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Movie Review: “A Prophet” delivers

On DVD I recently got A Prophet from Netflix.  I did not catch it when it was in the theatres here briefly. The French do it again! Damn they got it when it comes to story, twists and turns and pandering to the dark side of human nature.

The hero, if you can call him that, is a young Arab with no protection in prison, what else is new? And he goes to the dark side in the form of befriending the Corsican cronies who find him in prison. What do they ask him? To kill an informant who is arriving and will only be vulnerable for a few days.

He is “innocent” by prison standards so that’s where the punch of this pic comes in. Will he do it? And how will it change him?


The man he kills become some sort of all-knowing informing ghost and he sees this Arab gay guy everywhere thus he becomes the prophet by virtue of his changed insider status.