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French Biracial Beauty: Olivier Rousteing directs Balmain Paris

Le jeune designer, inconnu du grand public, succède officiellement à Christope Decarnin.


Après le départ de Christophe Decarnin, la maison de couture vient d’annoncer officiellement le nom de son remplaçant. Olivier Rousteing, ancien responsable du studio de création pour les collections prêt-à-porter femme, devient le nouveau directeur artistique de la marque.  

Diplomé d’Esmod, ce créateur inconnu du grand public a travaillé 5 ans chez Roberto Cavalli comme designer des collections prêt-à porter avant de rejoindre Balmain aux côtés de Christophe Decarnin en 2009.  


Melissa and Bruce Split after 16 years

Prairie Tale: A Memoir
Melissa wrote a book too.

Actress Tori Spelling, during an interview

Image via Wikipedia,,20469878,00.html   Her sister Sara Gilbert link
Sara is not the reason for the split. She’s openly gay. The family name Gilbert is French and Jewish. Now, I understand that Melissa was adopted.  I have to check on that. It may be that she was also adopted by a Jewish family and took their name because she is also Jewish.

Melissa Gilbert was adopted as a new-born baby by a well-known Hollywood family. Her parents were actors and her grandfather was a television writer. Her parents divorced when she was eight and her adoptive father died when she was 11

became one of the principal actors, playing Laura Ingalls, in the long-running television series Little House on the Prairie, whose male lead, Michael Landon, became a surrogate father-figure to her. She has a large number of other acting credits to her name.


The family also includes an adopted brother, Jonathan, now a New York stockbroker, who as a child also acted in Little House on the Prairie, playing the part of Willie Oleson; he also later acted with Melissa in The Miracle Worker. Their half-sister, Sara, who played Darlene in the sitcom Roseanne, is not adopted.

Melissa Gilbert (Jewish, adopted) was never cute, even after two nose jobs, she really ain’t cute or cuddly now with some horrific looking facelift…yuck. See link above.  This worked as long as she was a little girl with pigtails, buck teeth, then braces, then a teen sorta cute, all on Little House on the Prairie series.

This series I watched every episode like 50 times was about a Christian family who tough it out on the prairie.  But Michael Landon took it over. How did that happen exactly?

Anyway, that’s a pic of Tori Spelling.  She and Melissa look alike to me. And only one person in Hollywood uglier than Melissa Gilbert and that’s Tori Spelling. Is that why Bruce is leaving?  They are splitsville now. She did a few movies after Little House.  People who knew the TV series said that her TV dad played by Michael Landon (Jewish, renamed himself) was so mean everyone on the set hated him. Funny because he played a nice Gentile dad, but he was always bringing in his Jewish buddies for roles also playing nice, genteel folks. Anyway, it’s over.

How do I know so much about people I never met?  More later.

Joel Madden (Jewish) and Nicole Richie (biracial) show off new baby

Nicole Richie and Joel Madden (Reubens Comb) have had a second baby. They are featured on People magazine’s latest cover.

Hopefully they are checking off the white box for the babies they had together. If Mexicans who have less white genes than Nicole’s kids have are checked in the white column per the government I hope folks like Nicole are listening…check WHITE!