spend  millions for 8 votes in a tie diD he really win? I don’t think so.  This was as close to a 3 way tie I’ve ever seen. Tonight santorum wins MO big.

Santorum has seven children and his grandparents immigrated here from Italy.  His dad worked in the coal mines in Pennsylvania.  His parents were educated and born in the USA.  Rick and his wife home school their seven kids.  His wife is a former nurse.

So he has two strikes against him, maybe three: they are Catholic; do Evangelicals really like Catholics? He has IMO too many children; his grandparents were not born here but his parents were.  Therefore I rate him borderline acceptable.  In fact I call him not the Huckabee of 2008 but the Obama (stealth) contender of 2008.

Lookout Romney if the Evangelicals start seeing in Sant Rick an Obama figure and he gains momentum on that tip.  He is eligible to be president and he has a real grassroots background.   Rick could be the one to watch.  He has the fewest, possibly, negatives against him.  What about his record ? That was vetted but is it enough to put him over the top? Or will it stop him?

DVD Review: Margin Call

English: Demi Moore at the 2010 Time 100.

Divorcing Demi

Margin Call with an A-list cast of characters including Demi Moore and Jeremy Irons (as the big man Mr. Tuld) was a good watch.  Perhaps it re enacted the Goldman Sachs debacle just the same about a fictitious Wall Street corp that hosts a fire sale of all its positions in one day in order to be first to unload their unholy holdings. I enjoyed all 1 hour and 46 minutes.

This is news ripped from the headlines and it is the fall that set the rest of the dominoes toppling on The Street.  It was truly lookout below when the margins had to be sold as is in this fake fire sale that had echoes of real bankers who ripped off a lot of people.

The story begins with the firing of a bunch of traders and folks on a particular floor.  Stanley Tucci is one of the first to go.  He suspects that Demi Moore’s character Mrs. Robertson is behind his firing.  As he leaves the office with his personal belongings he hands off a thumb drive to one his underlings who just happens to be a rocket scientist.  This guy crunches the numbers and sits startled at his desk.  This shit could not be right he thinks and calls his buddies who are out at a bar to come and take a look at what he has uncovered and completed.

Then there are meeting with the big guys in the firm and they call in the boss Mr. Tuld who tells them they must sell everything in one day and they will be told how to proceed.

It was a tense well acted, well scripted drama.  They said “F me” a bit too much but that is to be expected because of what they faced together.

I think it was an HBO film, but it will be on top ten lists regardless.

Now we know: Cain does not inhabit the real world

Oh boy, I think we can all agree that Herman Cain has had his 15 minutes of fame and then some.  Based on everything I’ve seen and heard, stopped counting the women in the woodworks, this man is not for real and does not inhabit the same planet we do.

I mean if you know, know damn well, you have had a 13-year affair with somebody. You and that somebody are NOT the only ones in on the secret.  Confession here: Heloise has had an on and off 13-year affair with someone.  And there is no way that we were the only ones in on the affair.  And I would have to be stupid or fake to think I could hide or forget it.  Folks you don’t just forget affairs you file them away.

If you run for president you can’t just cross your frickin fingers and hope that nothing comes out of the closet.  Cain imploded and he was at the helm of this implosion.  In fact that’s what the word means…you did it your damn self!  Stupid.