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John Rich richly deserving celeb win

Congrats to John Rich he’s the best player ever.


Celebrity apprentice: LaToya gets the Gucci boot

Baby face LaToya gets the luxury treatment and the Gucci to boot more later

Gary Busey Gets the Boot on “Celebrity Apprentice”

blog will be published as soon as bc publishes it. But Busey is batshit crazy and got the boot to boot.

Celebrity Apprentice: Dionne Phones A Friend

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Backbone goes gay, and the girls of ASAP play it safe on tonight’s task  for The Celebrity Apprentice to create an emotionally connecting 30-second commerical for ACN’s video phone. Who won and why?

Celebrity Apprentice

Lil Jon was the project manager for Backbone and Nene Leaks the PM for the women’s team A.S.A.P. Each team met with the CEO of ACN. It was made clear that the commercial should be about family and connection. Nene was great at delegating the tasks and she tasked Marlee Matlin to star in the commerical. The women chose to connect a daughter who had just arrived in Paris to phone home to her parents.  Dionne played the host for the girl.  Marlee signed a heartfelt hello to her daughter over the ACN phone. Simple, to the point and well executed.

Backbone with Lil Jon at the helm went for racy, comedic and potentially viral. It was hush-hush on their plans when Ivanka came to check it out.  Jose Conseca and another actor played a gay, engaged couple. Richard Hatch (speaking as a gay man) gave pointers to the commercial. But it was all Lil Jon’s idea and all the chips on black in Vegas, to hear him tell it. The team went for broke and risque. It paid off with a close win of 53% to 47% for the women. I think Nene saw it coming because she started crying for no reason.

But after the win for the men was announced the nails came out on the chalkboard room. And Dionne was going down for two reasons: she left early for no reason and she was not easy to work with.  Dionne the respected diva goaded Donald Trump “fire me!” He said that no one gets away with that so he complied and Dionne was sent home.

Lisa Rinna gets wings and flies

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Lisa Rinna met the wrath of sour grapes on Sunday’s The Celebrity Apprentice episode “Child’s Play.” A.S.A.P strategy– push Lisa to project manager, fail the task, fired, and thrown under the bus all in a day’s work.

The teams Backbone and A.S.A.P. had to pick a PM and write a children’s book based on one of the team member’s personality and act it out before four and five year-olds.  One of the judges was Holly Robinson Peete from an earlier season of The Celebrity Apprentice.

The men’s book title: “Lil Jon is Not so Little,” based on Lil Jon the rapper. The men wore drag and the production was not so good, but they rapped and rhymed the ABCs and 1,2,3s for the kids.  The women’s production of “Why Can’t I Roar?” based on La Toya the lion, who couldn’t roar. The theme was a little advanced for kids—contentment within.  The men’s theme was more elementary—size does not matter, just be you.

Holly told Donald Trump that the men had the best book and theme. The font inside the lion book was so small you needed magnification! The women won the presentation hands down but the men won for the best book. Trump announced that he would get it published–and the profits added to the pot for Meat Loaf’s (team PM) charity. 

In the boardroom I had to laugh at Star Jones. She reminded everybody that Lisa was not crazy about her but she needed her and that she should not “kill the queen.” Lisa was lackluster before Donald who earlier praised her for deflating her lips! And with his lips said: “You’re fired!”

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Heloise to blog celebrity apprentice for BC

Read there when it is hot off the press

Celebrity Apprentice: Bret Takes All

Wow, Holly gave a great argument as to why she should win. She never missed a beat, nor a task, raised the most money, she’s black and beautiful and she deserves to win.

Bret talking in circles and has the sympathy vote. No one expected Bret in the final two. He did give a great presentation and product for Snapple. His was better than Holly’s but that is just today. Rigged, rigged, Bret wins. He did some cool stuff and he won a couple of times, maybe once. But the sympathy vote got him, plus he’s a white male. Trump just can’t shake the white male syndrome. Oh well.

Both charities to receive .25 million dollars. Way to go Holly and autism.

Celebrity Apprentice: I predict Holly Robinson Peete will win

Tonight is the finale for Celebrity Apprentice. I’ve watched every episode and Holly rocked it. And I think she will be the first black apprentice even though it’s celebrity.

More later

Ram Rod–He can’t even Text

Rod was so entertaining. But he got fired.  The girls used the dragon in their 3-D presentation for the new Harry Potter exhibit coming in spring 2010 to Universal in Orlando. I’ll be there in the spring too.

The task was sort of boring this time. I don’t give a shit about Harry Potter mostly.  The girls did a smashing job.

Celebrity Apprentice: Sinbad the next to go?

Sinbad is so disorganized. He has not said one damn coherent sentence. But the girls Tenacity team is rocking it once again. They should have a better design and a better outcome than the men. They won’t need to throw Sinbad under the bus he’s already there. He does not know his ass from a manhole in NYC.

Tonight’s project involves Kodak moments and a storefront where they have to be inviting to strangers in NYC. Who will trump team?

Okay already predicted that Sinbad is not sitting pretty and will probably be fired. But seems like everybody is fired up about the health care vote. It’s over folks. It passed 219 yea votes. No need for a voice vote bcz not one GOP voted for it.