June 2007 I wrote:  The brain surgery was over-the-top because it was not grounded enough in reality. If you listen to stand-up comedians, the funniest are always the ones with the simplest re-tellings of ordinary events that go awry.

I wrote that back in 2007 and I was hoping it made it into the dictionary.  Even if that is not the first instance of that phrase because it turns out that there was a movie or something with that title back in the 1970s. I will say that I can take credit for adding to the net idioms these days.

idioms that came to the media and parlance purely from blogging first.

By the way,  every once in a while I re-read some of my old political articles and not only was I predicting well before the election in “Going into home stretch” that Obama would win election in 2008 but I also made an over-the-top prediction that he would win reelection by a landslide.  Now, unless something really earth shaking happened, I mean he already got Bin Laden, I don’t see that happening now.  In fact I might have said he would lose by a landslide.  Maybe that’s what I saw instead.

Well, if you have nothing better to do you might want to read my political articles over at blogcritics.org because they started a shift in media and political lingo even I didn’t see coming LOL.  And I am reading “Steve Jobs” and the author uses lots of net idioms including OTT. Okay

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