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Jack Cashill: “Deconstructing Obama” CSPAN Book TV

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First published at Serendipity has been known to save flagging writing careers. But according to one Jack Cashill it cannot create one.  It takes time plus talent. This is the thesis of Mr. Cashill. However, he invokes serendipity in the creation of his discovery. He read Dreams from my Father, and later Fugitive Days by Bill Ayers. And voila pulls the covers off Barack Obama’s writing prowess. It is a profile in fraud. Broadcast from Kansas City public library Jack touts his talent and his book Deconstructing Obama where he compares the genome of Obama’s writing with that of Ayers and comes up with a match: Ayers the unrepentant terrorist is the “ghost writer.”

Cashill had hoped that the mad-as-hell meme would be the very October surprise that would keep Barack Obama, the author of two stinking poems, a couple of broken-down articles out of the White House. He was wrong.  Instead the newborn junk species he created was not viable.

Jack spoke for nearly an hour and took questions after pitching his discovery on C-SPAN Book TV.  Enthralling—especially when he invoked Malcolm Gladwell’s book—that it takes 10,000 hours to master anything including writing, golf and science and that Obama was 9,999 hours short. Cashill carefully collected and compared what little he could find; Obama’s published writings and that of his neighbor Bill Ayers. Bravo.

After this, I watched Network.  And soon realized that I too was a fraud. by imitating the one-liners in films, just like the black woman, who got her own TV show, by calling herself a “bad ass, commie, Nigger.”  It only happens in  movies like Network. When angry prophet:  Howard Beal, spawns a new show by ranting and encouraging others to rant:: “I’m mad as hell and not going to take it anymore!” Surprise–people begin shouting from their windows “wait until 2012” I mean “I’m mad as hell!”

Bill Ayers, education and the red star

I am watching Ayers on cspan Book TV and he is wearing a black T with a bright red 5-pointed star. WTH? Is he touting Texas (the lone star state) or is he touting Communism with its red star and scythe?

Not sure, but he is talking teaching and teachers today with the audience. We are burnt out, oh yes we are, and we do say bad things or get lazy at times. Teachers are not disparaging to students they are just plain overworked, overwrought by students who need way too much attention or who are way too occupied by their teacher’s sex life, when we have one, and writing notes displaying their evil and ignorance.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been sexually harassed by male students. I can’t tell you how many times that kids have turned a classroom upside down because they need constant attention but have the attention-span of a gnat!

Yes, I’ve told students things that might be construed as dysfunctional or discouraging. But I live by another set of universal principles that will one day be vindicated. That people must be taught cohabiting within city confines. One is not born knowing how to navigate modern education or modern city life. It is not an innate ability. You are born with it if you did it in a past life, to that extent it is innate.

People have to learn to digest education, i.e., get to the point where they are intrinsically motivated and have taken with them the tools to be auto didactic, or to teach themselves what they want to know that goes beyond the classroom.

 Bill Ayers just said that education must have real world relevance and we should get rid of lazy teachers, not really. But we do try to bring in the natural or real world. The trouble again is still vocabulary. The students we teach both black and non black but impoverished just have not mastered the English nor the Spanish language. I mean in the sense that they understand a verb and how to conjugate it. Finally, Ayers’ book is published by Third World Press on the southside of Chicago. My sister knows that publisher well, Don Lee who changed his name to Amiri Baraka, I think. But he did change his name. The guy I used to date was his neighbor and they used to jog around South Shore along the lakefront.

Don Lee is black but he looks just like Jimmy Carter, red hair and fair skin and all. Shout out to the homies in Chicago, my hometown. BTW they had a school called IPE or Institute for Positive Education, where they served only vegetarian meals. It was for young kids. I don’t know if he is still involved or has the school, but he was also a college professor of English because he wrote and published so many books including his own.

How to better ourselves

Until students have mastered the 3Rs they sure as stuff won’t be able to do science with the rest of the world. It will American children left behind in the world. Why are Asians better than Westerners at science? Mostly due to the larger number of science and math classes that they are required to take.

Trust me, engineering schools are not filled to the brim with black, brown or white kids from the good ole US of A. No, they are from other countries who place math and science on a pedestal.

Are we teaching down? Hell no! They can’t get what we are teaching at this level. It’s is often about vocabulary. When people are not schooled in mastering English, or the 3 Rs, then science becomes literally a closed book, an arcane subject, a discipline that is not relevant to their life. Oh boy.

One thing is true — the great people, the highly educated all have one thing in common they can read, they did read and they did learn regardless to their educational upbringing or lack  thereof.