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The Press: Buy One Get One Free

Fox News Channel

Fox News Channel (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In the latest government/Obama scandal of scandals Eric Holder, whom we know has just got to go before he further ruins the rep of the DOJ. James Rosen who is the head of Fox has made his rounds on the airwaves.  Is Eric after him in particular? It seems that Rosen might be a spy!

With the press, in the worthless state they find themselves often in the tank for Obama anyway except for a precious few press and media outlet DOJ or rather the press, has a big friend in  the WH in the form of the Dem-controlled government.  Fox News seems to be the main target of the illegal requests for information. But that is only the beginning of this scurilous scandal.

Krauthammer got it right: Why the hell is Rice answering for Obummer?

20081201 NatSec Presser-0895

20081201 NatSec Presser-0895 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Obama has defended Rice like a man defends a mistress, oops I mean a wife.  He used the word “Besmirch”.  WTF? Is he frazy or what?  That lying little BEYACH should not be ambassador to UN or UNICEF.

It seems that Susan Rice and the Bungler in Chief AKA Obama are in bed together, politically, that is. She and this useless 2nd term president go way back.  Who gives a flying F? You should if he decides to push her ass ahead of the line like Bush did with that woman pretending to be Catholic when she was really a liberal Jew.  We fixed him.  He did not have his way with that woman she took her name out of contention and we got Justice Mr. Catholic instead.

I really don’t like that Rice woman.  I don’t like to even see her talk, sit, stand or fawn over the MSM.  She is a joke.  And now we get more doublespeak because Obama said that Rice had nothing to do with Benghazi so why go after her yet she speaks for him instead of Petraeus because he knew that General Petraus had some shady shit going on. 

GET THIS and get it good: Obama is a control freak people there is nothing that he does not know.  NOTHING.  He choses to do NOTHING.  That’s the difference between a profiler, a mastermind…Mark Levin has taken my word and applied mastermind to all the liberal socialists out there.  That’s okay it’s better than architect which everyone was overusing. 

Go ahead Obama put Rice and her name in the running for Hillary’s job and see what happens.  I hope they clean her clock or she takes her name out.  You stupid no helping black people President you should have put a black person in the SCOTUS position instead of your two gay, ugly Jew looking men!  That’s why I DID NOT VOTE FOR YOU!  And I had 8 million people who did not this time around either. 

Don’t make me mad….Too late.

And then he does play this sort of Lancelot defending the mistress in distress. You know, it made Mitt Romney and the binders with women look positively feminist in comparison. This kind of patronizing attack on the two male Senators who would dare attack the girl, which is what was intended in his tone. This is all its usual, you know, if you attack his pride he’ll strike you on that. And it was clearly defensive, and it was also a stonewall.

I mean, after all, what she said was absolutely and completely misleading either inadvertently, in which case is complete incompetence, or on purpose in which case it’s deception. And he basically he took the bait on that and said, “Look, that wasn’t her speaking. That was me speaking. If you want to pick on somebody, pick on me.”

Caught in a Benghazi lie—from lips of Liar in Chief

Benghazi Mosque

Benghazi Mosque (Photo credit: an agent)

Everybody is talking about this one.  Obama et al knew about the Benghazi attack within  two hours that it was a planned terrorist attack. Instead he lied and Hillary lied about the cause and the circumstances of the attack.

They came out immediately and said it was some frazy video about Mohammed.  What liars.  Is this a high crime?  It’s a big lie that’s for sure.  Someone released the emails and the smoking gun.

Trump offers 5 Million to Obama for college transcripts

speaking at CPAC in Washington D.C. on Februar...

speaking at CPAC in Washington D.C. on February 10, 2011. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Donald Trump announced today that he would pay to any charity of Obama‘s choice 5 million if he would release his passport app and his college records from Columbia because he wants to know more about BHO. 

I learned a lot about Daddy Obama who was a drunkard and a wife beater and a huge communist egomaniac. 

I bet Obama won’t bite this bait.

Who Won the Debate?


JFK (Photo credit: Mike Jahn)

Obama was finally ready for friendly fire from Mitt Romney.  I think both men held their own.  Romney had some really good lines like we can’t kill our way out of this and told Obama that attacking him was not an agenda.  Mitt must have got the memo and the meme that he was going to be painted as a warmonger and one who start a war should he win.  I hate wars, rumors of wars and talk of war but I had to listen to this debate. Not just because it was the anniversary of JFK‘s talk to the people about crazy Cuba and ruffian Russia about to sneak attack our shores or our cities.

That is in the past but did Obama really pass the commander in chief test as valiantly as JFK did? I don’t think so.  Mitt had a real look of a winner for the first time.  He has become more likeable.   Finally I think we need some real role models.  White folks have got to step up because Mexicans and blacks continue to have bastard (technical term–no daddies)  babies at a young age and rely way too much on welfare and think it is okay to have a baby at sixteen.

I think that Mormonism is a good model.  It is a better model than Obama’s Mao Mao daddy and welfare and social dependency that will give everybody a fair shot.  He slipped and said that recently.

I am a conservative, independent who was undecided at the beginning of the campaign and I still am because there is no solid conservative in this race. I voted early and straight GOP as I said I would. It comes down to who told fewer lies with a straight face.  Or who told more lies to the camera with a wink and a nod.  Finally, I couldn’t care less if Obama loses.  I am through with him.  And if you use that idiom please note it is comprised of FOUR words, one contraction making it THREE words.  And it is not: “could careless or could care less”  even so-called educated people can’t get my idiom right LOL. You are actually saying the opposite of what you mean when you leave out the “not”.  I think  the use of the negative is tricky for some people. 

Here’s what changed my mind: I voted my values, although I hope the next president can keep the stock market in a bullish mode.  Hopefully Romney can hold up a higher standard of family life and business model and doing the right thing like my kids did: get an education, get a job, get married THEN have CHILDREN! And stop leaving teachers to raise your little bastards and then complaining about the JOB WE ARE DOING.  Don’t make me mad when they touched on how much they love teachers.  Yes we deserved that shout out and now something about it.  Keep these brown and black people from having babies that they don’t care about two years after they are born.  Get some parental education going as well as English classes.  We know everyone has reproductive rights and can have as many babies as they cannot feed.  They also have unreproductive rights AKA choice option to abort aas many babies as they can feed.  The last stats I saw said that married women had more abortions than any other group, especially black married women.  Who knew?

Oh boy, that’s the domestic mess we are in now.

Who won debate? Don’t matter I am still voting straight Republician

English: Debate Chamber of the Oxford Union So...

English: Debate Chamber of the Oxford Union Society (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Wow wanna hear about my bad day yesterday? Not only did my wifi/TV router box go on the blink and have to be replaced but went to the doctors and he gave me a script that cost freakin 200 bucks.  Since the deductible starts over in the new year one has to start over.  So I had to pay 140 dollars for ear drops because my new hearing aide caused an ear infection.  This is the second time.

I got to watch the debate once I got to school online but it looked really boring.  I think it was more of a draw.  Don’t matter I am voting for Romney/Ryan

Why that debate muted

The last two debates may have well been on MUTE.  Not only did we learn nothing about know nothing Biden who just gesticulated and acted a clown and laughed at the American people but he also lied and said nothing of substance. 

Unfortunately we don’t have a record of Robert Kennedy in debate mode because he famously refused to debate the other dem contenders until just days before he died he changed his mind but it was too late then.

Official portrait of Vice President of the Uni...

Official portrait of Vice President of the United States . (Photo credit: Wikipedia) boring buffoon Biden

Even the SNL parodies were stupid.  They weren’t even funny did you notice that? I mean Biden is a big boring buffoon. 

Will Tuesday’s debate be any better or will we be treated to more muted malarkey?

Poor Ryan.  The last time someone trotted out JFK‘s name that party is the one that lost ala Sen. Benson who famously told Qualye he was no JFK.  Good zinger but not a winner.

Then there was that first debate with an absent Obama and a highly present Mitt.  Again you could have watched on muted because nothing evolved, mutated or shaped into anything of substance.  If it’s style over substance you want then watch some of the old classic debates or provide your own soundtrack LOL. 

The next presidential debate is tomorrow.  I was out of this weekend, reeling from an earache and my Minere’s disease and the fact that my cable was down because the tree trimmers did something in the alley to jeopardize it.  But I am back. My freakin ear still hurts but I lost four pounds over the weekend from not eating and throwing up. 

More later

Obama will “go back to cruel” on the next debate

My new pun “back to cruel” is how I describe what might be Obama’s weak attempt to get back on top of his campaign and win a second term–NOT. 

Just guessing that he will have to get cruel in order to stem the tide of fleeing undecideds or independents who can be SWAYED by a few well-placed words that ain’t coming out of Obama’s mouth no less.

It seems to me that Obama is retooling after being called out by every pol on the planet to say that his debate “nice” style sucked.  He was on the Tom Joyner show this morning lying through his teeth so that “ears later” he won’t still be talking about how this first debate sunk his presidency thereby making his sound byte a reality “Then it will be a one-term proposition.” 

Obama’s latest portrait of Romney sounds just like Obama. I have read everything out there about Obama in books including the new book about his mother.  It’s too bad he was the lesser of two evils back then.  It was fate what can you say that we elected an African and American to the WH. From what I’ve read his father, his biological father, because let’s face it Obama is a bastard, was a really cocky, asshole who killed himself after a night of drinking by hitting a tree while driving with two rods for legs which he lost during an earlier wreck.  

Barack, Barry Sr was an African.  His progeny therefore is NOT an African American in my books.  Maybe one day we will have a home-grown black man.  Until then we will just say we had a biracial in the WH for one term. LOL. I know I helped promote this man whom I said was not black or black enough from the getgo to his worldly apotheosis.  But that’s all folks. 

Obama debated like the election was over and he lost

Mitt Romney in 2007 in Washington, DC at the V...

Mitt Romney in 2007 in Washington, DC at the Values Voters conference (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Wow what a loser.  I did not see an incumbent president onstage last night but a disinterested-can’t- wait-till-this-is-over guy. Obama this was not a night of bad sex but a presidential debate dude.  What a bastard for his party dogs.

Where was the power of the presidency in his presence and his debate? I don’t know but I don’t think Jack would have left home without himself on an important debate for the next four years.

Mitt Romney was the clear winner and President Obama croaked like a bad swan song. Mitt won and looked good doing it.

Mad as hell and not voting Democratic anymore

I did endorse Obama this time but I have to take that back.  I don’t know if Ryan told lies on Obama in his speech or not.  And I don’t care.  Obama is the master of lies and obfuscation with his bio and everything about him except his life with wife and kids.  His life before that he was drug crazed and racially confused. Mind you Obama had help with the media.  They ignored everything about him.  I want to know how he got into top schools and his grades. 

Why is there nothing he wrote while the so called editor of the Harvard Law Review.  He is not only a lightweight Leo but he is perfect at doing NOTHING!

Ann Dunham

Ann Dunham (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I just read “The Amateur” and the book about Obama’s mother that anthropologist communist Ann Dunham.  She got married after pregnant with Obama to a man who was already married.  She was a card-carrying communist and loved the third world.  His father who was killed in a drunken wreck was also an atheist and communist and who knows what else.  I hope this is his only term. 

The only reason I promoted him is because I could not stand John McCain and Edwards.  I thought we got a bad deal.  Is this the best this country can come up? I mean someone you can’t vet or won’t vet becomes president.  Point in fact anyone who does not have two American parents has no business becoming president.  NONE.  My bad I think the fourteenth amendment should be changed for a lot of reasons. 

Ryan said that most people fail at this first job or mess up.  He was talking about Obama.  That was funny.  Also they used a huge sign that read “Over the Top” when nominating Mitt at the RNC.  That was cute too. 

I don’t like religion but I do like what I hear about Mormonism.  So for me it ain’t Mormon or the LDS it’s religion.  At least it is one that preaches self reliance and build your own instead of somebody owes me or gimmedat check.