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Rachel Getting Married–Movie Review

Any movie with black folks and good music got me at the get go. This movie has that. Usually I don’t even expect to see black people in white movies. This was a pleasant surprise. I had not read any movie reviews about Rachel and became interested in getting it from Netflix when Anne was nominated.

Rachel is not the star, her sister Kym, played by Anne Hathaway is the star. She is fresh out of drug rehab. And what everybody knows about drug addicts is that it’s all about them. Kym has her comeuppance by ruining everything she touches. She nearly ruins her sister’s wedding.

She slaps her mother, wrecks the car, screws the best man, demands to be the maid of honor, and talks nonstop about herself at the wedding rehearsal dinner instead of toasting, when no one could give a shit.

Her sister marries a black man, played by an African, I hate that. Not only is he African but he is from Hawaii…sound familiar? I think the sisters and family are supposed to be Jewish. Debra Winger plays her mom and her dad has remarried a black woman. Her parents get divorced because Kym also ruined the family with her drug addiction and having a wreck that kills her brother.

Rachel’s new husband is a musician and he brings lots of great black music to bear. The only thing  that Kym does not do is make racially insensitive remarks. I like the way everyone is so cool and in love with the black family that is becoming their new in laws. The movie showcases a melting pot and even includes the token, gay, Chinese man. And to my surprise, I have to repeat myself, black people were included in the script just like they were regular people! I know you’re surprised at that sentiment but it’s so true. Most films have all-white casts in this day and age. I hope this opens some eyes.

It’s a good film about a woman who is selfish, recovering drug addict who barely learns the lessons of recovery.

Anne was nominated for best actress and she has been terrific in all her films. This is one white woman I like to watch. I knew she would not win but way to go Anne.


Milk–60-Second Movie Review

Milk, what can you say about Milk the movie? Not sure what I was expecting but the storyline just did not deliver the goods for Heloise.

The movie was disjointed, no pun intended, and did not have the emotional bang one often finds in a film that is based on a true story.  Milk paints a picture from Harvey Milk’s days in New York where he picks up a cute gay guy.

They head to San Francisco for freedom to have sex with other men and with each other without the cops putting the muscle on them. The movie shows the fight to find a haven for homosexuality in a free country.

Milk has no emotional punch whatsoever.

I didn’t feel it and I didn’t get it.  What I did not get is with such a rich story there should have been an orgy of interest produced. But no, instead it was perfunctory and dull.

Why did Sean Penn win the Oscar for his performance? I think it is because he dies in the end…just kidding. Yes, here is the reason one must see  MILK, Penn’s performance. He busts some gay moves in this film that are pure fun to watch.

My other criticism of this movie is that the writer or director, not sure which, almost got off the beaten 70’s-80’s track with the  lingo. I mean I could tell the writer(s) had to hold himself back from putting 2008 blogger idioms in the characters’ mouths!

Yes, I took note of this (and in future so should any movie reviewer) because I know for a fact writers like myself have changed the way the media talks and relates to the public. We have carte blanche,  but movie makers have to walk a fine line and keep the lingo as authentic, in a period piece, as the garments…okay?

Finally, Penn  was quite good as Harvey Milk the Jewish, gay-loving politico. Heloise’s counsel was on Brad Pitt for Button to win the Oscar. It was not wasted on Penn, not at all. But Brad (who looks and acts like James Dean) should have won. I am off my soap box for now…stay tuned.


Monday Morning Moment–Slumdog Wins big 8

This was predicted by many. I thought it would be this years “West Side Story” and it pretty much was that.

But Sean Penn as best actor was a bad call. He has done great roles and this was an okay role but his competition was wipeout and he should not have WON!!

I Say “Anybody But Sean Penn For Best Actor”

He got on a soap box too. I can’t see it.  With that kind of competition! Brad Pitt was cheated, I am mad as hell!


Best Picture — Slumdog Millionaire — My pick — my pick Won

I picked Slumdog as winner, but wanted to see Frost/Nixon.

Best Actor — Sean Penn — Don’t think so!

Best actor — Sean Penn — Bummer, he did not deserve it. They do like true to life stories though.


Best Actress–Kate Winslet–We Knew it!!

You go Kate!

Danny Boyle–Best Director–Slumdog–not fair

The BIG FOUR Categories are left–Heloise’s picks in review: 2/4

Best picture–1
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
The Reader
Slumdog MillionaireBest Pic my pick.  i’ve seen them all except Milk


 Best director–I wanted Ron to win.  Picked based on that instead of who will win:–0
Danny Boyle – Slumdog Millionaire–wins best director–not fair!
Stephen Daldry – The Reader
David Fincher – The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Ron Howard – Frost/Nixon–My pick for best director

Gus Van Sant – Milk


Best actor–0
Richard Jenkins – The Visitor–good job
Frank Langella – Frost/Nixon–My pick for best actor
Sean Penn – Milk — Won — don’t think so. He is on a big soap box–DID NOT SEE IT!
Brad Pitt – The Curious Case of Benjamin Button–very good job
Mickey Rourke – The Wrestler–didn’t see it.


 Best actress–1
Anne Hathaway – Rachel Getting Married
Angelina Jolie – Changeling
Melissa Leo – Frozen River
Meryl Streep – Doubt
Kate WinsletThe Reader–The winner, No doubt


I got 2 out of the big four WTF! These are tricky


Best Foreign Language Film–did not see them–Japan’s Departures

Best foreign language film
Revanche – Austria
The Class – France–my pick (did not see any but French films are the best)
The Baader Meinhof Complex – Germany
Departures – Japan
Waltz With Bashir – Israel


another wild guess category…