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Anne Frank as Masterpiece Theater

This Sunday MP will present The Diary of Anne Frank. The original film one of the best films ever. I’ve watched it a hundred times. In fact read more books about Jewish life in Europe and saw films than most Jews even.

It is fascinating. And was watching the PBS special about the city of Jerusalem when I saw ad for MP.

I think it comes from my time spent there in many past lives. I don’t think they should be running America though.

What I learned from the Holocaust

I am reading many books this summer. Most of them are about ghetto life during the Holocaust. When they move the peoples or groups it reminds one of the crimes that killers do. The experts always warn never go to the second scene or allow yourself to be moved by the perp, especially by a car.

This is crucial. The Nazis continually moved the Jews from place to place, ghetto to ghetto, train to train and finally from train to truck where many were gassed. Also from train to showers where many were gassed, all were burnt.

If you still don’t know what really happened to Anne Frank then I’ll tell you. She and her family were in a camp after they were discovered or sold to the Nazis. They were there about 3 weeks before being moved to Bergen-Belsen. Camp liberation was around the corner. She and her sister had the lice and the sores and succumbed to typhus just weeks before the end.

They were either buried or burnt after their deaths. Margo died first.

In Cup of Tears the author Abraham Levin wrote about the ghetto in Warsaw for a year and a half. I was looking for Roman Polanski’s Krakow ghetto but could not find accounts of it, like the Warsaw ones. Levin wrote up until he too was caught up in one of the last great transports to Treblinka. He was into the gas chambers and into the ovens before he could say a prayer.  Polish Jewry was no more.

If anyone knows of accounts of Krakow ghettos let me know. They are rarer.

People believe that only their people are great and wonderful and sainted. Why don’t we extend that to other groups and races? That’s what I learned from Cup of Tears but already knew as an anthropologist.


Cannabalism — Do Holocaust Survivors Deny? — update

Google book explores this question.  Since writing this post I’ve done my own research and read three books since. One of the stories of cannabalism came from a book about the Warsaw ghetto. A woman had eaten the flesh from her dead son. However, that was the only confirmed story that I encountered after all that. There was more. And more later.

Among other things I am reading The Pianist and I Chose Life, I bought those but have read countless others from library. I had a dream, dream last night in which I saw people preparing humans for meals. It was graphic because they were eating human heads and cooking them first. That may not have been the case but sometimes dreams that are based on fact are dramatic in order that you recall them when you awake.

I recall it alright and fell asleep reading The Pianist. And as Jack I spent time in Europe just before the Nazi really took over other countries. So, this is all very dear to me. But I will explore more and report more later.


There is an update and and upfate of sorts for the life of Otto Frank and family. In a book I have been reading while on vacation “The Secret Life of Otto Frank” and it is really a find. I am nearly done. But in one of the recounts of the Franks being transported just after they were betrayed in their hiding place, the book is aboiut the betrayer, Otto witnessed cases of cannabalism when en route during a rough trip where some prisoners were escaping.

They had made a hole in the train and some fell out and some found freedom. Others had their children frozen in the cold. The babies were on the train tracks and some were killed and the mothers and others did eat some of the flesh from the corpses. Otto Frank did not go into great detail and it was hard to figure exactly how it happpened based on his account.

Was he leaving out some facts here about his participation? Was this a deliberate omission? Not sure.