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update: I’m still here!

Bull Market - sculpture at Toronto-Dominion Ce...

Bull Market – sculpture at Toronto-Dominion Centre, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. A permanent fixture in the grassy courtyard of the office complex, “The Pasture” by sculptor Joe Fafard comprises seven lifelike bronze cows. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The end of this school year saw me jettison some things. The first to go was my prolific blogging both here and on blogcritics. I can’t say I don’t miss it. It did not pay here nor there. So I thought I would make my own money. I opened a stock account and as reporting now and again–it’s going gangbusters.

I have doubled my initial 10K startup. Correction: I did a quick and dirty look at the withdrawals from my porfolio and they come to 11K, and I still have 15K of stock left. So if I sold every position now, I would actually be ahead a whopping 15,000 since January 2013!

I was only in the market to make a little money as in interest on account that I was not getting and this bull market happened on my way to making a little interest.

Everyone is scratching their heads over this market. I am ringing the register with glee.

I know I’ve met the person I was looking for to complete my story. Things are not going smoothly or as expected so I have nothing to say about this meeting except that we met.

Why there’s still room for the Dow to zoom

Zoom in on 2000s

Zoom in on 2000s (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I had a horse in the race when the Dow went into freefall in 2008.  I just couldn’t sleep at night because I had a lot of money on the table.  So I would get up in the middle of the night and watch my stocks.  Finally, had enough and sold out all my positions.  I warned a few folks too that the market was about to go into freefall.

How did I know? I am not sure.  But boy was I right.  Some of those stocks have never recovered especially some of the tech stocks on the Nasdaq.  I had lots of tech stocks and some bank stocks that went to zero.

One in particular was bought up by JPMorgan and I 10 shares based on the amount I lost and the JPM hit 50.00 and I sold that shit before you could say JPM.  That stock has never returned to 50 but is close now.  When it was down to 25 I should have bought a boatload because it also pays a dividend.

My new tack is that I buy a little bit of everything and my present positions I can hold for a year or more because I don’t have the same amout of money on the table.  And it seemed that the dump in May plan was in place but hell nobody told me.

So there I was in California and the freefall in the banking began.  The stock I owned in that bank went to nothing, forgot the name but like I said JPM bought it and I got 500 dollars for what I am sure I did not spend on the defunct stock.

I like bank and tech stocks.  Call me crazy.  I have BIDU stock now and I recall when it was worth 300/share.  I should have bought it when I saw it for 100 but I have a few shares and hopefully they will grow.  There is still lots of room for the Dow to zoom higher to 1400 eventually. 

More later

Facebook (FB) IPO: Morgan Stanley and Bank of America partner-up

English: Logo of Morgan Stanley

The big winner

We now know that facebook will trade under “FB” but not which exchange it will be traded on.  Google and Apple trade on the Nasdaq as do most technical stock.  So that’s my bet.

Huffpo got it wrong on the leader and the symbol.

As I stated before I bought BAC at prices as low as 5/share and even 6/share.  The stock is over 7/share.  The company looks good on many fronts. One it is going to help facebook with its IPO.  But MS or Morgan Stanley will manage the bulk of the IPO with other banks lending a hand.

I bought MS yesterday and it went up a whole dollar today on the news that last night FB chose it over Goldman SachsWall Street was surprised.  On Monday it was in closed talks with FB and the name of MS was bandied about as possible keeper of the huge IPO.  It was good public info and I acted on it.  People are often advised to buy or hold options in stocks that partake in larger banks such as those who make parts for Apple.

Yes, I do plan to put money in the new FB IPO but it won’t be available until May.  Until then I will let my stocks gain in value and sell what I need and bring in more funds to buy stock.  I will be able to see which stocks are gaining most.  But guess what January is the best month in years.  Except for ONE stock all have increased greatly in value including AMD which has gained over 2/share since I bought it.

I tried to give advice however I am not a licensed broker or anything just friendly advice based on my research.

The financials and the banks are back.  They are more expensive but at 7.39 I think BAC is still a bargain and at 19.69 MS is still a buy because Goldman Sachs is selling at over 100/share.

November 5th Bank Transfer day–I did it online

while i did not close my accounts at the major banks i was shopping around for an interest that was higher than 1 cents on the big dollar. so i joined my local credit union and they have a better interest rate.  at least i can transfer money to a local institution.  they will be surprised.  i did it all online did not have to leave the house. 


move your money or at least transfer some to a local credit union or bank in your city 

“Margin Call” New movie about old wall seat criminals

Demi Moore at Huffington Post Pre-Inaugural Party

Image via Wikipedia

Here’s a link to the trailer for the new movie I want to see “Margin Call.”  And you know that it connects the dollar dots to the fire sale of America from the comfort of wall seats in Wall Street.    It may not come here right away but it’s out.  It’s a cattle call to the millions who were duped of billions of dollars and wealth in their homes and assets thanks to Wall Street banksters and out and out criminals.

Demi Moore is in it and so is Jeremy Irons one of the best actors of the day. 

Occupy Wall Street Slogans

Protest signs at the Occupy Wall Street Protes...

Image by Caroline Schiff Photography via Flickr

The biggest cry from the street seems to be: END THE FED;  Wall Street got bailed out and we got sold out.  “The Right and the Left Agree–End the Fed!”  truth on a sign of the times…end the freakin Fed. Is this where the anti semitism on OWS is coming from?   

Here’s the latest one I saw:  $5 Billion dollar tax cut helps the (greedy) NEEDY Billionaires.  The word greedy has a line through it!  Gotta love it.

There is a whole lot of double standard going on with the Tea Party who does not like the Occupy Wall Street lefty movement.  Black folks have always said that when something is a problem in our community only…then who cares? But when it hits white folks then the whole world stops and action is taken.  Is that what’s happening now? I don’t see any illegal aliens carrying signs out there do you?

Here’s something for ya from Heloise:

Two Washingtons: one rich, one filthy rich

Create Jobs–Not War

American jobs on a fast boat to China

Two Parties–One Greed

Glenn Beck said that they (the lefty bank) will get you and drag you out and kill you!  That’s over the top Glenn Beck even for you.

I am not on either side. I lost money on Wall Street and made money in stock market as well.  But the chasm is getting wider between the haves and have something.   You can’t say they have nothing come on.

There have been prophecies perhaps related to this new global occupy and it goes something like: the power of Washington will be moved to another city in this country.  That could be New York City and the Wall Street banksters.  And all that goes with Wall Street and the inevitable bailouts for them.   When slaves were very bad they were literally “sold down the river.”  

Then there is the lie that the people in protests are kooks.  They are not.  There are teachers and the newly unemployed and the newly impoverished.  In Chicago Ed Shultz was there interviewing the president of the union for CPS (Chicago Public Schools) Karen Lewis.  Just before she did the interview she was in a red dress holding a sign with the rest of the protestors.  She gave Ed an earful of about how Rahm Emanuel evicerated the 4% raise CPS teachers were to get and went right to Springfield to make it impossible for teachers in future to negotiate their contracts with the union.

This is getting real folks.  Occupy Wall Street going global. 

We finally got good rain in Texas

sunrise over two leafless trees

I drove to Dallas today in the rain, but I didn’t mind.  There is so much construction going on within the Metroplex but it was all quiet today because the rain beat hard on the surface of the concrete roads that were being widened or whatever for more cars and more people moving to this area.

I just looked past all that to the rain that was finally falling. 

I’m in love ————–with Greek yogurt

Mixed berries, dollop of light sour cream, spr...

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it took me forever to pronounce yogurt in french because it’s different and so is the taste of Greek yogurt.  I bought Chibani brand and it was like whip cream and sour cream mixed so rich but low fat.  I will never eat ice cream again.  it beats that frozen yogurt you pay so much for.  Now if someone could only turn it into frozen yogurt. 

I don’t want an email I want my Netflix back

DVD 2394729743289

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The other day I too got an email in my inbox explaining how Reed messed up.  I don’t give a crap if you messed up.  I don’t want no stinkin email dude.  I want my Netflix back with unlimited streaming.

What’s more the new site that will be for the DVDs only is not even up and running.  The pure streaming which will remain Netflix is there but your queue will be in two different places and if you do both you will have two entries on your bill.

We need to split Reed in two for what he has not been thinking about.  How to build a better business and not wreck or wreak havoc on the brand that is or was worth millions. 

WTF? Netflix splits in Two

In 1998 Reed Hastings founded Netflix, the lar...
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Hell, we need to split Reed Hastings in two for this debacle that will cost jobs and his bottom line. Also the streaming is limited: also from

CNN: As website Stop the Cap points out, Netflix has always had a policy that limited streaming, with those on a single DVD or streaming-only plan limited to streaming one film at a time.

But it appears as if Netflix just started enforcing this rule on September 1. The changes seem to coincide with Netflix’s price hike, which took effect on Sept. 1 as well. Now, if you attempt to launch two movie streams, Netflix will block it and tell you that your membership plan doesn’t support multiple movie streams.

This is the kind of shit that makes subscribers really mad.  I had to change my package and I will miss unlimited streaming.  I will see if it improves and if so will go to that now on a new site! Again, WTF is up with that move? They say it is to better improve.  No, I take that back, Netflix will be where the streaming is found and Quixster will be where the DVDs come from.  How stupid.  I don’t buy the explanation either.  Yeah the CEO made a big mistake and he admits it but it could also sent Netflix stock reeling and even sound the death knell of the brand.

Netflix is rebranding its 12-year-old movies-by-mail service as Qwikster and adding video games to its catalog, Reed Hastings, the company’s CEO, announced Sunday night. The Web-streaming portion will continue to be called Netflix, he wrote on the company’s blog.

After the separation, people who subscribe to both services will have to log into two separate websites, and, to manage their movie queues and account information, Hastings wrote. Customer reviews and ratings from Netflix will be ported to Qwikster for the launch, but after that, people will have to rate and search for movies on each site separately, he wrote.

Qwikster’s site currently presents a landing page that says it is “launching soon.” Hastings did not offer a timeline for Qwikster’s debut. Andy Rendich, the operations chief and 12-year veteran of the company, will run the new mail-order arm.