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“Who is Black?” with Soledad O’Brien

It seems that anybody who can get a few mixed race people together who look white, black and in between and get them to talk on camera then voila you have a show on CNN about what it means to be black in America or just look not black.

Many of the anecdotes rang true especially for my kids, my sister and my cousin and often for myself. Especially people, usually black people, asking you what are you over and over again.  This is due in part because in their minds you don’t look black and they are not really ready to accept you as black.

This also happened in a big way to my sister who has a different mother but same biological father.  More later

Obama will “go back to cruel” on the next debate

My new pun “back to cruel” is how I describe what might be Obama’s weak attempt to get back on top of his campaign and win a second term–NOT. 

Just guessing that he will have to get cruel in order to stem the tide of fleeing undecideds or independents who can be SWAYED by a few well-placed words that ain’t coming out of Obama’s mouth no less.

It seems to me that Obama is retooling after being called out by every pol on the planet to say that his debate “nice” style sucked.  He was on the Tom Joyner show this morning lying through his teeth so that “ears later” he won’t still be talking about how this first debate sunk his presidency thereby making his sound byte a reality “Then it will be a one-term proposition.” 

Obama’s latest portrait of Romney sounds just like Obama. I have read everything out there about Obama in books including the new book about his mother.  It’s too bad he was the lesser of two evils back then.  It was fate what can you say that we elected an African and American to the WH. From what I’ve read his father, his biological father, because let’s face it Obama is a bastard, was a really cocky, asshole who killed himself after a night of drinking by hitting a tree while driving with two rods for legs which he lost during an earlier wreck.  

Barack, Barry Sr was an African.  His progeny therefore is NOT an African American in my books.  Maybe one day we will have a home-grown black man.  Until then we will just say we had a biracial in the WH for one term. LOL. I know I helped promote this man whom I said was not black or black enough from the getgo to his worldly apotheosis.  But that’s all folks. 

Sarah likes Allen West as VP choice and so do I

Here is a picture of Allen West and  family.  His wife is an MD and they have two beautiful daughters just like Obama.  His wife is also professional a doctor and Michelle is a lawyer.

West is the first black elected to congress since 1876! He beat an incumbent for the office.  He is 51 years old and has 20 years of military experience.   Sarah thinks that West would be a going rouge choice.  I think he has made some strange quips in the past but hasn’t everybody?  I wanted to look him up to make sure he was not married to a white woman.  That would be a deal breaker for me.  Not because I have anything against them, some of my best friends are white women, but for what it says about black men taking the easy way out.

George Zimmerman is white. Period

Flag of Hispanic America including also North ...

Flag of Hispanic America including also North American Hispanic Americans (Hispanic America and United States) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Even got it wrong.  George is a white man. And yes Hispanics are white.  I think they are Asians who are mixed with European and Indian blood making them Eurasians but I have no say in the matter.

In case you missed it Hispanic is not a race but an ethnicity, an ethnic group.  The person from south of the border can be Hispanic and black or white.  In Zimmerman’s case, even with the fat jowls, he is a white man first and of Hispanic origin.

The federal government for some time now has classified Hispanics who look white and don’t have African roots or parents who are AA as white.  Even in cases here where the student clearly looks mixed with black they are still labeled as “white.” 

Move over white people you have the whole entire Hispanic ethnic group, who are not black, or don’t look black properly or improperly labeled “WHITE.”  So get over it.

The Trayvon killing was a white on black crime.

Academy Awards tonight

The cast of The Help is favored to win.  Could this be the first time two black women sweep the best actress in drama awards? Will Brad prevail over his buddy Clooney?  Brad Pitt is way over due for a win.  I think Hollywood is jealous of him.  I dread that Billy Crystal is doing the honors.

GOP Debate had a lot of punch

, U.S. Senator from Pennsylvania.

get 'em Rick

Mitt Romney at times looked pitiful when Rick Santorum was berating him over some of his policies when he was the governor of Massachusetts namely the law regarding felons, convicted or time served having their voting rights re instated.  We heard Rick use the term “African Americans” a bunch of times as he made his point.  He pointed out to Romney that he was a flip flopper when he voted against a law that wrongly keeps blacks out of the voting both over other races due to their percentage-wise higher rate of incarceration. 

It was one of the better debates.  Ron Paul needs to get out of the race.  As I indicated Rick Santorum is a rising star.  And Huntsman endorsing Mitt really does not amount to a hill of beans,

Oh, and how could I forget the fireworks between Newt Gingrich and Juan Williams? That was interesting.  Newt talked down to Juan like Southern men often do to blacks.  The audience was party to the beating that Juan took by booing him.  At first I thought they were booing Newt but it soon became clear that they were booing old Juan. What is Juan exactly?  He talks like a Dem but walks like a Repub?  He is in the crosshairs simply because he is not conservative enough and the good white folks know that he used to be Dem, so I heard. 

Juan you need to get off the fence and stop pretending to be a conservative.  You can be an Independent if you want to save face.  But nobody is buying your conservative cred. 

Melissa Harris-Perry to get show on MSNBC

It seems that MSNBC loves biracial women.  She is born the same year as my daughter.  But my daughter (multiracial) has green eyes and natural hair that looks like a Diana Ross wig.

So, yet another biracial woman from a middle class educator background has landed a plum job on the network that begins February 4 in the 10-12 slot.  Does that mean she is moving from NOLA in order to do the show?  She recently married and recently changed her hair to look more black with the fat weave braids.  It will pull out your hair eventually Melissa.  I asked for more diversity on TV but it seems it’s more like biracial diversity.  That’s okay too.  What are her credentials? She is a poli-sci professor which makes her an instant professional pundit.  She has a good sense of humor too.  We will see how long it lasts.

Melissa was born in 1973, daughter of William M. Harris, Sr., the dean of Afro-American affairs at the University of Virginia and Diana Gray, a white community college professor and activist who worked for non-profits that assisted poor communities. Melissa has said of her heritage, “I’ve never thought of myself as biracial. I’m black.” Perhaps her next book might look at the psychology and life choices of biracial persons in America, given both her attitudes and the problems of our President.

Above is a sarcastic sort of blog about why Rachel Maddow stand ins end up with their own show? Two so far and that is significant if you ask me. 

Toure Touts post racialism nihilism in new book: “Who’s Afraid of Post-Blackness?”


Toure the touter

Toure talking crazy.  He wrote a new book “Who’s Afraid of Post-Blackness?” whose title on the face of it is crazy.  I think he is playing the un race card to sell books. Whites and blacks like me ain’t buying it. 

African Americans fight a multifront struggle in pursuing their ambitions. Along with the difficulties that others face — bad luck, personal deficiencies, talented competitors — blacks face additional obstacles. On one front they encounter prejudiced Caucasians. On another they encounter Negroes who, attached to stunted conceptions of racial solidarity, habitually castigate as disloyal blacks perceived as “acting white,” being “oreos,” “selling out.”

Naturally, anthropologically and racially there are differences.  A person can have black skin or biracial genes and be as white culturally as any white person in London.  There are numerous examples that the only thing black about them is their skin.  People mistake south Indians for black people all the time, but that’s just an optic error.  I was mistaken for an Indian when in India at every turn.  If that were the case then that would make me white! When I was on the train with my white male companion people thought I was either British or when in Paris thought I was Parisian or Italian.  So, in other words I was constantly mistaken for a non black and occasionally an American black. If Toure was right people like me and my family would be white people with brown skin and “good” hair.  By other countries standards in fact my family is “white” or colored. 

Even Toure is probably some kind of mutt mixed with Anglo and Caribbean blood and whatever else.  He even looks half Jewish and black.  But no matter. I might be called an oreo and I am okay with that.  Because in a lot of ways the only thing black about me is the extra melanin I’ve acquired since living in Texas. 

Whites wait to have kids–blacks and Latinos don’t


cropped from :Image:Races2.jpg 1820 drawing of...

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Here’s a link that leaves out one thing that makes the discrepancy between the races so large.  They do not mention those born into poverty that’s a biggie for blacks mostly.  My informal research shows that on average whites have kids way later in life than blacks do and especially later than Hispanics (read Mexicans) do.

When you see a latino woman in her 20s she is probably either married, has at least one child or is single with at least one child.  If you see a black woman in her twenties she most likely has at least one child and is NOT married.  Why are blacks not marrying?  Simple black men are blockheads.  Black women end up better off in most cases to stay away from black men who make really bad decisions.

I know I was married to one and dated black men for decades and then dated white men for decades.   While both are prone to bad financial decisions often white men have families who have wealth and do bail them out.  They also find white women who have money and wealth who also bail them out.

Blacks need to wait to have children period married or not.

Tavis Smiley’s and Cornel West’s “Poverty Tour” Airs on PBS

Cornel West and Tavis Smiley visit DCCK

Image by DC Central Kitchen via Flickr

PBS talk show host Tavis Smiley and Princeton professor Dr. Cornel West embarked on a poverty tour in August, taking them through 18 cities and across 11 states to speak with Americans who have been hit hardest by the recession. Beginning Monday and concluding on Oct. 14, PBS will air The Poverty Tour, in which each night’s episode provides a glimpse into the hardships many Americans are forced to endure.


Both Smiley and West, who also host PRI’s Smiley and West show, have spoken out about concerns that President Barack Obama has failed to address the issues facing the nearly 50 million Americans now living in poverty, with African-Americans faring the worst. More than one in four Black Americans is now living below the poverty line.