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Return to hot yoga (Baptiste version)

Here’s the comment I just posted at the reblogged post on Bikram:

Hi, I just wrote a blog at heloise8/the trough about my experiences with hot yoga.  Anyone can go directly to the studio or check online because the studios often have the 10 days for 20 dollars to try their instructors.

By doing this I was able to go to at least 3 hot studios.  I recently went to Bikrams for the first time.  I won’t go back here’s why: the had carpeting on the floor and by the second class it smelled so bad in there I could not breathe.

Then the class is long and hot but I am OCD so I can hang in there. But as you said in your post damn it’s the same stretch and hold postures each time. 

After all the tryouts I have decided on Baptiste trained instructors for hot yoga.  The studio is clean and well lit and the instructors are very welll trained and challenge you with different poses and don’t scold you if you need to stop or take a break.

I even did my first back bend with help there. 

I plan to sign a one year contract with them. 

Keep looking around your town if you think yoga is for you. I like it because it’s like dance and I’ve been going to classes on and off for 30 years.


I took and have been taking yoga classes on and off for the last 30 years or so.  But the last year I’ve decided to get serious about it.  I had a membership at the local Y and took yoga classes there and was able to ride my bike to and fro class during the summer.  I was looking lean and mean.

Then I switched and joined LA Fitness and took yoga classes there too.  I found that the instructors at LA were not of the calibre that I was looking for.  One instructor, a lot like Bikram yoga but not a hot variety, did the exact same routine the whole time over and over and at each class.  Not only was it boring and predictable but it made my arms hurt because we stayed in down dog nearly the whole time because we returned to it every other posture. 

Yes, down dog is a part of any yoga routine because it is part of the flow of the asanas where the body goes back to a basic move…if you call hanging your head down and in an upside-down V normal!

But the instructors at Baptiste are well taught and well qualified and challenge their students. They do a few too many headstands for my taste.  But last night guess what with the help of the instructor I went into a back bend and she held my waist as I carefully landed my hands on the floor in a perfect back bend.  First one ever. 

I am also able to do a good solid shoulder stand and the plough which go together.  I think losing weight has helped me to stretch and do more postures.

I found out that calories and eating fewer of them helps to lose the weight.  I am still working toward my goal of losing at least 5 more pounds and toning up as much as possible the hanging stuff.  But I look pretty good in my clothes and getting lots of compliments these days. 

 My lunch consists of a trail mix that I put together myself.  I go to the local market that has bulk bins.  I buy 3 or 4 different types of mix and then when I get home mix them all together.  For lunch I take a couple of small portions and mix it with Rice check cereal in an 8 ounce covered bowl.

That way I get good fats, carbs and vitamins.

For dinner I am making my own meals.  Typically make a big pot of seasoned lentils, freeze parts of it and eat it for the rest of the week with other things I buy or have in my fridge.  The main thing is that it is keeping my digestive system in tip top shape, if you know what I mean. 

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