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GOP CNN Debate — who won?

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I am watching it just now and everybody is on fire and the tea is boiling over the top. That’s a good thing for the voters. Will it change the polls next week? There will be waste in government but does it have to be diarrhea?  That’s a good one.

Perry got pigeonholed tonight on the cervical cancer vaccine. He looked a bit sheepish at times and kept batting his eyes. So the body language told me that he felt under attack. Perry did parry and sent back some barbs to Romney when he said “criminal is what you called SS and that’s in your book.” Paraphrasing there. Yes, Texas has no personal state income tax but it has the freakin highest property taxes in the country.  What that tells me and you is that the middle class and the upper classes are bearing the burdens more so than the poor who pay less in property taxes or no taxes at all if they rent. 

Texas is taxes that are hidden in a way.  But that aside Romney was cool, he was one cool contender, and top-tier.   Heloise used “contender” and “top-tier” when she blogged for Obama and I see that those words have come into common usage.  Politics is in my DNA and I love lending lingo to the media since I am, well, part of it.  Anyway, on a winning streak because I believe in preventative medicine and that was not addressed and may not be.  What makes me sad is not only the Mexicans here who do not speak one lick of English but what is taken from legal citizens: their teeth.  Yes, that’s right when I go into stores and see the poor workers with few or no teeth left rooting in their heads that makes me really sad.  And what’s bad about it is that illegals have siphoned off and gamed the medical and the ERs to the point where we have to pay for them first and there is no money left over for one of the most humane of things: good dental care for all.

If I was running for office against Obama I would tout that the lop-sidedness of health care is really the problem. GIVE PEOPLE WHAT THEY NEED AND WANT in health care.  Listen to them about ILLEGALS. Heloise dated a lot of legal visa immigrant engineering students and found out just how hard it is to get here for them.  But the latin americans just waltz over the border.  I know why…you need backers and money to get and stay in this country.  But all that has gone out the window for now.

Who won: I think Romney won with words and some tough talk, but Perry held his own and defended his faux pas.   Loved the way Newt talks but he will not win.  Romney is a flip flopper and that will keep him from winning possibly.  Perry is strong and if he holds the standard high he will continue to come out on top.   As I stated before the forced vaccination made Texans mad as hell and Perry should point out that the system worked.  The people hated it and it got voted out or was never implemented in the schools.  That’s the best defense. 

What I wonder about Perry is his appeal to the country.  Hmm, I think I can see it.  He has been here so long it’s hard to say.  But when he was challenged by democrats for the governor we said hell no to the other contenders and so Perry easily won re-election.  Maybe Romney and Perry will team up.   But Mitt was strong in the debates case closed and will remain in the top-tier along with Perry.  The rest will drop in percentages I predict.  Everyone said they would give  Ben Bernanke the boot we will see about that.  But they know they have to replace him with another Jewish economist, enough said.  We have given this country away already with billions of dollars wasted in Afghanistan.  There will be waste but do we have to have so much? 

Black Unemployment rate over the top

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what we already know: if you are black you will have a harder time getting a job and harder time dealing with white co workers once you get on that job.

“This month’s numbers continue to bear out that longstanding pattern that minorities have a much more challenging time getting jobs,” said Bill Rodgers, chief economist with the Heldrich Center for Workforce Development at Rutgers University.

Black unemployment has been roughly double that of whites since the government started tracking the figures in 1972.

When I was a teenager I had more jobs than I could work.  I worked at Sears, at Baskin Robbins, and Burger King.  Now those jobs are filled with grown people who need work or illegal aliens who take work from young teens.  This country wanted cheap labor they got it.  They want people to buy their products they got the cheap labor buying from Wal Mart.  What’s more the black leaders in the community such as Leon Finney were pro active in getting teens jobs.  I always had money as a teenager and dressed well.  I wore uniforms for school because I went to Catholic school but when not in uniform not only was I the best dressed but the guys lined up to date me because I was well, in demand.

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Obama’s Backdoor Amnesty? (If so Obama gotta go)

Below is the comment one of my readers just posted.  I think we should read it and spread the bad news.  Backdoor amnesty is in the work for more than 10 million illegals and counting.  If they say the number is 11 million I bet it’s double that.  Here’s my take: we could become a third world country sooner than we think.  I am not an activist but it seems I will have to become one.  Jobs have gone overseas and Mexican illegals have come pouring over the  borders in the past ten to twenty years.   I had been hearing that Obama had been deporting more illegals than Bush but now what happened? This turning point could spell bad news.  What bothers me is that Mexicans don’t like blacks but black politicians love them and don’t or won’t speak out against this crap.  They keep hollering it’s all about civil rights.  While they are shouting civil rights for illegals and their huge broods, it will be curtains for citizens who have been here for centuries. 



The Administration has come under scrutiny from the open border groups and the radical organization of La Raza for its record number of deportations, despite its strategy of focusing on only criminal illegal aliens. LA Raza mantra is to occupy the South West, which is selling lies to its own people. The British King tried to intimidate the colonists, which turned into a bloodbath on both sides. Still, half of last year’s 400,000 deported illegal aliens had not been convicted of a crime other than entering the country illegally. But several states, including Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, and Arizona, have increased efforts to arrest individuals in the country illegally. I REPEAT–WHY IS IT NOT A FELONY, FOR ENTERING A SOVEREIGN NATION LIKE MOST FOREIGN GOVERNMENTS?

“The Obama administration should enforce immigration laws, not look for ways to ignore them,” stated Rep. Lamar Smith (R-Texas), head of the House Judiciary Committee.

1. Immigration and Reform Control Act (IRCA), 1986 Simpson-Mazzoli Act: A blanket amnesty for some 2.7 million illegal aliens. Eventually this amnesty was processed, the total number added up to 6 million and that’s without the CHAIN MIGRATION of family members; that taxpayers are still paying for, when the original sponsor dropped out and left the Mothers and fathers, some siblings who live off the taxpayers dime. Read the total impact of the IRCA law at

2. Section 245(i) Amnesty, 1994: A temporary rolling amnesty for 578,000 illegal aliens. 3. Section 245(i) Extension Amnesty, 1997: An extension of the rolling amnesty created in 1994. 4. Nicaraguan Adjustment and Central American Relief Act (NACARA) Amnesty, 1997: An amnesty for close to one million illegal aliens from Central America. 5. Haitian Refugee Immigration Fairness Act Amnesty (HRIFA), 1998: An amnesty for 125,000 illegal aliens from Haiti.
6. Late Amnesty, 2000: An amnesty for some illegal aliens who claim they should have been amnestied under the 1986 IRCA amnesty, an estimated 400,000 illegal aliens. 7. LIFE Act Amnesty, 2000: A reinstatement of the rolling Section 245(i) amnesty, an estimated 900,000 illegal aliens. 8. Obama’s Amnesty of 2011, allowing 300.000 illegal aliens who could be eligible to receive work permits if their deportation is postponed through the Obama Administration’s new policy. Yesterday, the Administration announced that the Department of Homeland Security will appraise all deportation cases on a case-by-case basis and only deport illegal aliens who have been convicted of crimes. All these underground amnesties brought into the country millions of more family members through CHAIN MIGRATION LAWS.

This is costing citizens and legal residents 113 billion dollars annually, for welfare programs, education for children and of course health care. It should be drilled into America’s brain, that all these services are free, as most of illegal aliens today are ECONOMIC, as the initial sponsor or his family entourage never paid enough into the Federal or State general funds.

Farmers and Agriculture who are complaining to their State Representatives and Congress about not enough workers, are financially abusive to taxpayers as the illegal alien laborers only get paid wages, but his children get free education and the family that are uninsured have no choice but to head for a free clinic or take their seats in a hospital waiting room, with no expense to the farmer himself. Once again it all falls on the shoulders of the US taxpayer.

Then every year, over a million legal immigrants arrive in America, given visas to work. Hundreds of these immigrants are highly skilled with professional references. But many are low skilled and enter the work market, which is already bulging with jobless Americans. This is the fault of Congress, not just the Obama administration. These visas are pressed through the labor department by disingenuous business owners to chop American and permanent resident wages, to substitute them with new immigrants who receive no benefits and less dollars for their employment.

THE COURTS HAVE FORCED US TO SUBSIDIZE ILLEGAL ALIENS AND THEIR FAMILIES. You cannot as a citizen-resident leave the emergency rooms of hospitals, without leaving your Drivers License number and Social Security number. Perhaps you don’t realize it, but you are paying for illegal immigrant treatments, the education for their children, their instant citizenship baby, so they receive free natal care, before and after birth. You are hounded by debt collectors. These illegal aliens are sinking the entitlement ship for Americans. Most of these forced laws are fund-less mandates on all of us, enveloping this country in President Obama’s agenda of transforming our nation into a socialist society; where everything is free, to those who don’t want to work and millions of economic illegal aliens.

Often referred to as Comprehensive Immigration Reform, pro-amnesty groups seek to offer legal permanent residence to illegal aliens. Comprehensive Immigration Reform bills were introduced in Congress in both 2006 and 2007. In 2006, separate versions were passed in the Senate and House, but an agreement was never reached in conference committee. In 2007, a version in the Senate proposed by Senators John McCain and Ted Kennedy with support from Pres. Bush failed to reach a cloture vote. The grassroots effort from NumbersUSA, FAIR, CIS members, along with millions of voters was a major reason why the amnesty failed. During the 2008 campaign, Pres. Obama offered support for amnesty, and with an overwhelming majority of supporters in the House and Senate, but it failed to pass. President Obama looking for future votes to appease foreign nationals used his executive order to interfere with deportations as of yesterday.

Yet another deficiency of immigration enforcement is Senator Harry Reid’s State of Nevada. With an extremely large population of illegal aliens in the Silver State, officials say the lack of enforcing immigration laws is making a bad situation even worse. The University Medical Center in Las Vegas had to face a $70 million budgetary shortfall in 2010. Today the dollar figure is sure to be much higher. A report by the Las Vegas Review-Journal found that illegal aliens receiving dialysis treatment was costing the hospital more than $2 million per month. Nevada taxpayers are forced to pay for these circumstances that the report says “continues to worsen.” Casino’s have an abundant of illegal nationals, and the residents who are looking for jobs want E-Verify and “Secure Communities” mandatory throughout Reid’s state. The Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) just announced a study that found illegal foreigner’s expenditures cost Nevada $630 million annually. The state is looking in the face of big budget deficit. Its unemployment is over 9%. Nevada voters are growing restless and will develop into more trouble for Sen. Reid’s privileged measures for illegal workers and the companies that hire them.

The Zogby poll conducted among likely Nevada voters in late January found that:

• 77.7% of Nevada voters wanted E-Verify protections included in the stimulus bill.
• Nevada voters oppose amnesty (54.5% to 33.9%) for illegal aliens, an idea promoted by Sen. Reid.
• 76.5% of Nevada voters believe illegal immigration has a negative impact on the state budget.

Voters’ perceptions of the brunt of illegal immigration on Nevada are rooted in reality, found in a new cost study by FAIR. The Costs of Illegal Immigration to Nevadans finds that taxpayers bear a $630 million annual burden as a result of illegal immigration, or about $763 per native-headed household in the state. The report finds that Nevadans spend:

• $515 million a year to educate the children of illegal aliens.
• $85 million a year on non-reimbursed health care for illegal aliens.
• $31 million a year to incarcerate criminal illegal aliens.


President Obama must go, as he might eventually decide to sign an executive order for all the 20 Million plus illegal aliens squatting in this country. He is doesn’t conforms to the “Rule of Law” and the US Constitution as it is written. This man seems unconcerned with the interests of 9.5 nationwide percent Americans out of a job; even though it’s estimated 8 million illegal aliens have been hired in replacement for citizens and legal residents. If you want a better future without the antics of Obama’s Leftist pro-illegal immigrant organizations, you better think about joining the TEA PARTY. Most of the Republican candidates will follow the establishment rules; not Michele Bachman, Palin or Herman Cain. After reading Ron Paul’s book, he is more pro-amnesty, than for deporting illegal immigrants, so he gets a (F) in NumbersUSA slide rule. Michelle Bachmann will protect and defend America from the illegal immigrant invaders.

The cost is killing these nation Public services and has aided partially in the proverbial debt ceiling controversy. This country must use the “Point System” as European governments have implemented. Bring to America the highest stratum of skilled workers. No taxpayer should have to be forced to pay for other countries desperate, specially the family members who are sponsored. CHAIN MIGRATION ends up a taxpayers nightmare, as the majority of these people ends up in the welfare programs. The old, sick and mentally sick are discarded and live in poverty on Supplementary Social security or other programs, which become our burden. Call your representative at the State or federal and bombard the switchboard in Washington at 202-224-3121.

A voter regis¬tration card or Absentee Ballot is an effortlessly obtainable document, as they are routinely issued without any checking of identi¬fication or found in Drivers License Bureau or Post Offices. Absentee Ballots are easy to obtain and very easy to use in fraudulent purposes to vote. Because of the dire consequences involved in the historic Presidential election, Americans must have some guarantee that non-citizens do not vote in this significant elections.


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Rick Perry The Complete Package

When Perry sought re election here recently we facebooked some opinions between some online bloggers and others who write about politics.  We were as a consensus none too happy that he was running….again, because we knew Perry would win again.  But then I lamented that I was not voting for no democrat by the name of Bill White, did not want to see him in the Texas mansion.  So while I did not vote in this last election I have voted for Perry in the past.

I think the man is sort of a complete package.  I mean he is also a career politician but a pretty good one.  The only thing that he did was try to shove the vaccine down every teens body and that was protested and the people won that battle.  It was a vaginal vaccine against cervical cancer I think.  These days because of the invasion of so many people from other places the kids here get so many shots and vaccinations that it’s stupid.  I mean you have to get vaccinated against hepatitis for goodness sakes.  Who is gonna get that disease as a young child? You can if you live in filthy conditions or are exposed to them among other means of transmission.

No way my kids got those vaccines and I do not support that at all.  But other than that and the allowance of too many illegals into the state I have no problem with Perry.  He is a Christian an Evangelical I think and I get that.  He is a family man and a man who thinks he can win and does win. 

He is not a transplant like the Bush family are from Maine.  He’s a real Texan and looks like the typical good looking men here.  Some of the best looking men I’ve ever seen really.  But I told Obama that I was through with him if he appointed another super duper liberal to the SCOTUS and he did.  Since then I have nothing to say to him.  Forget the poverty and the job’s thing that’s a biggie but I pulled back my support from him when he put those two women in office for life: Elena Kagan and Sotomayer.  Yuck.  I was just ill over those two appointments really not over it yet. 

But for sure Perry is no Bush, he ain’t no Obama either.  He ain’t even Mitt the businessman and career politician.  Maybe we should put Mitt and Perry together and put the white man back in the white house because I am sick of all the racial wrangling going on.  I mean I am the only one who can get away with that LOL. 

So hopefully Perry won’t appoint a Mexican from an illegals stock to attorney general like Bush did nor some uber east coast women to sit on SCOTUS and on Obama’s career. 

Obama 60 Minutes later

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Wow, I”ve never seen Obama better than his interview on 60 Minutes a true classic.  And what I am most upset  about is the GOP talking points ignoring the role Obama played in taking out OBL.  He is the CIC people and it was his word, plan and OK that led to the finale of OBL dead to the world. 

Obama did not tell anybody and I can attest to that when I went on the astral plane during that weekend, see my post about it, it was the biggest, most well kept secret in the world.  That was Obama, not the military.  The military did their work but Obama deserves credit for a 50/50 chance of pulling it off. 

Reuters buys photos of 3 men dead at OBL lair (click on links)

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Go to the above link and then link to the left for the photos.

Source: Reuters above

The close-cropped pictures do not show any weapons on the dead men, but the photos are taken in medium close-up and often crop out the men’s hands and arms.

One photo shows a computer cable and what looks like a child’s plastic green and orange water pistol lying under the right shoulder of one of the dead men. A large pool of blood has formed under his head.

A second shows another man with a streak of blood running from his nose across his right cheek and a large band of blood across his chest.

A third man, in a T-shirt, is on his back in a large pool of blood which appears to be from a head wound.

U.S. acknowledgment on Tuesday that bin Laden was unarmed when shot dead had raised accusations Washington had violated international law. The exact circumstances of his death remained unclear and could yet fuel controversy, especially in the Muslim world.

Trump takes victory lap

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Donald Trump is taking credit for calling President Obama out on his birth certificate.  Trump forced Obama’s hand and it is now out and about. Trump is touring New Hampshire the state with the first primary race.

I never doubted he was born here but I do doubt that the parents were legally married.

Here it is:


More later on a blog.

Barack Hussein Obama Jr., releases long form live birth certificate

Donald Trump in February 2009

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Donald Trump is taking credit for calling President Obama out on his birth certificate.  Trump forced Obama’s hand and it is now out and about. Trump is touring New Hampshire the state with the first primary race.

I never doubted he was born here but I do doubt that the parents were legally married.

Here it is:


More later on a blog.

“It was a joke!” Real white racism run amok

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From California the bastion of liberalism comes this cartoon (at above link) depicting Obama and parents as monkeys. White people look like chimps to me, so maybe she didn’t mean it like that.

It does not surprise me at all. Usually black folks are plain invisible or non existent in most white folks world…except when you are in power or have a job equal to theirs.  Here’s what I know blacks will never be considered a white’s equal…never.  It does not go unnoticed. Gotta send a natural disaster to this woman’s door…make a note of it.  That’s how the gods reward racism. You can thank Marilyn Davenport.

here’s a portion from that link:

Orange County Republican party member Marilyn Davenport is refusing to resign from the party after having sent out a racist email depicting President Obama’s head on the body of an ape, according to the Orange County Weekly.


Davenport, a Tea Party member and elected official of the County Republican party, sent an email to fellow party members in which Mr. Obama’s head pasted on the body of a baby ape. The image also depicts two adult apes wearing human clothing – presumably referencing Mr. Obama’s parents. “Now you know why no birth certificate,” reads the accompanying text.


Davenport later apologized to recipients of the email in the event that she had offended anyone with the image, and denied the implication that the depiction was racist.

“I simply found it amusing regarding the character of Obama and all the questions surrounding his origin of birth,” she wrote in an email. “In no way did I even consider the fact he’s half black when I sent out the email.”

 (That’s the wording that makes me wanna beat that bitch silly and I am not a violent person!)

 “In fact, the thought never entered my mind until one or two other people tried to make this about race,” she added. “I received plenty of emails about [former president] George Bush that I didn’t particularly like yet there was no ‘cry’ in the media about them.”

 When contacted by a reporter about the incident, Davenport brushed off the incident.

“Oh, come on!” she told the Weekly. “Everybody who knows me knows that I am not a racist. It was a joke. I have friends who are black. Besides, I only sent it to a few people-mostly people I didn’t think would be upset by it.”

Jack Cashill: “Deconstructing Obama” CSPAN Book TV

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First published at Serendipity has been known to save flagging writing careers. But according to one Jack Cashill it cannot create one.  It takes time plus talent. This is the thesis of Mr. Cashill. However, he invokes serendipity in the creation of his discovery. He read Dreams from my Father, and later Fugitive Days by Bill Ayers. And voila pulls the covers off Barack Obama’s writing prowess. It is a profile in fraud. Broadcast from Kansas City public library Jack touts his talent and his book Deconstructing Obama where he compares the genome of Obama’s writing with that of Ayers and comes up with a match: Ayers the unrepentant terrorist is the “ghost writer.”

Cashill had hoped that the mad-as-hell meme would be the very October surprise that would keep Barack Obama, the author of two stinking poems, a couple of broken-down articles out of the White House. He was wrong.  Instead the newborn junk species he created was not viable.

Jack spoke for nearly an hour and took questions after pitching his discovery on C-SPAN Book TV.  Enthralling—especially when he invoked Malcolm Gladwell’s book—that it takes 10,000 hours to master anything including writing, golf and science and that Obama was 9,999 hours short. Cashill carefully collected and compared what little he could find; Obama’s published writings and that of his neighbor Bill Ayers. Bravo.

After this, I watched Network.  And soon realized that I too was a fraud. by imitating the one-liners in films, just like the black woman, who got her own TV show, by calling herself a “bad ass, commie, Nigger.”  It only happens in  movies like Network. When angry prophet:  Howard Beal, spawns a new show by ranting and encouraging others to rant:: “I’m mad as hell and not going to take it anymore!” Surprise–people begin shouting from their windows “wait until 2012” I mean “I’m mad as hell!”