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Is Dan Brown reading “The Trough”?


English: Dante Alighieri's portrait by Sandro ...

English: Dante Alighieri’s portrait by Sandro Botticelli. Tempera 54,7 x 47,5 cm. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



 Dan Brown has a brand new book. is an insider link from Amazon on some pages, a lot in fact, of this book.

The title is simply “Inferno” as in Dante’s inferno. I postulated some years back and posted it on this web site that using letters and reading the symbology if you will, that Dan Brown was Dante Bruno (brown), which would have been his name had he used it isntead of Aligheri.

The book is also an audiobook which is quite expensive but I will read or listen to it eventually. In what I’ve read so far he uses one of my methods of reading letters to uncover truth.

Now that I’ve met the character I was missing when I wrote my book I should be able to return to that in future it seems. Until then, I keep looking and finding.


Heloise talks to Goldwag (my comment)

Good article Goldwag. If you visited my site you know that I am obsessed with Jews–just kidding. But seriously, I do study their culture intensely. I read your review but I did not want to leave and log on at Boing, so I thought I would leave a comment here.

After reading your article and looking a bit into Dan Brown’s past life, which strikes a strong cord with Dante, I now have one rare regret–that I did not query the many masons I have known in this life.

I was a Satsangi for nearly 30 years and found that my guru, out of Beas, India attracted Masons like flies. Unbelievable how many I have known. However, I never asked them about their science and they never offered any insights either.

We were all happy initiates of Maharaji. We knew that light and sound was the highest rung of the ladder. As such as a group found it unnecessary to talk about “other” belief systems. Based on their need not to share the Mason thing with us…it makes me think that their satisfaction with following an Eastern guru was enough. That leads me to a daring conclusion: they really didn’t know a damn thing!

However, they knew enough to follow the spiritual law of having a guru in the flesh. This is what leeches like Ray are hoping for. Sant Mat teaches that those who mislead people and don the guru turban under false pretense will come back in a very low form of animal life. Too late! LOL

But one thing I have no respect for that Ray guy. Why? He is the biggest charleton that Oprah has ever endorsed…bar none. The Secret the worse piece of crap I’ve ever seen or read (I did not purchase any of it) but did check it out.

Much like the Secret, and the group (not sure what it’s called) some people joined after reading that dreadfully ripoff– it’s a social organ and you pay to play.

The “esoteric” works of Dan Brown have left him rich. He has inflated his own bank account by virtue of his books. But I chalk it all up to karma from his life as Dante (as he appears to my investigation). So, let him have his say.

I am going to post my comment and a link to your blog too.


I Believe That This Man (Dan Brown) Was This Man (Dante Bruno)

Profile of Dante Alighieri, one of the most re...

Profile of Dante Alighieri, one of the most renowned Italian poets, painted by his contemporary Giotto di Bondone (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In 2007 I had a revelation about Dan Brown.  I had a rebirth revelation about Brown, not because I met him but because I read him.

After reading his bestseller The Da Vinci Code and even better his earlier book Angels and Demons. The  trailer  is available for Angels and Demons directed by Ron Howard, starring Tom Hanks. Thus I became a part of Dan Brown’s astral family. In a rebirth sense I am also related to Tom Hanks. Why? Because he is a direct ancestor of Nancy Hanks-Lincoln, mother of Abe Lincoln.

Yes, I know it gets complex. I tried to explain it in my book Dinner With da Vinci  (which I’ve made available, however this chapter is not a part of it). In order to find a person’s past life you have to in some way become a part of their current life. One reveals the other, and so it was in the case of Dan Brown.

How does one name contain another name? 

And what does it tell us about its owner? I use something I call and created:  name recognition pattern and it garners high marks. One is often limited to obtaining identities simply because you have not met the person in the life. So you place another person in their stead until you do. It’s not a mistake but rather an application. But before one can make and apply one life to another one must become a part of the other person’s life.

It can happen on the astral plane, mental plane or the physical plane or all three. But somewhere there must be a meeting of the minds, so to speak.

In the case of Dan Brown it turns out that we were astral twins of sorts. I was actually writing about experimental physicists I was working with at the time in 2000.  in my book, had a chance to visit Fermi Lab in Switzerland and both Dan Brown and myself were writing about Da Vinci in the year 2000. I did not discover all of this until I read his book Angels and Demos, which in some ways is better than the DaVinci Code.

After getting into Dan Brown’s mind I saw the light of Dante ‘s life flashed through Dan’s life. I compared their history and their names and voila–it was a rendezvous with Italy.

I started researching and writing about this find. It was not published with my book Dinner With Da Vinci  wherein I do include other famous people such as Sylvia Plath whom I identify now a biracial English writer/author: Zadie Smith, who was almost named Sylvia as the reborn Sylvia Plath, just one of many in my book.

I asked the question was Dan Brown reborn Dante Bruno? The answer was most intriguing because few know that Dante’s step father’s name was Bruno. And had he accepted it his name would be in history as Dante Bruno, instead of Dante Alighieri.

Read it for yourself. The chapter I wrote can be found here .