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(CNN) — An email exchange between two old Washington hands – one, a longtime journalist, and the second, a source in the Obama administration – is at the center of a political controversy Thursday as two sides read the messages differently.

The veteran journalist is Bob Woodward, who broke the Watergate scandal and wrote a book about the debt ceiling negotiations in the summer of 2011. The Obama administration source is Gene Sperling, a senior economic aide to President Barack Obama and a veteran of the Clinton administration.

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Did you watch “Raising Adam Lanza” on Frontline

Judaism: a world of stories

Judaism: a world of stories (Photo credit: drhenkenstein)

I recorded it because I missed the first part.  Adam had bright red hair when he was a kid.  Often Jewish kids who are mixed with Gentiles will come out with red hair.  So for me that was more confirmation that he was Jewish.  Also the friends interviewed in the documentary Raising Adam Lanza were also Jewish. 

They put the spotlight on Nancy Lanza because that is where it belongs.  My take is that she was jealous of normal kids, had a death wish, and Adam had a death wish and hated the nice normal kids he encountered. 


What would happen if Adolf Hitler woke up in modern-day Berlin to find that it was not occupied by Russian soldiers but instead by a vibrant, multicultural citizenry? This is the premise of the debut novel by German journalist Timur Vermes, Er Ist Wieder Da (He’s Back), which has topped Germany’s best-seller list.

(RARE PHOTOSInside Hitler’s Bunker and the Ruins of Berlin, 1945)

Narrated in the first-person by Hitler, the story follows the Führer as he awakens from a 66-year sleep in his bunker beneath Berlin to find an entirely changed Germany. In the celebrity-obsessed modern-day city, everyone assumes the fulminating leader of the Nazi party is a comedian in character — and soon he becomes a celebrity with a guest slot on a Turkish-born comedian’s TV show. His bigoted rants are interpreted as a satirical exposure of prejudice, leading him to decide to start his own…

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The Chart

If you watched “Little House on the Prairie,” chances are you remember the story of Mary Ingalls.

The television show and popular book series drew on the real-life experiences of Laura Ingalls Wilder. Mary, Laura’s sister, went blind as a teenager after contracting scarlet fever, according to the story. Now a team of medical researchers are raising questions about whether that’s true.

Dr. Beth Tarini, one of the co-authors of the paper, became intrigued by the question as a medical student.

“I was in my pediatrics rotation. We were talking about scarlet fever, and I said, ‘Oh, scarlet fever makes you go blind. Mary Ingalls went blind from it,'” recalls Tarini, who is now an assistant professor of pediatrics at the University of Michigan. My supervisor said, “I don’t think so.”

Tarini started doing research. Over the course of 10 years, she and her team of researchers, pored over old…

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Ashton Kusher sickened by Jobs “apple diet”

English: Steve Jobs shows off the white iPhone...

English: Steve Jobs shows off the white iPhone 4 at the 2010 Worldwide Developers Conference Español: Presentación del iPhone 4 por Steve Jobs en la Worldwide Developers Conference del año 2010 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As a vegetarian I have also been a fruitarian and a raw foodist and a macrobiotic and a vegan.  I also fasted with stuff like garlic and lemons! Not only done everything but read everything about diets and types of diets.  I am trying to incorporate more fruit in my diet and vegetables because of my high cholesterol which I have brought down quite a bit.

I know you can’t do the imbalanced nutso thing for very long.  Jobs was not balanced but he was a creative genius and they are often unbalanced and don’t see what others see and see what others don’t see.




  • Ashton Kutcher is playing Steve Jobs in Joshua Michael Stern’s biopic “Jobs”
  • Kutcher ended up in the hospital after trying to follow Jobs’ all-fruit diet
  • All-fruit meals can exclude valuable nutrients from your diet, nutritionist says

(CNN) — After learning that Ashton Kutcher had landed in the hospital trying to follow Steve Jobs’ all-fruit diet, CNN reader Sumday had just one question: “All I really wanted to know was why this diet was bad?”

Jobs first fell for extreme diets during his freshman year of college, according to Walter Isaacson‘s biography “Steve Jobs.” Jobs and his college friend Daniel Kottke became vegetarians after reading “Diet for a Small Planet.”

Then Jobs read “Mucusless Diet Healing System” by Arnold Ehret; Ehret believed in eating nothing but fruits and starchless vegetables like spinach, carrots and cucumbers. Jobs began with two-day fruit fasts, eventually going for a week or more. “I got into it in my typical nutso way,” Jobs told Isaacson.

Ehret’s fruitarian diet, also called the Eden Garden Diet or Ehretism, is often used as a type of cleanse, according to Designed to detoxify the system, it can do more long-term harm than good.

Coming soon: The Jewelry Trough

Heloise is working hard to make and buy fine jewelry for the masses.  Attractively priced high quality both fine and fashion finds for women and even some for men.

I will have paypal available with photos and descriptions of the pieces with a price.  I will later sell by auction on ebay.  But for now plan to sell at local trade shows.  So if you live here stop by on March 2nd and 3rd at the Will Rogers Convention center.  It’s free to the public.


Had a good day at the markets

I sold a few shares of Netflix and cashed in enough to pay my doctor bills. Netflix is my new cash cow. I bought in at 55/ps and it is close to 150 ps. Its recent history had it at 300 ps. So I did not sell all shares.

But a cool grand in a few weeks doing nothing ain’t bad. On the other hand the apple drop is bad. I did sell my shares of apple to buy my new penny stocks which have gone up hundreds of a percent and my portfolio is now looking great. But it did not look so good when I had Amazon and Apple in it. It would drop a lot and never got to the pricepoints of late.

My other venture is buying lots of gold and silver jewelry and making new pieces from parts. I plan to sell it but to individual buyers in person for now. I will probably make more money. If women seem to like my work I will sell it online. Stocks and jewelry pays more than I ever got from writing free blogs.

Praise Cleveland


potters-house-fortworth copy (1)

It took nearly 3 full years of remodeling, but finally, what was once a shopping center in North Dallas is now a house of worship.

Yesterday, Bishop T.D. Jakes celebrated the grand opening and participated in the dedication of the new Potter’s House campus.

“Lord I thank you for the harvest of souls!” he tweeted after returning from Washington D.C. where he received an award at the 6th Annual BET Honors.

With the renovation phase completed, the old Woodhaven Village Shopping Center is now home to thousands of worshipers under the leadership of Patrick E. Winfield II, pastor of The Potter’s House of Fort Worth.

Winfield accepted the call to preach in 1991 and was ordained in 1996.

In an interview with NBC DFW News 5 he said, “This is symbolic of the idea that God can rebuild lives if you put your trust in him to.”The Potter’s House of…

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Weekly World News

NEW YORK – Tapes released by Caroline Kennedy reveal that Jackie Kennedy believed Lyndon B Johnson was the  mastermind behind JFK’s assassination.

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