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Melissa Perry-Harris (biracial) lands show debut, title on Feb 18

MELISSA HARRIS-PERRY  whose show will bear her name “Melissa Harris-Perry”

TO DEBUT WEEKEND PROGRAM ON MSNBC (where my old boss Aretha Marshall works–I wonder, since she is in charge of hiring talent DID she play a role in hiring women who look like her! Especially Alex  Wagner)

—FEBRUARY 4th 10 AM-NOON ET–or pushed back to Feb 18?



NEW YORK—January 5, 2012—MSNBC contributor Melissa Harris-Perry is the latest addition to MSNBC’s expanding weekend lineup. Her new program, set to air Saturdays and Sundays 10a-noon ET, will debut on MSNBC February 4th. The announcement was made by MSNBC President Phil Griffin.

I mentioned her in a blog

And what would this hour of power be without a woman? Melissa Harris-Perry, writer  and  professor at Tulane University, has been popping up like dandelions in a hot  rainy  spring. She’s everywhere these days after making frequent appearances on  the Rachel Maddow  Show.  I don’t think anyone could have  assembled more  staunch supporters of President  Obama.  They comprise the new insiders, as long as Obama is president.  Then there are  the  outsiders: Tavis  Smiley and  Cornell West.  They are undertaking a bus poverty tour and  asking Obama not to  change the subject.  The subject is jobs, jobs for the black  community who is  hurting at 16 percent unemployment nationally.  Shouting matches have  been  breaking out all over national television between authentic blacks and   plantation politicians.  Both terms have been around for decades, but in the age  of  opinion they take on new meaning in light of this country’s first “black”  president.
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IMO Alex Wagner is not black

Alex in 2001 she has aged

Here’s another observation I made about Alex that adds to my hypothesis that she is NOT black.  Her ear lobes are attached. That is far more common in whites observed than in other races.  Also I think I see a wedding band on her left hand.  That would indicate, although, not online, that she is married and is using her married name.

If I had photos or names of her parents I could end the speculation.  She looks Eurasian which equals NOT Black.

I borrowed and cropped this photo. She was at an event with a guy who looks Hispanic. From the bio I read she is half German and half black.  Wagner is a german name so perhaps her dad is German.  I don’t think she is married so that would be her maiden name.  She was born and raised here.   But if she is actually biracial and does not look black then she is by default white.

Given the naturally high percentage of European blood most blacks have including myself, even my blood type it is safe to say that Alex is more white than she is black at least 85%. She might marry black or think she is culturally black. But wait let’s look see at her pedigree. Where did she come from?

She is a native of DC and has hobnobbed with the rich and famous. I used to wear my hair exactly like she wears it on the show (not in the pic) for a long time. She went to Brown University which was my first choice except I was  so tired of cold weather and sunless days that I opted for California universities.

She went to Brown therefore IMO she ain’t black. Follow her on Twitter.

Repairman (bi-racial) Faces Charges Of Cleaning Out Bay Area ATMs, Refilling Them With Counterfeit Bills

San bruno mountain

Image via Wikipedia

“He went into seven of these machines, took the cash out and replaced it with counterfeit, and not sophisticated, just simply taking some bills, placing them on the Xerox machine, cut them up and put them in its place in the machines,” said Steve Wagstaffe, San Mateo County District Attorney.

The real money, $200,000, was on its way out of town, along with 64-year-old service man Samuel Kioskli, police said. Two weeks ago, Kioskli, of San Francisco, was arrested in Phoenix.

Mariah Carey has fraternal twins: boy and girl–updated,,20468012,00.html?hpt=C2

I watched the special with BW this weekend and the babies are so cute it’s unbelievable.  Put white on their birth certificates will  ya.  If Mexicans with dark skin and kinky hair  and also biracial Mexicans can be white per the feds and per the school record and per their birth certificate so can blacks who will look like this.  My aunt who is like the Buddha incarnate says that all black people no matter how black should put white on their birth certificates and tell people they are white and let them prove otherwise.  I was arguing for those who “Look White,” to do so but she took it over the top as usual.

Nick and Mariah had twins today. They had fraternal twins one boy and one girl. I am sure they will be adorable and can’t wait to post their pictures. They will probably be fair, so don’t be surprised by that. Nick Cannon looks racially mixed and could even be biracial himself in terms of genetic makeup.

This is so ironic because my first cousin pictured in my popular post about Cheyenne Woods , the blonde woman standing, has identical twin daughters and they know Mariah because one or both of them appeared in her #1 hit video “We Belong Together” see link below. 

Mariah has two flower girls in her video wedding: one dark girl who comes out first, and one fair girl with sandy wavy hair who is walking with the ring bearer.  

 Here’s the vide on Youtube: “We belong together” 

My cousin is the second flower girl, it’s brief but they got paid well.  Mariah and my cousin are both white looking. Mariah is biracial, my cousin is not.  My cousin has exquisite features and prettier, no doubt, but Mariah is extremely attractive.  And she has a good looking hubby in Nick.  Good luck to both.

French Biracial Beauty: Olivier Rousteing directs Balmain Paris

Le jeune designer, inconnu du grand public, succède officiellement à Christope Decarnin.


Après le départ de Christophe Decarnin, la maison de couture vient d’annoncer officiellement le nom de son remplaçant. Olivier Rousteing, ancien responsable du studio de création pour les collections prêt-à-porter femme, devient le nouveau directeur artistique de la marque.  

Diplomé d’Esmod, ce créateur inconnu du grand public a travaillé 5 ans chez Roberto Cavalli comme designer des collections prêt-à porter avant de rejoindre Balmain aux côtés de Christophe Decarnin en 2009.  

Wife of NFL Star Stabs Hubby Brandon Marshall

The knife, be it kitchen, Swiss or pocket is the favorite weapon of choice for black women in case you didn’t know. Well, I know. I’ve seen it before many times. So, it is no surprise that this wife chose a knife to stab her hubby Brandon with.  It does not appear to be self defense either.

Racially, Michi Nogami appears to be Japanese and black, so she’s black and black women prefer to use knives.  See the Huffpo link for more on her story. She was arrested, released and he was hospitalized and released from the hospital.

Obama’s first trip to Brazil

He will visit Brazil first. I just wrote about Obama, biracial people, Brazil, and race typing in “you are what you look like” I had no idea he was planning a trip to Brazil or was he before my article?

Best New Artist: Esperanza Spalding (a sister wins!)


$9.99  Esperanza

$10.99 Chamber Music Society

Esperanza Spalding at The Nobel Peace Prize Co...

Image via Wikipedia




Florence and th Machine

Mumford and Sons

Esperanza Spalding

And the Grammy for best new artist goes to: Esperanza Spalding. Gotta get her music….Wow a sister wearing a natural wins the best new artist of the year. This is quite an omen and bodes well for my next endeavor.  I am so excited.  Hey, I’ve heard of her recall seeing her natural hair and listening to her music. Here’s her racial rundown just as I picked it and also from Wiki with her exact roots.  :

Spalding is of African-American, Welsh and Spanish descent,[5] and describes this as a diverse ethnic heritage that includes “Welsh, Hispanic, and Native American roots in addition to the unidentified roots from Africa”.[3] Her black roots come from her father: “My mom is Welsh, Hispanic, and Native American, and my father is African American.”[6] Her Hispanic roots trace through her mother, a native of Southern California, who indirectly educated Spalding in Spanish by hiring a Cuban nanny.[7] Spalding notes that these influences, along with many other factors in her life, have come together to shape her into who she is.[7] She also has an interest in other cultures, including Brazil,[8] and respects the artistry inherent in language, commenting specifically, “With Portuguese songs the phrasing of the melody is intrinsically linked with the language, and it’s beautiful”.[9]

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Chicago Code: Jennifer Beals back home

Jennifer Beals in Sweden

Image via Wikipedia

impacted her career. Check out what she had to say after the jump: See Collider link below:


She was a lesbian on the L word and it was like soft porn to me so I only watched it a couple of times.  I only watched it to see Beals act anyway. I guess that series is defunct now and Beals has found a new home, well, back home in Chicago. She went to the same school as one of my cousins: Harvard something, but it was in Chicago and a private school.  Besides she is younger than me and our paths did not cross. She was already into acting and the like and I was a nerd.

I was not too thrilled about watching a pilot about cops in Chicago crossbred with DA offices. I don’t think they intersect the way that they do in this Chicago Code.

Beals looks beautiful if not full of big hair that is probably not completel her own.  We will see how this TB program pans out.  It airs on Monday night.  Jennifer Beals is back but will it last?

Kiran Chetry: Biracial Beauty TV Anchor

Biracial or multi-ethnic does not belong exclusively to the domain of black/white offspring as the case of Kiran Chetry illustrates.

Her name and her dad are Nepali. Since the language Nepali falls into the Indo-European family

Indo-European languages are spoken by almost three billion native speakers,[5] the largest number for any recognised language family. Of the twenty languages with the largest numbers of native speakers according to SIL Ethnologue, twelve are Indo-European: Spanish, English, Hindi, Portuguese, Bengali, Russian, German, Marathi, French, Italian, Punjabi, and Urdu, accounting for over 1.7 billion native speakers.[6] Several disputed proposals link Indo-European to other major language families. wikipedia

Therefore she is Aryan on her father’s side of the family. She is an immigrant. She was not born in the US but in Pathan hospital in Nepal.

 Kiran’s mother is half Ukrainian and a combination of Dutch and German.[1] Seven months later, her parents, Hom Chetry and Nancy

So while Kiran is not biracial she is multi-ethnic and part Anglo-Saxon on her mother’s side. That’s important because if you read as many blogs as I do you will find that ordinary whites (read Anglo-Saxon) do not buy anybody else as “white” unless they hail from white countries.

We know that in England the Pakistanis, who are also Aryan, are called “Pakis” and Arabs are called “sand n——“s by whites like it was their name.  This is not from racist, skinhead blogs but from blogs by white people who want their little world to remain “pure.”

In Kiran we have a perfect exemplar of a multi-ethnic person who in a sense would be considered biracial by whites and not white. However, they are wrong and anthropologically speaking, language that is, her language family is Indo-European therefore she is fully of the Caucasian persuasion but not Anglo-Saxon.

Black Africans whose languages fall into their own categories are excluded always from the Indo-European tree and are never considered part of the European tribe. Blacks are a tribe unto themselves. But  don’t look  now because all races and colors came out of Africa.