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Serial rape suspect Aaron H. Thomas (an out of work black man) held

The artist rendering was ambiguous to me. But the name screamed: I think he’s black, but I hope he ain’t.  Too late, he’s an out of work truck driver who has been raping women in Virginia for over a decade. 

He told detectives he had been following media coverage of the case and suspected police were closing in. After his arrest Friday in New Haven, Conn., a prosecutor said in court, Thomas had asked, “Why haven’t you picked me up sooner?”

“You’re expecting this big confrontation,” said Mark Pfeiffer, a Fairfax County detective who began working on the case in 1999 and interviewed Thomas after his arrest. “You always try to envision what he’s going to be like. Then you see this weak person.”

Thomas, 39, an out-of-work truck driver with ties to the Washington area, appears to have had few close relationships in his life, detectives said. Much about him remains unknown, but he was living with a girlfriend in Connecticut, has a young child and often visited family in Virginia. source: