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Qaddafi killed in home town

TRIPOLI, Libya — Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi, the former Libyan strongman who fled into hiding after rebels toppled his regime two months ago in the Arab Spring’s most tumultuous uprising, was killed Thursday as fighters battling the vestiges of his loyalist forces wrested control of his hometown of Surt, the interim government announced.


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Al Jazeera television showed what it said was Colonel Qaddafi’s half-naked corpse lying on the ground in Surt, with a bloodied face, lifeless open eyes and an apparent gunshot wound to the side of the head, as jubilant fighters fired automatic weapons in the air. The images punctuated an emphatic and violent ending to his four decades as a ruthless and bombastic autocrat who had basked in his reputation as the self-styled king of kings of Africa.

The real meaning of the word NIGGER

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Yes, blacks use the word nigger and they use it a lot.  It may have had all sorts of connotations and meanings in the past.  Even in Hindi there is word that sounds like it  “niguru” and it boils down to one thing: blacks from Africa did not come from a Christian, white Christ loving background.  That’s what the word really means folks.  It is kin to the word “keffer” which means non believer or black person who has no God.

Blacks are God less.  That’s what NIGGER means take it from me. 

Obama uncle: No African illegals please

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A good article that shows this country just loves illegals from Boston to Chicago to Houston. the pols here just eat it up when an illegal comes a courting to their city of CHOICE: get jobs, open businesses, able to buy trucks, get legal SS numbers, buy homes they cannot afford and most of all in our face! Illegals from Africa are just as bad as from Mexico.  Since Africa is such a poor continent the people there are master con artists and liars.  We don’t need them.  We will get the legal kind and look at Obama daddy, hell he was a college man and did not lead a moral nor ethical life marrying or not marrying his baby mamma. 

This case of  Mr. I’ll call the White House:

“I think I will call the White House,” Onyango said when the cops offered him his one phone call.

Onyango’s arrest comes on the heels of a horrific drunken-driving accident in Milford, where an illegal alien is accused of dragging a young man to death.

Onyango’s sister is Zeituni Onyango, the president’s aunt who won asylum last year after reporters found her living — also as an illegal alien — on welfare in a South Boston public housing project.

At least the uncle had a job . . . even if he wasn’t legally entitled to one. Obama Onyango told police he worked at a local liquor store.

Dave Chappelle Texted Up Big Time On Stage

Dave Chappelle in 2007.

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Recently watched his old screed when he plays the black, blind white supremacist who does not know he’s black but rants with rabidness about them. 

Dave Chappelle texted up at a charity performance texting and not talking for minutes at a time.  Roland Martin was there and he’s a buddy.  Hope there is no pattern here when someone gets booed they then have a big fall.  source:

What the hell is up with Dave Chappelle!

All I am seriously wondering right now is how unstable he is. Ever since he ran out of millions of dollars worth contract he had signed with Comedy Central and went to Africa with everyone looking for him like Waldo, there has been no substance coming from Chappelle that we can comprehend. Since his comedy skits on Comedy Central, we have not heard anything of significance from Chappelle worth talking about.

And, with his latest stand-up comedy ranting with what should have been his resurgence back on the comedy scene in Miami for NBA star Alonzo Mourning’s Summer Groove charity event, Chappelle’s instead consumed a time of 45 minutes to rant on people in the audience began checking his text messages onstage and went on a rant on people in the audience who were recording his performance. And you would think that he would appreciate the fact that people were recording his performance, because this is free advertisement in getting him back out there again.

What did I tell you: “America would like to teach the world to kill”

Ted Kaczynski

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Today, Verdens Gang, Norway’s largest newspaper where I once worked, writes that the 32-year-old Breivik wrote a manifesto before his bloody deed – with parts directly copied from the manifesto of Unabomber Ted Kaczynski. (My former workplace is located next door to the prime minister’s office, and was heavily damaged by the car bomb. Windows were broken and the employees evacuated to a nearby hotel, where they started working on the next day’s paper.)

Whereas Breivik believed that the reigning social democratic ideals in Norway might destroy his fatherland by keeping the borders open to immigrants and by sending aid to Africa, the young Social Democrats gathered at Utøya – a mix of agnostics, Muslims and Christians – believed that Norway needed to remain an open and tolerant society. source:

Between The Unabomber and Tim McVey and the shootists too many to count, America leads the way in a new war on “terror?” That’s really funny.  In the end I think it will be America who created the Taliban and taught them to kill and what about those folks south of the border, I mean way south like Iran-Contra?  We have been teaching the world to kill for a very long time.  This guy has bestest the shootist and the bombers home-grown killers made in America.  See my other post for the link to his manifesto, or google it.

US Women’s Soccer Team Beats Brazil 5, 3 (will face French in Germany)

Alexandra Krieger

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The French match in Germany:

U.S. Women vs. France Women

Borussia Park; Moenchengladbach  play: July 13, 2011 @ 11:30 a.m. ET

ESPN,, Galavision

The women’s team was down by one and at during the last few seconds of the game Ali Krieger (Jewish) hits in a long ball then hits in the last penalty point from 12 yards.  Brazil went down in defeat and the US won by 2, incredible.  There are no blacks on the US team that  I could see, but team Brazil was made up of brown folks some black some looked more like native Americans with really dark skin.  Soccer is more popular in Europe and south of the border here, where you will find Brazil and lots of brown and black people trying to get into this country.

Team USA has little time to recover their leg power only two days while the French had like three days of rest.  That’s key in a sport like this after the US played a really tough game.  Another article breaks it down: I actually coached a season of soccer at high school level and we did pretty well.  No one is asking me to coach now.

US team will play France.  We will have to see how diverse their team is, usually it is because futbol is also big in Africa and I  am sure there are Africans on their team.  We will check it out. Yeah, I was right just looked at a youtube and the French team does have a couple of black women on the team I think I saw three.  All are headed to Germany where the French team will meet team USA on the field. May the best team win.

The Tony Awards

The Book of Mormon. Another Testament of Jesus...

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The Book of Mormon is nominated for a long  list of categories and just won for best direction. The Mormons go to blackest Africato save the savages with the moron book I mean Mormon book.

It’s some crazy shit. I mean I don’t usually wax ugly on other religions but when they came by my house with their book and started talking I told them they were some kind of satanic religion (and there are many) and never to dark in my door again. And they didn’t

Link that clarifies the Jewish tribal migration belief of the Mormons:

The Book of Mormon

is the story of two groups of people that supposedly traveled by sea from Bible

lands to the Americas. One group, the Jaredites (dated at about 2500 B.C.), populated Central America but eventually was destroyed. The other group, Jewish descendants of the tribe of Manasseh (with whom most of the Book of Mormon deals), came to South America about 600 B.C. and eventually migrated into Central and North America. This latter group was divided into two nations, the Nephites and Lamanites. Jesus is supposed to have revealed Himself on the American continent, where He preached the gospel and established Christianity. After becoming enemies, in A.D. 385 the Lamanites destroyed the Nephites, who

were “cursed” with dark skin and became the ancestors of American Indians.

The Tony Awards:

who won for best Actress? The best performance in musical: Nikki m James won for the book of mormon. Wow she gave a LOOONG acceptance speech. But it was sweet and long and heartfelt. 

Black African Muslim Woman from Guinea Charges Strauss-Kahn w/ Rape — update

The black woman in question, and in hiding, has been described as both pretty and plain.  Sort of a Cleopatra syndrome where the men write the history and write in what they will.  Another person described her as pretty with large breasts and a nice rear. But the French have called her not pretty because they saw her when she fingered, oops bad word choice, DSK in a lineup.  


Dominique Strauss-Kahn (French socialist polit...

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On Tuesday her lawyer, Jeffrey Shapiro, said he had no doubts his client was telling the truth about her encounter with Strauss-Kahn on Saturday.

“She came from a country in which poor people had little or no justice, and she’s now in a country where the poor have the same rights as do the rich and the powerful,” Shapiro said. “What (Strauss-Kahn) might be able to get away with in some countries, he can’t here in this country.”

Strauss-Kahn’s lawyer, Benjamin Brafman, said at his client’s arraignment this week that defense lawyers believe the forensic evidence “will not be consistent with a forcible encounter.”

But Shapiro dismissed suggestions that the woman had made up the charges or tried to cover up a consensual encounter.

“This is nothing other than a physical, sexual assault by this man on this young woman,” Shapiro said in an interview in his Manhattan office. He said that the woman didn’t know who was staying in the 28th-floor suite she went to clean on Saturday afternoon, before she said she was attacked.


DNA should settle what went on.  Once he said it was consenual that tells everyone that he was there and that he did have a sexual contact with the black woman, a poor woman from the country of Guinea.   She might get paid.  His past won’t come in unless he takes the stand.  There was more than one charge but the only one that has been named is oral sex.  Was sodomy involved?  We hope this is not another Polanski case.  If the maid has the only electronic key to enter the suite that could incriminate the DSK and show that this woman couldn’t care less who DSK was. She came forward as a rape case and that’s all that matters. The woman is in hiding and Strauss-Kahn is on Riker’s Island under suicide watch wearing an orange jumpsuit.  Now that’s justice.

Update: What if this maid is a lying illegal piece of shit? What if this black woman is just another scam runner from Africa? Does it make her case a lie? No, not by itself.  But if she laid a trap for DSK and he fell into it with his dick then she is guilty of many things including making false accusations. 

The thing that bothered me about the first hearing was that she did not know who the man was.  She works in an over the top luxury hotel in NYC the Sofitel and we know a bunch of illegals don’t take rooms there, no only jobs!  If this woman is really an illegal in sheep’s clothing then send her black ass packing…no passing go.  But if DSK is guilty then throw the book at him.

On The Charity Road With Bill Gates and Company

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Bill Gates is journeying down the road of philanthropy (Gates Foundation), but he does not travel alone. He has been joined recently by the prestige of former president Bill Clinton, the celebrity of Oprah Winfrey, and the enormous wealth of Warren Buffett. Warren Buffett has sweetened the philanthropy pot by a cool 37.5 billion dollars (potentially). This, when added to the millions pledged from the Gates Foundation, is easily greater than the GNP of many countries put together.

In the movie Out of Africa, the character played by Meryl Streep utters these pivotal words: “The world is round so that we don’t see too far down the road.” Her statement was made parallel to the discovery in her own life of a syphilitic infection she acquired from her husband. And anyone who knows anything about STDs knows that they facilitate the transmission of the H.I.V. and AIDS virus.

In the early days (1920s) when genteel Europeans ruled East Africa there was no AIDS, H.I.V. or TB crises to fret over.  The colonialists were welcomed, wealthy, and lived a life worthy of royalty. But the horizon on that road was clearly changing even during Isak Dinesen’s time. The Africa of today is still rife with political problems that began in the last centuries. That was then, this is now, and syphilis and STDs are endemic in Africa and the proliferation of highways, trucks, and job-related travel have helped, in my opinion, to make H.I.V. and AIDS the modern-day equivalent of the Black Death.

One of the main criticisms of this foray by Bill, Bill, Oprah, and now Warren into the huge continent that is Africa is that for all the billions in wealth and power that this foursome yields, they are up against a political impracticality and corruptness in Africa that makes their task as awesome as their monetary offerings.  Africa is a populous country and this is not by accident. It is a natural population explosion common to Third World countries such as those of Africa.

Africa is a disaster that is not waiting to happen, but has happened — Bill Gates is aware of this when he says in an article in the Seattle Post Intelligencer, “In Africa, we have the potential for some worst-case scenarios. It could completely come apart here… It could be horrific.”  

In the same article, author Tom Paulson also noted The Economist’s outlook on Africa when it recently called Africa “the Hopeless Continent.”  I don’t think hopeless is too strong a word. Many pundits see the greatest obstacle to success for this charity as Africa and her problems. Why? Americans are notorious for ignoring the culture of a country and I don’t think that this huge charity outlay is any exception. The news media uses the word philanthropy to describe the work of these entrepreneurial giants, but the word charity more accurately describes what they are attempting. 

As Rob Reich points out in “A Failure of Philanthropy“: 

…a primary motivation for charity has always been to provide for the poor and disadvantaged, and to attack the root causes of poverty and disadvantage. Certainly this is true of the world’s traditions of charity… One of the world’s first laws concerning philanthropy, the Charitable Uses Act of 1601 in Elizabethan England, also strongly connected philanthropy with relief for the poor.

The work that Oprah, and the two Bills, and now Buffett are trying to do with more money than the GNP of many small nations put together is laudable. But is it believable? There is a reason for Africa’s continual malaise in the face of overwhelming resources and an at-one-time extremely populous nation. In fact, because of the practice of polygamy (West coast of Africa) and rife sub-Saharan poverty, it at one time had one of highest birthrates in the world. It might still have the highest birthrate.

The greatest population count belongs to China, but India is a close second, and is expected to be number one by the year 2050. A good way to pass the H.I.V. and AIDS viruses along an increasingly well-documented Trans-African heterosexual highway is to have the “three P’s” in place: promiscuity, polygamy and prostitution, a route that has taken a bumpy turn in many South African countries as well as the world.

Can Bill Gates teach Africans to live and think differently when it comes to their health and to their sexual practices? I don’t think that there is enough light in the world to change the clothes on that elephant. But they can try.

And the biggest question that should arise in the mind of those of us who are mere spectators of spectacular wealth should be: How does it benefit the giver, the receiver, and our economy? Space does not allow me to elaborate on these questions, but it is a fact that charitable contributions are one hell of a write-off for the well off. To better put this mountain of charity in perspective let’s see what economists tell us about this lucrative business:

Rob Reich quotes “Evelyn Brody, a legal scholar, [who] estimates that in 2000 the charitable deduction alone cost the U.S. Treasury nearly $26 billion in forgone income tax.”  The cost of charitable deductions in the year 2000 was $26 billion dollars, according to Brody. If we fast-forward to projected figures for 2005 Brody says “[t]hat amount is expected to jump to $36 billion in 2005, according to the 2005 U.S. federal budget.”  This is the money that comes directly out of the U.S. treasury (read our pockets) into other countries and multiple charities. The problem with this giving is that when it comes from organizations and large non-profit groups they stand to have greater write-offs than the individual taxpayer who gives to charity. 

Finally, the Stanford Study compares government spending and charitable subsidies. AFDC (Aid to Families With Dependent Children, now replaced by TANF Temporary Assistance for Needy Families—by virtue of the welfare reform of the 1990s) has, according to the Stanford study, netted $25.4 billion in the year 2002! Translation: subsidized charity has outstripped in-house charity.  Americans also need to keep in mind that we are talking about 2002 and projected 2005 subsidy. We will not know the impact of the huge ongoing gifts of the Gates Foundation, the multi-billion dollar gift of Warren Buffett, and the work of Oprah Winfrey.

As if this is not stunning enough, on June 25, 2006, Warren Buffett announced the giving away of his entire fortune. According to Fortune magazine, Buffett’s fortune is worth 44 billion dollars and he plans to give 85% of it away, according to an article by Carol J. Loomis. Most of that, she reports, will go to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.  Buffett’s fortune giveaway would actually be a cool 37.4 billion dollars, give or take a few million. And some percentage of that will be added to the 1.1 billion in charity that will go directly to Africa.

I went directly to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation website, pulled out my calculator and began adding up the millions in African direct-aid in each category. The final tally: 1.1 billion — it does not include the 1.5 billion that will go directly to the GAVI (Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunizations). Can someone say wow — who’s babysitting all that money?  This is where things on the philanthropy  road get bumpy. Why? Because one of the greatest problems facing Africa is the management within African countries of its resources and its people. This writer would be remiss if she did not to restate the obvious: How will the drain of these billions of dollars from the U.S. economy in 2006 affect the charity that should begin at home?

On a Goodwill forum years ago we debated AIDS and Africa and I offered my conclusion to the group that in the final analysis it is the color of AIDS – black and green – that will make it a deeply unrelenting problem. Black for the color of the skin of those most affected and green for the money it would take to eradiate and/or alleviate this continental scourge.  Statistics cited in a February, 2006 article in the New York Times that put this into sharper focus: The current HIV/AIDS infection-rate for blacks (in New York) is now at 50% of new cases.  This possible pandemic yet remains a problem.  When I wrote that I believed it was still a non-winnable war; but it was before I looked and saw Bill, Bill, Oprah, and Warren walking down that road together.

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