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Brad Pitt is sleeping with a broom (Angelina)

Angelina Jolie

do they let brooms in?

My word Angelina looks like a damn broom with a dress on.  She is a stick and looks anorexic.  This really sends kids the wrong message that skinny to the bone is IN.  Not only is it not IN but it looks horrible.  Angelina looks terrible like a skeleton from a war ghetto. 

Gain some weight girl you look bad.

Rigged! Moneyball loses momentum at the funky Golden Globes

Moneyball 魔球?

go get em Brad

I watched all but the last part.  Moneyball is much better than The descendants.  I would not even put The Descendants into a top ten list really.  But Moneyball was a really good film.  They are just jealous of Brad Pitt and don’t want to give the man his props.  I hope he gets into the Oscars and wins big.

Brad you got gamed by the Golden Globes.

Movie Review: Tree of Life

Brad PittTree of Life starring Brad Pitt has made top ten lists and best films of the year list.  I think it was an audience fav or won at the Cannes.

The beginning of the movie was really strange.  It was just music and a slideshow taking us all over the world visually that is.  That was the prelude to the movie which started at the end of a family tragedy that we never really get inside of.  But the film is set in 1950s Waco, Texas.  I have a friend who grew up there and it is white bread city.

You do get a feel for life in the USA at that time.  And I think this played well in foreign audiences because it is a rare glimpse into a slice of life here.  But I did not like the beginning it was over the top visually and also in terms of audio.  I am going through some hearing problems now and movies with that much music and sound effects and stuff really does not help my brain and my psyche.  But it probably won’t affect normal people at all.

It was pretty.  The film was really beautiful and wonderfully shot.  The acting was first rate and Brad will get another nomination probably two and he will go up against himself this year one can easily predict.  Moneyball was a real winner and Brad’s performance in Tree of Life is also a winner.

Sean Penn has a small role as the grown son of the family who also becomes an architect.  There are some trying moments and times for the family as dad played by Brad is often abusive towards his kids.  Everything turns out well.

The film ends the way it began with lots of footage that was pretty to look at with some plaintive music in the background that bothered my ears but like I said normal people won’t have a problem with the music, the setting, the photography and the story line…when they finally get to it.

Movie Review: Moneyball

Moneyball buy it at Amazon. You will watch it over and over.



photographic portrait of Brad Pitt at Make it ...

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Everything you love about baseball, everything you love about Brad Pitt is in Moneyball. It’s all up front, onscreen and full of wow. I loved this movie and give that rare five out of five stars and two Oscar nods. Director Bennett Miller was nominated for Best Achievement in Directing for: Capote (2005) and must have known he had another winner because it was saved for wide release until September 2011.

 Brad Pitt is Billy Beane. I think he channels Robert Redford for the part and it works. This film works on every level. One small exception I think that the film editor got a bit happy and should have nipped instead of tucked away a few more minutes to the film. Also, I like music with my movies. But that was the only detraction I found. Otherwise, no doubt the acting super with a movie featuring Brad Pitt at bat and it’s a swing and a hit, a big hit—60 feet out the ballpark kind of hit.

I am sure the baseball geeks know the history of Billy Beane and the 2002 baseball season of the Oakland Athletics. But I didn’t and I really enjoyed finding out. Moneyball is based on a true story of baseball player turned general manager of the Oakland Athletics, in other words a regular guy—a loser with a plan.

Beane’s gambit: take a cool, cerebral, calculated, computerized chance on replacement players. Beane gets the idea after a conversation with a geek with glasses Peter Brand (Jonah Hill). Beane steals him from another team—a famous number cruncher who thinks he can predict winners and losers with formulas. That’s not the only reason that divorced, father of one daughter needs help, the team is in a money crunch. They wrote the definition for bottom tier in terms of season loses and team players. The A’s can’t afford a better team. At one point Beane jokes that his team is a like an organ donor to the rest of the ball clubs—a liver here, a kidney there! But all jokes aside he wants to win something.

So Beane and Brand go fishing armed with stats instead of fishing poles. They fish in shallow waters and manage to reel in players who look good on paper, bad on TV and even worse in the eyes of talent scouts. The big fish must include an undervalued contract. It’s fun to watch Brand and Beane mix and match players to the field and to their chances of beating the odds. With Brand’s help he manages to get the players he needs but Billy’s efforts are thwarted by the A’s team manager (Phillip Hoffman) who does not get it; guts the odds so another losing season is in full swing. Beane needs good odds and a good team manager because the team owner does not have deep pockets—it’s 38 million versus a 138 million.

Director Miller’s Moneyball film is a meditation on the life of Beane told in flashbacks between a young, newly minted professional ball player and a middle-age GM who holds fast to the romance of baseball. But romance does not pay the salaries of the ball players. What’s more he finds that he must keep distance from them and the actual games. The screenplay and the cast touch every base for an exceptional home run.

There’s no denying Pitt this awards season. His regular-guy Billy Beane role delivers something else: a reminder that an A-list star can make a film as well as break it.

Brad Pitt scores French gold in “The Tree of Life” (July 8 wide release)

Cannes, Alpes-Maritimes, France

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We have to admit, when it was announced yesterday that Terrence Malick‘s “The Tree Of Life” walked away from Cannes with the Palme d’Or we were a bit surprised. The long-awaited film got a mixed reception on the Croisette and we expected a unanimous crowdpleaser like “The Artist” or “Le Havre” to walk away with the honor instead. But undoubtedly, nothing else at Cannes this year matched the ambition or scale of “The Tree Of Life” so on that basis alone the award fits. In any case, Fox Searchlightare definitely pleased as punch to be on able to add Cannes to their marketing campaign and it puts a fresh eye on the film in advance of the platform release that will start this weekend. But don’t fret, it will be coming your way shortly.

Kicking off in New York and Los Angeles on Friday, “The Tree Of Life” will have a six week rollout to theaters across the country before finally going wide on July 8th (look out “Zookeeper” and “Horrible Bosses”!). A mix of cities big and small will get the film prior to that date, but if you’re not on the radar for the limited release, it will hit your multiplex or local arthouse eventually.

“The Tree Of Life” is a unique event film, one that will definitely rely largely on word on mouth and in this busy summer season with plenty of easier to digest distractions (a two-and-a-half hour movie about spirituality and our place in the universe is a tough sell any time of year), so we’ll be fascinated to see how the film builds (or doesn’t) in the upcoming weeks. Check out the full slate of dates below. [Fox Searchlight]

Reel Short Takes: “The Tourist” with Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt at the Cannes fil...

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The Tourist is why I hate Hollywood.  This movie is such tripe that not only did I fall asleep on it only ten minutes into it, but when I woke up and watched a few more minutes realized that it was like a wedding cake without the wedding, just window dressing and glam dressup for A-list stars like Johnny Depp  who plays a math teacher from the states and Angelina Jolie is a British something or other.   I mean I have no particular problem with the acting that went on, or with the two leads.  That was not the problem.  The problem:  it was the lack of any kind of fucking story line!  It does not get any worse than this movie.

I thought I would watch it because I plan to relocate to Europe.  I wanted to see the sights so to speak.  But hell I get more out of and enjoy “International House Hunters” than this Hollywood crap called “The Tourist.”  Don’t waste your time. I didn’t. But it did make my list of worse movies of 2010.  Yes, it did.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Baby maker Brad Pitt

Baby maker Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt  is everywhere and everything as Benjamin Button, in the film The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.I liked the film just because it was set in my mom’s hometown of New Orleans, LA. I love Brad because he got it about NOLA…they need you Brad and you NEED a win this year, yes you do. CCBB leads with Slumdog in Oscar nominations. I think this is Brad’s year and maybe Angelina’s too.

This could be the first year that a couple both win Oscars, a well, not exactly married couple wins.

And here’s Heloise blogging that you, Brad Pitt will win best actor or that you need to win in CCBB. In the film there’s biker-Brad, baby-Brad, sailor-Brad, dancing-Brad, lover-Brad, ugly-Brad, old-Brad, hot-Brad and a bunch of other Brad’s aka Benjamins in this film.

The photography was gorgeous and the supporting actors helped to pull off this unlikely little film based on the F. Scott Fitzgerald book of the same name.

It’s a good solid, fictional film. Not sure why they made it at this particular time except to give Brad a chance to flex his acting muscles in a movie that just might win some Oscars for him and his cast, writers, and director. So, go see it if you can, I do recommend it.