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Santita Jackson: The Left joins the Right?

  • Santita Jackson’s media career takes an unexpected turn Friday when she debuts as a contributor to Fox News Channel, appearing during the 7am hour of Fox & Friends. Jackson, an outspoken liberal and the eldest daughter of the Rev. Jesse L. Jackson, most recently hosted middays at Midway Broadcasting urban news/talk WVON-AM (1450). Although she’s been off the air (and off the station’s payroll) since December, the door is open for her to return via syndication. “I have a great deal of respect for Santita and think she’s extremely talented,” said Melody Spann Cooper, chairman of Midway Broadcasting and general manager of WVON. “If she ever were to get a syndication deal, I would love to put her on in the evening.” Perri Small, who’s been filling Jackson’s former 9am-to-noon slot since December, is expected to be named her permanent replacement. But Cooper said it’s not official yet — despite a change to that effect on WVON’s website. “That’s not correct,” she said. “I would say it’s likely, but it’s still a little premature because it has not happened.”

Former Gov. Sarah Palin graces The Today Show Tuesday

Katie Couric ignored Palin and her debut in Katie’s old seat.  She now hosts GMA.  Sarah seemed fired up. I taped her debut but have  not watched it yet. Had to leave early this am and  I have a hot yoga class tonight.  Gotta keep the yoga booty going LOL.

 And in case you were unaware a person keeps the title for life once elected to any office or if they have earned a degree such as MD they are always referred to as Doctor even if retired.  BTW only MDs are doctors the PhDs are “doctors of philosophy” but not doctors. They hold a doctorate–

Sarah Palin speaking at a rally in Elon, NC du...

Sarah Palin speaking at a rally in Elon, NC during the 2008 Presidential Campaign. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

MD means medical doctor no other degree says that.

And within the first few minutes of NBC’s popular morning program, it was clear that Palin had a strategy for handling the show that was once hosted by Couric – plenty of self-deprecating humor. By contrast, Couric’s approach was to completely ignore Palin; she made no reference to the 2008 race or her blockbuster interview with the then-vice presidential candidate that many credited with dooming the GOP ticket.

The first glimpse viewers of the “Today” show got of Palin was her head buried behind an open newspaper.

“Oh, man, she’s doing her homework!” co-host Matt Lauer said.

Jennifer Lopez: Married on Rebound—Divorce on Downturn

Jennifer Lopez at ISC Miami.

Image via Wikipedia

Jennifer Lopez is talking trash about her recent separation from Mark Anthony. But celebrity marriage observers could see this rebound relationship was headed for the rocks from the getgo.  My first thought was rebound even though she had slept around and dated Mark before. I think they were even engaged.  But the engage has turned to enrage and something happened to the “rebound” marriage.  Hell, who hasn’t Jennifer Lopez slept with? Rumors are that she and P Diddy are getting back together.  Who cares? 

The real story is that they manaaged to get married and stay married long enough to have a few kids.  That’s probably the reason she got married in the first place to add to the number of majority minority in this country.  But sleeping around will only result in divorce rounds.  While I’ve never seen a study on the celebate crowd (Like myself) or the young people who limit the number of people they sleep with before marriage or wait until marriage (like my two kids did) before sexual and emotional actions take place.  With the libs in firm control of the media don’t expect to see too many studies or blogs about how marriages built on Christian values, abstinence and few partners last longer and stay stronger than marriages after multiple partners.  We won’t hold our breath on those facts forthcoming….it’s bad for business.

Gary Busey Gets the Boot on “Celebrity Apprentice”

blog will be published as soon as bc publishes it. But Busey is batshit crazy and got the boot to boot.

DWTS Wendy and Tony: Another Couple voted off

Kirstie Alley, 1994

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Wendy Williams a “star” with a hard scrabble life wherein she fought, clawed her way back from poverty to well, the American dream and on DWTS.

Kirstie Alley is not in the bottom three. Kendra and Louie are in the bottom three but not booted. Wendy and Tony are in the bottom two. Wendy did a dance with a tune that really sucked.  Who said black folks can dance under any circumstances? Not me.  Wendy had the lowest scores from the official judges.  Wendy and Tony were at the bottom of the leaderboard. And frankly I never heard of Miss Wendy, but if they say she is a star okay. So who leaves? Wendy and Tony. I thought so.

DWTS: Lacey and Mark get the boot on dancing (Mark Dacascos and Lacey Schwimmer)

Wow I thought the black folks would go first but they did not. And Kirstie got a free ride LOL. No one wants to be the first to go. Lacy Schwimmer (Jewish–related to David Schwimmer?). So that makes two Jewish women part of the troupe, down one now. But she used to be part of DWTS?  Who knew?  They played my favorite song at the end. Forgot the name of it but it’s an oldie anyway. here’s them at week one. But the fodder is this she was a contestant on So you think you can dance and joined the troupe of DWTS in 2008 and then left recently. Who the hell is she? I don’t think she’s a star. She got the boot…good.

Celebrity Apprentice: Dionne Goads Donald into firing her

So Dionne Warwick got fired without the usual fanfare of going in and coming back to the boardroom.  Donald said that no one gets away with that.

Dancing With the Stars: Kirstie Alley (Jewish and 60 and fat) takes 2nd Place

Kirstie Alley, 1994

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Kirstie’s high-wattage persona and flair for the dramatic paid off big time because she took second place over much better dancers.  She performed and that was part of the winning formula for her package.  She might have lost a few pounds but if she does not quit all the cream pies it will come right back.  Congrats to Kristen Allen, I mean Alley.

On Wednesday, Lopez made rude remarks about Alley’s appearance on the ABC dance competition, saying she “did a nice job, her little hooves tapping away.” He added that prior to the show, “she went to the market, and then she had roast beef, and this is her going all the way home!” He then ran GEICO ad footage of a squealing piglet. (“Lopez Tonight” airs on TBS, which is owned by the parent company of CNN.)

Source: CNN

After the first week and results and booting ole Kirstie is SAFE, but still fat and Jewish. Another Jewish woman got the boot for Kirstie Lacey Schwimmer. But at least Kirstie is famous, but Lacey, never heard of her.

Kirstie Alley, was probably Kirstie Allen or something. She is Jewish, 60 and fat.  I am also overweight but I know I gotta lose it on my own. Can this 60 yo dance? or is she just there to lose weight? Go join a gym or something and not hurt our eyes with your non dancing.

Celebrity Apprentice: Latoya Jackson brings the hair, but Star Jones brought the dare

Lisa Rinna at the 81st Academy Awards

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Heloise blogs the Celebrity Apprentice at Blogcritics for the first time.  I have never missed an episode or a season of Celebrity Apprentice or The ApprenticeCelebrity Apprentice is quickly becoming one of my favorite reality TV guilty pleasures. It grows on you sort of like the Donald’s hair, a little sideways over the top but fluffy on the sides. 

Celebrity Apprentice is in many ways pure fluff with a twist. The celebs raise money for their favorite charities and Donald Trump does not have to shell out a salary. He began Celebrity Apprentice a few seasons ago when he realized he could do himself and charities some good at the same time. My all-time favorite one featured the duel in the sun between Joan Rivers and Annie Duke. I mean who in their right TV mind missed that season? Or how about the one that helped launch, he wouldn’t agree, the career of Piers Morgan? The Piers and Omarosa bitter feud was one for the blogs.

That black woman gave Piers the jitters. He remained jumpy the whole season and she stayed frisky and just last year teamed up with the Donald for a reality show. But it is Piers who played his trump card when he filled Larry King’s shoes. Now, some wonder if his credentials are cool enough. That season was full of fire and this season promises to create some strange bedfellows of its own with a lineup of heavy hitters on both sides of the competition. Will it heat up the ratings for NBC’s sluggish primetime lineup? 

Sunday night’s “Pepperoni Profit” hasTrump, as usual, pit the men against the women. The two teams retire to their respective suites to pick a project manager. The women chose Star as project manager and A.S.A.P. as their team moniker but La Toya gets a little tongue-tied when she tries to elaborate on the acronym: artists, singers, authors, and professionals. The men chose Richard Hatch for project manager and  “backbone” for team title.

During the unveiling of the team names Mr. Trump also gives out the first task: run a pizza parlor from either the theater district in NYC or from the university area. The girls chose the theater district and head to the restaurant where they will learn to prepare, knead dough, and cook enough pizzas to get them through the allotted time frame. The men had the exact same task except at a different location.

Since I am an aficionado and all around seer when it comes to meltdowns and premature boots I had to size up the competition of Celebrity Apprentice just as they were about to size up each other. Immediately I see Richard Hatch in the first board room meeting where he will face the boot.  And I was right. That meant I was also predicting the men would lose this task and chose Hatch as manager.

On the women’s team it was clear that there were mounting tensions between Lisa Rinna, Star Jones and La Toya Jackson. Lisa kept rolling her eyes and pursing up her collagen-filled lips at these two strong women and you can see they won’t have any of it.  Expect fireworks next week as A.S.A.P. plans to push Lisa into project manager so that she can end up in the boardroom.

Backbone had its own share of bad vibrations. Strategy seemed to be lacking in the men’s team or they simply were not motivated to work for Richard. I mean where were the rolodex calls and the big cash infusion from friends? It never materialized and Backbone went down with a thud. The girls were giddy upon winning. That was the really good news. But the bad news was that since a large order to the NYFD was not delivered on time they forefeited some $35,000 added to the pot by the pizza company. It would not go to Star’s charity for heart disease.  However, all was not lost and the extra $35,000 went to the “star” of the women’s team Nikki Taylor who cooked all those pizza pies for her winning team.  And the women won big.

Meanwhile back at the boardroom: Richard Hatch lied at panel–end result David becomes the team scapegoat.  Richard suffered from selective memory lapses when he said that he never pushed or touched David Cassidy who is shorter and of smaller stature than the other men. I watched the 2-hour episode and yes, Richard did push David. There seemed to be a little boardroom bullying as well as team antics which left David out of the loop and out of control.  In front of Donald and his kids Richard presented his strong arguments. He was wrong but he’s strong and talked his way out of getting fired. 

As usual the losing team PM has to return with two others to be fired as expected Richard brings David Cassidy and Jose Conseco back.  It got personal. Jose was also not a fan of Richard–but showed passion so Trump kept Jose and Richard and fired David Cassidy. But before the firing Cassidy got called out  by Trump for saying that he had been bullied by Hatch! David looked to his left at Jose for support but Trump didn’t like that either, the end was near. Donald always sews his firings with some sweet words. So he reminded David how much he admired his work and what a big star he was. But no consolation he was the first fired from Celebrity Apprentice.

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So, the Sunday Networks trot out Donna and Harold

Jennifer Granholm

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Last week, I think, I reported that Meet the Press was again Meet the Jews, and other networks on Sunday did not have anyone black on their panels. This is the crux of it to my thinking: Jews are like 2% of the population and make up about 80% of the network contributors and panelist on Sunday and other days. Why? Because many of them become lazy academics and rewrite American history from their bunkers in Israel or here.  Have they trotted out two safe black folks just for me? One man and one woman? Wow, we really do have a long way to go folks.

Blacks make up at a low estimate 12% of the population but probably make up .5% of the panelists and contributors to the Networks. I am not talking about the cuties who anchor. They count but are not political contributors, that counts.

David has installed a white woman, at least she reps 35% of the general population if not more, the former governor, Democrat of some state, Gov. Granholm gotta look her up. Anyway that’s a step in the right direction for Meet the Press which has really turned into Meet the Jews. And yet there were still two Jewish panelists along with Harold and the white woman, not the one he married though. Oh well, you can’t win em all.

Donna was on another talk show panel. She had been on there all the time, then she disappeared but now she is back. I don’t know if it is because of anything I said but hell it don’t hurt. Donna is a good Dem progressive person who knows politics like the back of her hand.