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Steve Jobs the bio

Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson

Image by stevegarfield via Flickr

Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson  $17.88 from Amazon

It is already #1 on Amazon and release date will be moved up.


I dreamt this headline “Jane Fonda Dies”

Jane Fonda
Image by Alan Light via Flickr

It was just as quiet but true as the headline I saw before Obama won the election.  It was that same feeling, it was imminent.  I woke up after sleeping okay because dreaming about some of the pre WH days brings me comfort.  It’s as I said in the previous post that damn Viet Nam that I can’t watch or “stomach.”  So it was strange that the night ended this morning with my seeing this newspaper headline and heard the words “Jane Fonda dies.”  That’s really strange because she had her toes in everything including exercise and I think she influenced me a great deal to take exercise seriously.  I had not previously because raised and attending Catholic school all my life we did fencing, volleyball, and archery!  That’s all I knew.  But I became a jogger and would jog three to five miles a day, bike all over town regardless to how many cars I had just throw a bag over my back and take off because I loved being outside really.  Anyway, don’t know why I would see that because she’s fit and healthy as far as I know.  But this will serve as my tribute to her just the same because I guess one should give the woman credit for something.  She loved the Viet Cong and we should have all had another thought about that horrible never ending war.

So, Jane and Jim Fixx, he died while running, were my mentors in the exercise world. And who did I run with? I ran with FDR.  Yeah, that’s right we go back a long way not just the JFK days we go back lifetimes.  But his roots were way more radical than mine though, well, almost.  But I’ll finish with this: did you really see those JFK eyes in one of the pictures? I mean the ones where they bulge from his many diseases.  Those are Blavatsky’s eyes.  Yeah, I see right through them.  LOL