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Coming Soon: My Top Ten Films of the year

I have been consumed with my health issues this past month.  I have not been to a movie in  over  a month.  I was going to go to the Austin TX film fest but changed and that was the weekend that changed things.

I plan to get a list together.  I notice reviewers do mix the foreign with the domestic films with their reviews.  In addition my Netflix account I suspended while I was waiting for things to clear up.  I hope they get clearer.  I went through a big door and it did not kill me.  It seems lots of folks my age died or did suicide the past two months.  So, surviving is important.

Movie Review: Like Crazy

I saw this movie “Like Crazy” with the new Jewish idol who plays the boyfriend turned husband at the Modern film fest.  It was okay.  I liked it a lot.  It’s another movie with a strange ending and you don’t know what happened.  But the two in the film get busy. She’s from London and he’s from Santa Monica.  They get busy but it is not in your face.  They do it in LA and in London and think they can’t live without each other until they do and until they get married to each other.

He cheats like a big greasy dog on her and she cheats on his with her neighbor and they even get engaged.  What is the use of saying you love someone and then fucking someone else’s brains out?  That’s what this movie is about in a few words but only they keep the explicit sex off the screen.  The music was absolutely fabulous though.

Beyonce’s New Album she’s White Hot or hot and white

we’ve seen this cover before but what we have not seen before is Beyonce looking beyond black all the way to white 

yeah we know that black folks come in all colors and hues but you know this is not this woman’s born color her mom is fair and fairer skin than beyonce in fact but this is over the top

I got my new car ford focus hatchback

I got top dollar for my Escape so I am going for this car in a dark gray metallic. I did not wait for hybrid because they are more expensive and the mpg is not much diff.

I drove it home today and I am just over the moon about it. It was sitting in the lot waitingf for me and they said a whole lot of people wanted to buy it when they saw the color and I added a moon roof.