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No blacks or browns on Beast List of 25 smartest people

25 Smartest People of the decade list created by a bunch of Jewish Harvard eggheads has been published at Tina Brown’s Daily Beast and NOT ONE black or brown person on the list! But guess what? At 3% of the US population half of the list is made up of Jewish people!

So this story goes in the pig trough. Oprah and others make many lists usually for the amount of money or political clout or influence. I know black folks are not as smart as white people but give me a break. Not one black person made this list? Black are convenient when it comes to the best athelete or some other bullshit but when it comes to brains we are no where in sight.

To prove my point I went back to the list and counted and listed the number of Jewish men on the list. I counted 11. I posted the list and their rank on “The Trough Reports.”  And they occupy the top spots as well. The top Jews in the world are the two co-founders of Google — Brin and Page. Yes, they are both Jewish, I double checked.