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Blago Corruption trial starts in Chi town

Blago maintains his innocence but he is going to trial anyway. He resigned as govenor now he has to defend his life.

Obama in Blago Trouble

Don’t look now but Blago is after Barack because Blago got his own back. You go Blago. Nail those suckers, thugs in Chicagoland. Take them for all they are worth. Obama could be impeached just like Clinton.

Blago wants Barack to testify.

In Rod We Do Not Trust–Illinois Senate Votes Blago Out of Office For Life

In breaking news today the Illinois Senate voted unanimously to remove Rod Blagjevich from office and what’s more–he’s barred for life from ever holding public office.  Keep in mind this is just the senate vote. This does not include a trial that could find him guilty of other crimes. He has to face court for his indictment of other  crimes. The final indictment could be huge. 

The Lt.  Gov Pat Quinn has already been sworn in as the new governor.

In the last week, Blago has been everywhere. He has been caught making the rounds on the TV circuit q day as the senate rolled in and voted him out! He just doesn’t get it. He gets it now. It was reported that he begged for his seat. Should we pity this man who recklessly and shamelessly took for, begged for and courted favors in return for his yes vote? I don’t think so.

Bye Bye Blago!