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George Zimmerman did have injury to back of head

see video for confirmation.  I predict that Zimmerman will not be convicted of anything. 

They will discount that GZ started it but look at how it ended with TM attacking and being shot by George Zimmerman in self defense.  This will happen mostly because he was let go from the getgo. 


Four shot dead at French Jewish School

Toulouse prosecutor Michel Valet said the gunman killed a 30-year old Hebrew teacher, his two children aged three and six, and another child. A 17-year-old was also shot and in hospital for treatment.

“The attacker was shooting people outside the school, then pursued children into the school, before fleeing on a heavy motorbike,” Valet told reporters.

The assailant used a heavy-calibre firearm and another weapon. But officials could not say whether the guns were the same used in the killing of three soldiers in two separate shootings last week by a man who escaped on a scooter.

Eric Goudeau: AZ black serial killer trial here’s an excerpt:

But while the serial shooters tended to shoot victims from a distance, the Baseline Killer wore disguises and stalked women. If they didn’t give in to his sexual advances, he shot them in the head. Many victims were Hispanic. A billboard showing a police sketch of the killer—a mustached man with an empty stare, costumed in a long dreadlocks wig and fishing hat—only served to further fray the city’s nerves.

Another black (multi-racial) American behaving badly:

Baseline Killer Trial

Eight dead in Ohio killings


More nutjobs with guns killing people.
By the CNN Wire Staff
August 7, 2011 8:13 p.m. EDT

Law enforcement officers investigate Sunday after a gunman shot to death seven people in Copley Township, Ohio.
One of the victims was 11 years old, police say
The shooting began after an argument, police chief says
Two other people were wounded
Crime and Law
(CNN) — Seven people, including an 11-year-old child, were shot and killed in a small town in northeastern Ohio on Sunday in a rampage that ended when police killed the suspected gunman, authorities said.

White men can’t get laid get guns grab Media

Television personality Joy Behar of "The ...

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I was watching Joy Behar

show and the psychologist ranted about white guys who commit these genocides should not be grabbing media attention. He went on to say that white men he interviewed had not getting laid in common.

“Forensic psychiatrist Michael Wellner offers his insight into the Norway gunman, and what could have driven someone to commit such atrocities.”

“Criminality endemic” in Murdoch Empire?

As they testify the griller in chief is getting them good with questions.  He is calling them out as bold faced liars suffering from amnesia and allowing criminality to run amok in the news empire.  He asked him did he know that “criminality was endemic in your corporation?”

Casey Anthony free as a (Jail) bird leaves amid calls of “baby killer!”

I don’t know how far her freedom will take her but Casey Anthony after killing, dumping the body and lying to the whole world of policedom has walked out of jail a “free” woman.  But the crowd outside was hollering “killer” and hating on her big time. 

Will some media buy her interview?  Let’s boycott that too. I wrote my article “The summer of skull and bones” and predicted she would be found guilty.  I was wrong about that verdict, but really was I? Were the other legal observers who predicted some guilt on the major charges? I think we got it right and the jury got it wrong.  Oh that’s wrong we are supposed to BELIEVE in our legal system that justice is blind.  Hell it’s not blind it’s fixed!!!!!

Hasidic Brooklyn boy murder—Casey-Anthony Inspired?

It’s not exactly a copy-cat murder but the alleged killer said he panicked when he realized how many people were frantically searching for the little Hasidic boy he had in his old, white, Honda car.  He panics, he kills him, he dismembers him, puts most of the pieces in a suitcase inside black plastic garbage bags, and other parts inside the refrigerator and more black garbage bags, he hides it and waits. 

This observant Jew obviously lost his nerve and finally led police to the body.  He may not have had time to do some perverted sex act on the boy or the body.  He had been in prison for something but was out free.  At least he did not tell a million lies to cover his tracks.  Really they may not have ever found him, but there must have been a tipoff because the police actually went right to the man’s apt and and to the refrigerator and the remains. 

Will he get away with murder? Will he pull a jury that does not buy the prosecution case? Will this become just another circumstantial case crime for the books? Will the jury and its foreman later be digusted with their own verdict? There could be more Casey Anthony copy cases where they will pull a Casey and lie until they can’t lie anymore. 

Shooting at San Jose State parking garage–3 dead

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Harris said it was not clear whether the deceased were students. No identities have been released pending autopsy results.

Harris said a campus alert was issued about one hour after the original call was received. She said police secured a perimeter and that the rest of the campus was not in danger.

Police do not believe the incident was a drive-by, gang-related nor robbery-motivated shooting, Harris said.

San Jose State is a public university with about 30,000 students.

Police Confirm Diprivan/Propofol Found at Jackson Home

No one in the history of medicine has prescribed Diprivan for home use. Per doctor on Fox news. Same thing I said. It is an instant criminal case to find it and use it outside of a hospital setting.

Jackson and Anna Nicole Smith deaths are going to bring some doctors down to the level of lockup raw!