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Halle Berry engaged to Olivier Martinez

Halle and Olivier star in Dark Tide a new movie that comes out today March 30 and one that probably sucks.

And just two weeks ago the French actor confirmed that they are indeed planning to tie the knot.

Martinez was at the opening of his new restaurant Villa Azur in South Beach when he spoke of the happy news.

‘Yes, of course it’s true,’ the 46-year-old told The Miami Herald proudly.

But Martinez also wanted to dispel a report from a jeweller who had been bragging he had designed the ring for the bride-to-be.

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Geez I did not recognize Viola Davis at first


English: Viola Davis at the film premiere of H...

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I don’t know why she did not wear a wig to the Oscars but she looked great.  The dress was a winner and Viola Davis was a winner who was nominated for best actress in a drama.

Yes it is a big deal to wear your own hair.  I would love to wear my hair natural and out but because I have students who are not home trained they make fun of teachers who are not like them or white.  In the summer I wear my hair natural and down and love it.  Way to go Viola.  Chicago women wear more natural hair than other climes.

Brad Pitt is sleeping with a broom (Angelina)

Angelina Jolie

do they let brooms in?

My word Angelina looks like a damn broom with a dress on.  She is a stick and looks anorexic.  This really sends kids the wrong message that skinny to the bone is IN.  Not only is it not IN but it looks horrible.  Angelina looks terrible like a skeleton from a war ghetto. 

Gain some weight girl you look bad.

Meryl Streep wins—again

Meryl Streep as Margaret Thatcher

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I am so glad it was her if it could not be Davis.  However, I did not think Davis deserved the award the same way that Spencer did.  In fact I was not going to include her but thought it would be rude not to say she was also a show stealer.  The real show stopper was Olivia Spencer

And with the sweep of The Artist a movie I had no intention of seeing; it was hardly worth staying up late to see Meryl win.  I heard the Iron Lady was not a great film but her performance was.  Michelle Phillips had no business being nominated.  I did not see the film and I am glad she did not win.  This year’s awards with that horrible, old, Billy Crystal was a sham.

And Ryan Seacrest you should sue that ugly Sasha Baron Cohen for dumping those ashes on you. 

Olivia Spencer wins Oscar

Ove Overmyer With Melissa Harris-PerryThat’s a big deal and a big gal. I could have predicted as much when I blogged my review for The Help.

If you have not seen the movie you can get it from Netflix.  It is worth the time.  Her character was alive, real and not corny in the least.  I don’t know what problem Melissa Harris has with the film but she said the acting was good. 

Take it from a reviewer who gets it right most of the time: Spencer gave an Oscar-worthy performance.  You can take that to the bank. 

Davis and Spencer poised to win Oscar

Academy Award

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The wisdom of the twitter points to two beautiful black women trotting out with Oscar in tow.

I am pulling for them even if Melissa Perry Harris blasted them or whatever.  Where are her Hollywood creds? Stick to politicking Melissa. I didn’t think you were into reviewing films.  Just because the movie has black women in it does not make you an expert on the film industry hello…

Anyway the movie was great and the acting as I pointed out in my review of the movie that they would be on the Oscar short list.  Now take that black women who did not like the movie.

Academy Awards tonight

The cast of The Help is favored to win.  Could this be the first time two black women sweep the best actress in drama awards? Will Brad prevail over his buddy Clooney?  Brad Pitt is way over due for a win.  I think Hollywood is jealous of him.  I dread that Billy Crystal is doing the honors.

Reel short take: A Better Life

Palm trees lining streets in San Jose, California

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Now that the star of A Better Life Mexican actor Demian Bichir has been given the Oscar nod for best actor people want to know who he is.  All because they probably did not see the film in the first place.  I just rented it from Netflix last week. 

It is about a man and his son, the dad is illegal and the son is an anchor baby.  It opens with Demian going to work in a truck with his Mexican boss who works for the rich gringos in California trimming their large palm trees.   Demian’s boss keeps pushing him to buy the truck and start his own business and to make a better life for himself.  Demian resists because he does not have a legal license and fears he will be caught and jailed because of it. 

He was right about that.  He asks his sister for the 10K that his boss wants for the truck and all the tools as well.  Sounds like a good deal.  So with the money he buys the truck and goes to a local spot where he once stood to pick up a Mexican illegal to work for him now.

He choses an older man who looks trustworthy.  But when Demian goes up the tree and leaves his keys on the ground you know what that old man did? Santiago grabs the keys and runs for the truck and drives off just as Demian manages to get down from the tree to catch him.

The rest of the film is about him and his son tracking down Santiago and the truck.  I won’t spoil the ending for you if you have not seen it.  It’s well acted and poignant.  I guess  the Hollywood libs want us to bleed for the poor illegals yet again. 

Rigged! Moneyball loses momentum at the funky Golden Globes

Moneyball 魔球?

go get em Brad

I watched all but the last part.  Moneyball is much better than The descendants.  I would not even put The Descendants into a top ten list really.  But Moneyball was a really good film.  They are just jealous of Brad Pitt and don’t want to give the man his props.  I hope he gets into the Oscars and wins big.

Brad you got gamed by the Golden Globes.

Eddie ready to handle Oscar night

Party All the Time

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After the producers of the 84th Academy Awards confirmed that the comedian/actor would host the biggest night in movies Feb. 26, the jokes started flying.

“We’re opening it with (Murphy) singing Party All the Time,” says co-producer Brett Ratner. “I’m kidding.”

But Ratner and co-producer Don Mischer promise that Murphy will provide a memorable and entertaining evening as host.